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Mud Slides on a Motorbike in Tanzania

Laugh. That is all you can do really. Laugh and giggle as the back wheel of the bike slides out from under us every five meters and Guillaume deliberately explodes with girly screams in an attempt to make light of a muddy, slippery situation.

Every time we saw a huge pool of mucky water we knew that we would probably end up diving face first into it – bike on top of us. There just is no point attempting to stay clean or steer clear.

This is how you tackle 73 km in six hours; with laughs and giggles, and mud in your face. We had said fare thee well to Tanzania’s Indian Ocean and we were heading inland towards Kilimanjaro.

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What was a difficult stretch of road a week ago turned into a mess of wet clay after the rains. Stuck in a pool of this mess, digging out the clay from between the wheels, the chain and your ears – with sticks – we had passed the point of worrying. Call it hysteria, call it good humor, call it what you may – it was our best experience since our departure.

By the end of the road a small man with an even smaller 50cc scooter, who helped us dig through our  bespattered situation, gave us each an African ice lolly. Hastily eating the sugary, pink coldness, racing against the heat, we laughed some more, knowing that celebrating the end of a long day with this refreshing ice-cream, wrapped in newspaper, was just the beginning of another problem – an African stomach bug.

But, muddy faces, brewing stomach and tired bodies this is what it all boils down to – hard times, fun times it doesn’t matter, just laugh!

Dorette and Guillaume de Swardt not only decided to take the leap and get married but, while they were at it, also to cash in their wedding budget, pension and savings, quit their jobs, leave their rented house and follow their dream…to take a trans-African voyage. Their wild idea became even wilder when they decided to do this on their 150cc delivery motorbike… for their honeymoon. After some planning, a lot of scheming and a bit of bargaining, the newlyweds were on their overloaded bike, making their way to Egypt at 85km/h. Their desire for exploration, love of Africa, thirst for new experiences and like-mindedness promises to not only get them through Africa, but to help them find loads of adventure along the way. Visit the I do Africa blog

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