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Barefoot bliss in Mozambique

Catching the Ilala ferry across the lake of stars was not as romantic as it sounds but landing on the white sandy shores of Manda Wilderness on the Mozambican side of Lake Malawi was like discovering a lost piece of paradise. We caught the ferry from Nkhotakota at 3 o’clock in the morning, perched precariously […]


Caracals count too: mesopredator research in the Cederberg

On a recent trip to the Cederberg with my 9-year-old son, I arranged to meet a young researcher working for the Cape Leopard Trust. I was keen to chat to her about the work of the CLT in the area, and to try and expose my son to the blood, sweat, mud and tears side […]

Adventure and Sport

Day Trading & Travelling in East Africa

At the time that I became curious about exploring Africa I had only really experienced life in western cultures and I wanted to get to know unfamiliar territory. I was born in Venezuela and moved to the USA when I was very young. Its your typical rags to riches story. I was going to be […]


Southern African hedgehogs: life in a prickly skin!

Cute … kind of ugly … spiny… delightful … adorable – I find it hard not to love hedgehogs! So here’s a bit more about these too oft-ignored little creatures… Stranger Danger! The Southern African hedgehog’s most distinguished feature is the sharp-tipped spines that cover its body like armor. An adult has about 5,000 of […]

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Africa Geographic Cover Shot competition!

Calling all photographers! Enter our Cover Shot competition and your photograph could be on the cover of Africa Geographic’s January 2013 issue! Have you ever looked at the cover of Africa Geographic and thought, ‘I could do better than that?’ Well, now’s your chance! From 13 July to 31 October 2012, you can enter our […]

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Graceland Reunion Tour brings back Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black Mambazo

My first memory of Graceland is at age six, dancing with my mother to ‘Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes’ in our garden in England. For me it represented the far-off, exotic land where she was born. I hadn’t yet been to South Africa, but she’d play me Graceland and tell me about her home in […]


A lesson in honey badger etiquette!

By Stela Prodanovic It took four seconds for the lion to realise that he cannot leave this fight as a winner. It was a scene which I thought I would never witness – a great welcome to Botswana on our first game drive after arrival. A young lion was walking through the grass with the […]


Plan your travels on inspiration: Introducing Special Places

How do you go about planning your travels in Africa? How do you decide which places to stay, what to do and how to do it? I must admit I get a little dazzled by the choice. The Internet and Google are efficient travel planning tools, but it’s still possible to get lost in the […]


Leopard gets quilled in the Kruger!

Story and photos by Craig Schaibman One early morning in April, on my morning drive in the Kruger National Park I headed down south towards Crocodile Bridge on the Main road. About 3km into my drive, I came across a male leopard walking in the road. The leopard continued on his morning walk and then […]


Top 10 Picture of the Day entries – June 2012

Here’s our editor’s selection of the top ten picture of the day entries from June 2012: [slickr-flickr tag=”toptenjune” captions=”on” descriptions=”on”] Submit your own best African wildlife image!  The best of the bunch for the month will be published in the magazine and the top ten on our blog. Submit your image to, please include a short […]


Kenyan Photojournalist zooms in on ‘The World of Women’

Georgina Goodwin is a young white Kenyan photojournalist who speaks fluent kiSwahili. She is currently exhibiting work exploring ‘The World of Women’ in which she looks at the different roles of women in Africa.     [quote]Being the only young white female Kenyan photojournalist in the world…my view of the stories I photograph are unique, a bridge […]


Shoe Drop: Project Rhino KZN on the Put Foot Rally

Each year, the Put Foot Rally Foundation uses money raised by participating teams to impact on the lives of local communities.  This year the Senkobo Basic School, about 30km outside of Livingstone in Zambia, were the chosen benefactors. The school has around 405 children aged between 7 and 16, of which around a third are orphans… […]

Photography, Wildlife

Photography tips – try a new perspective and shoot low

These days, when I look through so many of the images posted on social media, it’s even more true to say that those images that make the most profound impact are those where the photographer has managed to attain an angle of view that is either level or slightly lower than the eye level of […]


Africa’s greatest animal dads

Having recently celebrated a first Father’s Day with our baby son it got me thinking that fathers in the animal kingdom often get a bad rap but surely there must be some good dads?  So, here are the prize winners for the best animal dads, native to Africa. Award for the most protective dad – […]


Just a lick of paint? Multinationals mar Maputo

When in Maputo, you can’t help but notice that nearly every single house lining the busy road between the city centre and airport, has received a very generous lick of paint… [slickr-flickr tag=”cocacola” captions=”on”] And with each paint job comes the big, fat, greedy stamp of some giant global brand. According to a Maputo resident […]

Adventure and Sport, Photography

The Perfect Start: Botswana’s Kubu Island in a Smart Car

On the start of our trip to the Serengeti we were already behind schedule. It wasn’t a good omen for our first challenge along the way: to reach Botswana’s Kubu Island in our Smart car. We had woken far too late, but the mojitos at the farewell – the ones with the test tubes of […]

Conservation, Photography

Gorilla trekking in gumboots

Crossing into the Congo wasn’t the most comfortable experience we’ve ever had but it was an awe-inspiring adventure to go and meet the majestic mountain gorillas, making a childhood dream come true for Marcus. Bouncing around in the back of a safari truck, we wound our way through fertile farmland and villages with grass-thatched huts […]

Photography, Wildlife

A love of leopards

I have just finished another shortened work stint in the Lowveld, and I realised two things:  firstly, winter is almost over and I am still wearing my short shorts (okay, it’s only a third of the way through, but I am trying to be positive here!) and secondly, I really do love leopards. And before […]


Packing your book bag for safari

It’s not my intention to cause any safari guides to lose their jobs, but sometimes it`s just nice to be able to identify whatever creature (or plant) you come across for yourself. And unless you happen to have a photographic memory, coming up with the correct identities for what you come across in the bush […]

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Nguni Cattle of the Caprivi

Coming from Zululand you tend to appreciate the value of a good looking cow… The Caprivi strip in the far north-west corner of Namibia is home to some of the most beautiful cattle you will ever find on the African continent. One or two of the bulls could easily pay the lobola (dowry) for a […]

Ocean, People

My Journey to an Island with One Resident

The man was relaxing under a tree on the beach when I walked up to him to say hello. After a short chat I learned that he was the one-and-only resident on this tiny little island in the middle of the Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique. It all felt quite surreal. Only 24 hours before I had […]