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Written by: Amityshay Neff

You may remember a blog that we published back in January about a little girl called Bria, who was raising money for charity by painting pictures of endangered animals. Now nine years old, young Bria has received a lot of support and has reached great success in her endeavours to change the world for sentient beings.


She most recently was featured in a video that gave the world a look into what she is doing and why. She simply wants to stop poaching and make sure that everyone knows that “we all have a right to live on this planet”.

Her original goal of donating US$3,000 by the end of this year to the International Fund for Animal Welfare was quickly reached by an overwhelming outreach of supporters and art collectors. Bria now hopes to raise US$10,000 and she is almost half way there after her most recent donation that brought her total to US$4,000! Bria has also published her first colouring book and launched a free colouring club, which is open to anyone who wants to learn and colour their way to conservation.


Thanks to her efforts, she is putting a face on conservation so that everyone can start to understand the challenges and issues that surround these species and ultimately affect us all.


“I hope that my art will inspire, educate and spread awareness about how important animals are and how they are all worth saving!” -Bria Shay Neff

Just click here if you wish to purchase any prints of Bria’s work. And if you’re interested in an original piece, head to Bria’s Facebook page for contact information.

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