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New population found of critically endangered riverine rabbits

Great news for conservationists as a new population of Critically Endangered riverine rabbits has recently been discovered in Baviaanskloof.

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Breaking: Zambian hippo cull via hunting cancelled. Again

Breaking: Zambian hippo cull cancelled. This is the latest about-turn since the Zambian government announced plans to cull 2,000 hippos in Luangwa Valley by offering ‘hippo management hunts’.

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2019 Photographer of the Year – previously-announced winning image disqualified

2019 Photographer of the Year – previouly-announced winning image disqualified by our judges for not being a faithful representation of the original scene. New winner announced.

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Study: Elephant poaching rates in decline, but iconic species remains under threat

Latest study reveals elephant poaching rates in Africa have started to decline, but levels of poverty, corruption and ivory demand still threaten the iconic species.

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Exploring the fascinating world of camouflage in nature

The classic idea of camouflage is a unique, cryptic colour-pattern combination of an organism that enables it to blend into its environment to escape detection. This ability to blend in has the obvious benefit of helping both prey and predator alike.

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Botswana trophy hunting: Fewer than 400 elephant hunting licenses to be granted annually, says government

Fewer than 400 elephant hunting licenses will be granted annually, the Botswana government has announced, following the reinstatement of hunting.

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Large-tusked elephants are in decline, need to be protected from trophy hunting and poaching, says researcher

The need to protect large-tusked and potentially large-tusked elephants from poaching and excessive selective hunting pressure is more apparent than ever as the progressive decrease in average tusk size over the past three decades is potentially leading to over exploitation of older bulls.

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Botswana brings back trophy hunting

The Government of Botswana has taken the decision to lift the hunting suspension.

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Penguins can inform fisheries management, say researchers

Cape Town’s endangered African penguins respond directly to changes in local fish numbers, and monitoring them could inform fisheries management and marine conservation, say researchers.

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Video: An exhilarating climb to the monolithic church, Abuna Yemata

I’m more than 2,000 metres high – barefoot – toes searching for a grip on the cliff face. A harness around my waist and the advice of our guides are the only things preventing me from injury. Our goal, I know, will be worth it. At the top of this towering rock is Abuna Yemata Guh, a sacred rock-hewn church boasting stunning views of Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

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NEWS WRAP: 3-month-old baby elephant rescued + pangolins returned to the wild

In the latest news wrap a three-month-old baby elephant has been rescued after being found wandering on its own in the Maputo Special Reserve in Mozambique; three pangolins have been released back into the wild in Malawi after being confiscated; an almost blind collared elephant bull was successfully treated for serious injuries after a suspected tusking by another bull; and South African National Parks (SANParks) has begun dehorning selected rhino cows in the southern reaches of Kruger National Park to reduce the impact of poaching losses on its population.

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Lion populations show significant loss of genetic diversity, say researchers

Lion populations in southern Africa are weakening genetically, and less able to recover from current and future pressures, say researchers.

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Video: Leopard and hyena share a meal

Leopard and hyena feed together on a waterbuck carcass – a wonderfully weird interaction enjoyed during a safari in Klaserie.

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Rescued baby elephant stabilised, awaits permits for transfer to care centre

A 3-month-old baby elephant found wandering alone in Mozambique has been rescued, and awaits the necessary permits for transfer to a care centre in South Africa, for eventual release back into the wild.

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Lion sightings galore in Manyeleti

April was a special month for Tintswalo, with more than 50 different lions seen in just two weeks!

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Video: Three pangolins returned to the wild in Malawi

Good news as three pangolins have been successfully released back into the wild in Malawi after being confiscated.

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Elephant bull with failing eyesight treated for serious injuries

A collared elephant bull, called Matambu, has been successfully treated for a serious injuries after a suspected tusking by another bull.

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Elephant management plan announced for KAZA countries

Elephant management plan announced by southern African countries that host more than 50% of the remaining African savannah elephants.

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Travel: May safari in Africa

Interested in going on an African safari in May? Then have a look at our recommendations for the best wildlife-viewing destinations for that month.

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Taita Hills: The cloud forest in a fragmented landscape

Kenya’s Taita Hills is a dense cloud forest teeming with wildlife. While that may sound like paradise, the forest is threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation – which is raising concerns amongst researchers.

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The return of the pink elephant

The pink elephant is back! A surprise encounter with the pink elephant calf that was born at Umlani Bushcamp two years ago shows that he is still doing just fine and looking quite healthy.