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Mozambique announces immediate ban on timber exports


The Mozambican government has banned all export of raw timber logs for the next two years, and suspended the logging of certain species such as the ironwood tree – a favourite of charcoal producers over the past five years.


The measure is part of the forestry reform programme presented yesterday at a press conference in Maputo by the Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development, Celso Correia.

Correia believes that the approved package of measures will help stop the high deforestation levels in the country. The measure comes into effect immediately and forestry operators will be monitored rigorously to ensure they comply with the rules.

The minister further explained that the reform is reinforced by the suspension of new permits for logging, both simple and forest concession regimes.

The minister said that the species logging bans are expected to remain in place for at least five years, and stresses that this is a measure targeted not only at forestry but at the sustainable development of the country as a whole.

“In real terms, we intend to ensure conservation and the sustainable use of forest resources. Meanwhile, from the economic point of view, we intend to increase the contribution of forestry to national and local economic development through promoting and favouring the export of semi-finished or finished forestry products,” he said.

Mozambique is seeing annual deforestation of around 0.58%, or 219,000 hectares per annum. In 2012, the country lost 627,000m³ of forest, reports O País.

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