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black honey badgers
Conservation, News, Wildlife

Black honey badgers spotted in Gabon

4 Melanistic (black) honey badgers captured on a camera trap in Gabon.

Conservation, News, Wildlife

The death of ‘Julian’, one of Africa’s last great tuskers

Another of Africa’s great tuskers has died of natural causes.

News, Wildlife

Lightning kills 4 mountain gorillas

Lighting has killed four mountain gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda – including one pregnant female and one baby.

Destinations, Travel & Lifestyle, Uganda, Wildlife

A green season safari in Uganda’s northern parks

The annual summer rains bring new life to Murchison Falls and Mount Elgon National Parks, two of northern Uganda’s hidden natural gems that make for exceptional green season safari destinations.

Conservation, Travel & Lifestyle, Wildlife

Lion cub petting & captive wildlife interactions: what tourists need to know

No to lion cub petting and elephant-back riding. Captive wildlife guidelines for tourists – an easy-to-understand list of what to look out for

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RIP: Tim the iconic elephant dies

RIP TIM. Africa has lost an icon – Tim the super-tusker from Kenya’s Amboseli has died at age 50 of natural causes. We celebrate Tim’s life with some of the best images ever take on him.

rhino poaching
News, Opinion Editorial, Poaching

Latest rhino poaching stats: shades of grey

Rhino poaching stats released by South African government do not tell the true story of how dire the situation is, say STROOP team

Destinations, South Luangwa, Zambia

5 Reasons why Luangwa bush camping is the ultimate digital detox

The ultimate digital detox – camping in the glorious wilderness of the South Luangwa National Park.

Destinations, Kruger, News, South Africa, Wildlife

Baboon kidnaps lion cub

A baboon kidnapped a tiny lion cub in the Kruger National Park, and was seen grooming the dying cub in a large tree

Botswana, Conservation, Destinations, Wildlife

World Wetland Day: Celebrating the Okavango Delta

World Wetland Day: celebrating the freshwater lagoons, expansive floodplains and narrow channels of the Okavango Delta.

Iona National Park, Angola
Conservation, News

Iona NP in Angola joins African Parks

The Angola Government and African Parks have signed a management agreement for the vast 15,200 km² (1,5 million hectares) Iona National Park, initiating their first partnership to ensure the long-term protection of one of the country’s largest protected areas. Iona is an iconic southern Angolan desert landscape, extending from its Atlantic coastline over dunes, plains […]

Conservation, Wildlife

Humans not always to blame for genetic diversity loss in wildlife

People are not always to blame for loss of genetic diversity in wildlife, says new study.

Travel & Lifestyle, Wildlife

Understanding Malaria

Taking a look at malaria: how to reduce the risk of transmission.

Conservation, News, Wildlife

Akagera NP (Rwanda) tourism revenue up 25%

Conservation success story – Rwanda’s Akagera National Park’s growth continues with a 25% growth in revenue in 2019.

Wildebeest migration
Conservation, Wildlife

Wildebeest migration routes under threat – researchers

Migratory routes of wildebeest in East Africa are under threat as human populations expand, say scientists.

Research, Wildlife

Who is who? Elephant identification tips and tricks

This is how researchers in Greater Kruger identify individual elephants.

Conservation, Wildlife, Zimbabwe

Trophy hunting: rural communities respond

Opinion: Rural communities are the custodians of African wildlife and deserve to have their voices heard in the trophy hunting debate.

Conservation, Kruger, News, Wildlife

Greater Kruger

The ‘Greater Kruger’ refers to 344,000 hectares (860,000 acres) of protected land to the west of Kruger National Park that provides a larger area for wildlife to roam freely. This additional land is owned by private and local community property owners.

Destinations, News, Travel & Lifestyle, Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls drying up? Fake news versus fact

Victoria Falls is not running dry, despite what some international news media keep telling us. Here are the facts.

Zambezi mine

Breaking: copper mine in Lower Zambezi NP cancelled

The planned open-pit Kangaluwi copper mine in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park WILL NOT proceed, says the Zambian government

Research, Wildlife

Animals’ eyes are the windows to their survival strategy – research

Read about the research done to find out why lions don’t have ‘normal’ cats’ eyes and what determines the shape and function of animal eyes.