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Day 9: October 23rd  – A wet n’ wild day!

Today I woke up and drove back to Walvis Bay to meet up with Jean Meintjes – my guide for the morning. We took a 40km drive out to Pelican’s Point through the salt pans and then found ourselves on another planet – Animal Planet to be precise.

The shoot was uber cool…we really just went out in sea kayaks to be entertained for a few hours by three different fur seal colonies.

They loved to come right up to the boats and jump all around us – it’s not a good idea to have a camera with you unless it’s in water-proof casing, as they love to splash you with their tails and jump right over the boats. They kept poking their heads out of the water, making eye contact with their big, brown eyes, smiling and then swimming and splashing around the boat. Meanwhile, the rest of the colony were sleeping or chatting away on land. It was so wonderful to be there.

There is also an enormous amount of bird life. Besides the Lesser and Greater flamingos that we saw coming in, there are thousands of terns and seagulls. They all seem to take flight at the same time and half blacken the sky like a giant swarm. It really is a wildlife photographer’s dream, but like I said, you need to be waterproof.

Have a look at the video!

Jean set up camp then broke it down again all by herself, all in the blink of an eye. The boats were in the water and back out again without me even being aware of the process because I was so busy putting on the water-proof clothes that she gave us to wear, as one can also get soaked.

Later I drove back to Swakop. This town has some really curious architecture; some people have really made an impressive effort on their homes. I suppose with all these flamingos around they think they’re living in Alice’s Wonderland.

I need to get ready for tomorrow – I’ll be heading into the dunes for a desert adventure!

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