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Shining a spotlight on the painted wolves in Greater Kruger’s Balule

Taking a closer look at the beautiful painted wolf and the pack that currently roams Balule in the Greater Kruger.

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Off the beaten track: Camping at the Maasai village of Monduli Juu

Discovering Monduli Juu in Tanzania – an off-the-beaten-track campsite run by the indigenous Maasai people.

Conservation, Wildlife

Twiga Tracker – Using modern technology to save the endangered reticulated giraffe

In a world first, the single largest GPS satellite tagging of endangered giraffes has taken place in Kenya.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Kruger, South Africa, Wildlife

Dry season highlights from the Greater Kruger

Catch up on the latest wildlife-viewing highlights from the team at Tinstwalo in the Greater Kruger’s Manyeleti Private Game Reserve.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Serengeti, Tanzania, Wildlife

Pride life: Following the Nanyukie lions in the Serengeti

With a prime location in the Serengeti, Lemala Nanyukie camp has front-row seats to watching the fascinating lives of the resident lion pride.

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Daisies that close at night have camouflaged petals to protect them from herbivores

A recent study has revealed a novel way in which flowers can avoid being eaten by herbivores.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, South Africa, Wildlife

St. Lucia – a unique town where hippos roam the streets

The town of St. Lucia is one of those hidden little gems with unique opportunities to experience nature in all its magnificence.

Birds, Wildlife

A glimpse into the secret life of African owls

Renowned for their silent flight and legendary eyesight, owls are some of the coolest and most misunderstood birds of prey in the African bush.

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Saving Spots – a new initiative to protect wild cats in southern Africa

A new project called Saving Spots has been launched to protect declining wild cat populations using synthetic leopard, serval and lion furs, known as ‘Heritage Furs’.

News, Wildlife

Lion pride kills more than 40 goats in Namibia, in two separate attacks

More than 40 livestock have been killed in a few days by a lion pride in two different locations in the Kunene region in Namibia.

News, Research, Wildlife

Leopards in Namibia – latest population census results

The results of a recent leopard census in Namibia, providing a more accurate estimate of the distribution and number of leopards in the country.

Opinion Editorial, Wildlife

Opinion: Approval of citrus farm on Greater Kruger border puts the region’s Protected Area Expansion Project at risk

Citrus farm approved on the border of Greater Kruger. Concerned protected area managers believe that this will threaten the entire region.

Conservation, News, Wildlife

CITES CoP18 – most controversial one ever? Here are the results for African species

CITES CoP18 – all the results for African species, including rulings for elephant and rhino trade that have some African range states questioning their ongoing participation in CITES.

Animal Encounters, Wildlife

Night-time antics: Revealing wild guests through camera traps

Out in the bush, under the cover of darkness, a whole new guest list is revealed as a variety of nocturnal creatures move through and around camp, going about their nightly business.

Birds, Wildlife

Escape and evade strategies in the avian world

Find out about the various escape and evade strategies that birds have developed to avoid predators in the wild.

Opinion Editorial, Wildlife

Minister: How many wild rhinos do we have left?

How many rhinos do we have left in our National Parks? An open letter to South African Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Barbara Creecy.

News, Wildlife

Rhinos: Trade in horn and increase trophy hunting, says Minister. Have your say, within 30 days

South African minister wants white rhinos downlisted on CITES so that horn can be traded internationally, and she wants more black rhino to be trophy hunted. Read this important post, and have your say.

Animal Encounters, Wildlife

Remarkable sighting: Cape cobra versus mole snake

A venomous Cape cobra and powerful mole snake face off in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, providing a most unique and unforgettable sighting.

Conservation, Opinion Editorial, Poaching, Research, Wildlife

OPINION: Rhino horn trade – designing a sales mechanism should international trade become legal

Rhino horn trade: If the international sale of rhino horn was legalised could it be more successful than the previous legal sales of elephant tusks?

Hunting, News, Wildlife

Professional hunter gored by buffalo in Greater Kruger

A professional hunter has been gored by a male buffalo in the community-owned Makuya concession of the Greater Kruger.

News, Wildlife

Three captive lions killed after mauling owner to death

Three captive lions have been shot and killed after one attacked and mauled the owner to death at a lion camp near Dinokeng Game Reserve in South Africa.