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Cuteness alert: Newborn hippo

A field guide and guests come across an amazing sighting of a hippo who had just given birth.

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Opinion: Activist exposes South Africa’s lion park scams

Lion activist says let’s call a scam for what it is.

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Praslin: The wicked seductress of the Seychelles

Granitic in nature, laid-back in character and absolutely enticing at its core, this is Praslin, the second largest island in the Seychelles – a place of unparalleled beauty waiting to be explored.

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Researchers discover tiny new frog species in Ethiopia

A new species of puddle frog has just been discovered by researchers on the unexplored and isolated Bibita Mountain in southwestern Ethiopia.

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Video: Elephants go mad for marulas in our garden

“Elephants love marula fruit. I have seen them rush to a tree with a lot of fallen fruit the same way they would hurry to a waterhole when they are thirsty. We happen to have two marula trees in our garden that drop a lot of fruit.. too much for an elephant to resist!”

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Updated rhino poaching stats – what is not being disclosed – comment from award-winning filmmakers

Award-winning filmmakers Susan Scott and Bonné de Bod comment on the latest rhino poaching statistics released by the Department of Environmental Affairs.

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Award-winning STROOP now available via download

Acclaimed South African documentary ‘STROOP’ continues award sweep… and releases on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vimeo.

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Travel: March safari in Africa

Interested in going on an African safari in March? Then have a look at our recommendations for the best wildlife-viewing destinations for that month.

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Black leopard: My quest to photograph the most elusive cat in Africa

British wildlife photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas, has captured a series of high-quality camera trap photographs of a wild melanistic leopard (otherwise known as a black panther) in Africa.

Hunting, Opinion Editorial, Wildlife

Opinion: Pro hunter responds to our CEO regarding hunting in Greater Kruger

Professional hunter Paul Stone has responded to Simon Espley’s opinion editorial questioning whether the trophy hunting industry will ruin Kruger National Park’s expansion plans.

News, Poaching, Research, Wildlife

Detecting wildlife cybercrime

Being able to identify transactions involving restricted species, and conversations happening about them, will assist law enforcement in the fight against wildlife trafficking.

Research, Wildlife

Servals thrive at huge petrochemical plant in South Africa

Researchers have found that a petrochemical plant supports a serval population density far greater than any other site on record across the entire range of the species.

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NEWS WRAP: Record seizure of pangolin scales + cameras find lone female elephant roaming Knysna forest

In this week’s news wrap Hong Kong customs have seized a record haul of pangolin scales bound for Vietnam; camera-trap technology has captured what is suspected to be the last elephant in Knysna forest; the South Africa parliament has attacked the Kruger agreement with neighbouring private reserves; Uganda seized ivory and pangolin scales worth an estimated $8 million; 20 endangered vultures die of poisoning near the Maasai Mara; thousands of baby flamingos have been rescued in South Africa as drought has put their breeding ground in peril; and a new widow spider species has been discovered – the first in 29 years.

News, Poaching, Wildlife

Pangolin rescued from poachers in Limpopo

Earlier this February, Welgevonden Game Reserve’s anti-poaching unit received word of a pangolin sale which they intercepted, arresting five suspects and detaining two.

Hunting, Opinion Editorial, Wildlife

Opinion: Our CEO asks whether the trophy hunting industry could ruin Kruger’s big expansion plan

Our CEO asks whether the trophy hunting industry will bring the Greater Kruger to its knees.

Animal Encounters, Wildlife

Animals with attitude!

Taking a look at the hippo, rhino and buffalo – animals with attitude!

Conservation, Hunting, News, Wildlife

Parliament attacks Kruger agreement with neighbouring private reserves

The South African Parliament has strongly criticised South African National Parks for signing a formal agreement on 5th December to ratify a long-standing cooperation arrangement between Kruger National Park and several neighbouring private and community game reserves, which together form an area known as “Greater Kruger”.

Opinion Editorial, Wildlife

Dereck Joubert sets the record straight about trophy hunting impact on lions and refutes claims of so-called benefits

An opinion post by Dereck Joubert as he sets the record straight about trophy hunting impact on lions and refutes claims of so-called benefits.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, South Africa, Wildlife

Quite at home: Cheetah visits lodge grounds

A female cheetah seems to have made herself at home with frequent visits to a lodge in South Africa.

Birds, News, Wildlife

Special airlift for flamingo chicks in peril

A special airlift for thousands of baby flamingos is under way in South Africa as drought has put their breeding ground in peril.

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Understanding yellow fever

Recent news reports have raised concerns about yellow fever and its vaccine. We take a look at this disease and the risks and benefits of the vaccine.