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When I was living and guiding in the bush, the chances of seeing a lion, leopard or wild dog kill in action was fairly low. However, by trusting my knowledge of the particular predator, their hunting times, body language and feeding patterns, I could certainly increase the chances of being there in the moment.

That’s sick, you might say. Why would anybody want to see anything being savagely killed by another animal?  I’m not sure. But personally, whenever I witnessed a pride of lions make a kill, I felt incredibly lucky. It was as if I was looking back in time, seeing the great pyramid of life unfolding right in front of my eyes. It’s that raw and untamed attraction of the wild.
It’s with the same feeling of excitement that head out to sea today with Apex Expeditions, in search of the famous breaching great white sharks of False Bay. It’s been a dream of mine to witness one of these giant predators of the deep burst through the ocean surface and snap up a poor unsuspecting seal pup. I’ve watched natural history films document this phenomenon, and seen many unbelievable photos, but never had the opportunity to experience it for myself, until now.

As in the bush, the chances of seeing a kill are far from guaranteed, but there are many factors in my favour. For one, False Bay in Cape Town is probably the best place in the world to see it happen. The great whites are abundant around Seal Island at this time of year, during these cooler months when they prey on the Cape fur seal pups. The population of seals at the island is at times 64 000 strong – and where the pups are, the sharks will follow.

I’ve been following Apex Expeditions on Facebook for the past few weeks, and they’ve been posting some unbelievable images from recent expeditions. Which has only fed my excitement to see this happen.

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Signal depending, I’ll be sending through some updates from the expedition so follow my progress on the Safari Facebook page here.

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