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Death row “nuisance” elephant Riff Raff gets a reprieve as judge intervenes to prevent shooting

Wildlife groups say Riff Raff is a victim of human-elephant conflict, call for review of decision that would sentence him to death.

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Marrakech: The famed Red City in North Africa

Marrakech is beautifully chaotic with a rich history dating back over 1,000 years to the days when mighty sultans ruled over the walled city. Today it is home to an incredibly pulsating energy that invites you to wander aimlessly in search of stunning architecture, a cup of sweet mint tea and maybe a spicy Tagine.

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Become an Eco-warrior and donate towards educational conservation comics for children

Become an ‘Eco-warrior’ and help the Southern African Conservation Trust educate the less privileged children by making a small donation towards their educational conservation comics.

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Opinion: Trophy hunting in the Greater Kruger versus broader conservation priorities

Trophy hunting in the Greater Kruger – biodiversity conservationist provides perspective, and suggests that well-funded groups opposed to hunting have a disproportionate voice in social media, compared to local communities that are affected by living amongst or near wildlife, and carry the costs.

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What CITES will debate at CoP18 in May for these African species

CITES debates: White rhino, elephant, giraffe and other African species come under the spotlight at the May CoP18 sessions.

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Balule’s magnificent waterway: The Olifants River

Balule Private Game Reserve is home to one of the largest perennial rivers in Limpopo – the Olifants. Flowing for 560 km eastwards through the Kruger National Park, this river is home to impressive populations of crocodile and hippo and abundant birdlife.

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NEWS WRAP: World’s largest ivory seizure + captive lion breeding here to stay, says DEA

In this week’s news wrap Vietnamese customs have seized over nine tonnes of ivory in a container shipment from the Republic of Congo, thought to be the largest ivory seizure ever made; the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has proposed that the captive lion breeding industry should continue; three KwaZulu-Natal rhino poachers have finally been convicted after a 10-year trial; celebrities have called on European Union to protect giraffes from wildlife trade; and Japan is to make carbon dating of ivory mandatory for trade, tightening controls on oft-criticised market.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Madikwe, South Africa, Wildlife

Photoseries: Zebra foal rescued from muddy trap

Baby zebra rescued from certain death in a muddy pan in Madikwe.

Conservation, Opinion Editorial, Research, Wildlife

Opinion: Loss of wilderness is Africa’s primary cause of wildlife population reductions

Lodge owner says that the loss of wilderness areas is the main reason behind reductions in populations of lions, elephants and other species.

Animal Encounters, Conservation, Destinations, Kalahari, Research, South Africa, Wildlife

Cheetahs: populations, threats and conservation

Learn more about cheetahs and their current population status and the threats they face.

Animal Encounters, Wildlife

9 Interesting facts about the hippo – the mighty ‘river horse’

9 Interesting facts about the hippo – the mighty ‘river horse’.

Adventure and Sport, Destinations, Kenya, Travel & Lifestyle, Wildlife

Peaks and valleys: Walking in Kenya’s Karisia Hills

A reinvigorating departure from ‘real life’ as trekkers explore Kenya’s Karisia Hills – known for its wilderness and diverse wildlife.

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Video: Sketching a Chobe lioness

Alison Nicholls, our art safari guide, shares a video of her sketching a lioness in Botswana.

Botswana, Conservation, Destinations, Opinion Editorial, Wildlife

Wildlife vet: the Botswana elephant debate is actually about a bigger conservation issue

Botswana elephant debate: Wildlife vet says that this is NOT about too many elephants in Botswana, it’s about too many elephants in areas where humans, livestock and elephants overlap.

Conservation, Research, Wildlife

Why identifying individual elephants is important, and the pivotal roles matriarchs and older bulls play

Understanding the importance of identifying elephants and the pivotal roles matriarchs and older bulls play.

Conservation, Destinations, Malawi, News, Wildlife

Addressing Malawi’s deforestation crisis

On the International Day of Forests the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust addresses Malawi’s deforestation crisis.

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Captive lion breeding is here to stay, says DEA

The Department of Environmental Affairs has rejected the Portfolio Committee’s resolution to end the captive breeding of lions.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Multimedia, South Africa, Videos, Wildlife

Graphic content: Lion attacks injured hyena

A dramatic sighting as a lion brutally attacks an already injured spotted hyena in the Kgalagadi.

News, Ocean, Research, Wildlife

Complex communication: Heaviside’s dolphins produce unusual sounds to communicate

Heaviside’s dolphins are shown to produce unusual sounds to communicate and appear to ‘take turns’ calling in larger groups.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Kruger, South Africa, Wildlife

A new cat on the block

A young male leopard seems to be settling in quite well in the central Timbavati, having wandered in from a private concession in the Kruger National Park.

Botswana, Conservation, Destinations, Hunting, Opinion Editorial, Wildlife

Opinion: Put down the petitions – help create alternatives for Botswana beyond elephant hunting

Botswana elephant debate: Tourism marketing manager urges the tourism industry to create alternatives beyond elephant hunting.