Mother warthog takes on leopard

Written by: Ziggi Hugo

As a lodge manager in the Timbavati one of my duties is to routinely check the roads are clear of branches left by elephants. While on one of these checks, we spotted some warthogs coming out of their burrow. We slowly drove past, counting them as they were running out, and it was then that we saw a leopard behind us with a piglet in its mouth.

We slid to a halt and I grabbed the camera, which was lying on the floor of my vehicle. I had no time to change the settings as I aimed the lens at the leopard, which was still on the ground with the piglet.

As I pressed the shutter button, the warthog mom smashed into the leopard to save the piglet.


The leopard shot off to safety with the piglet, but the mother warthog was not giving up and smashed into the leopard a second time. They both took a tumble in the dust, but the mother warthog was unfortunately defeated and ran off.leopard-warthogs-fight leopard-warthogs leopard-warthog-fighting

The leopard sat for a few seconds with his meal before moving off into the thick bush.

leopard-kills-warthog leopard-warthog-piglet leopard-warthog

I have lived in the bush a long time and have seen some amazing things, but I was extremely privileged to see something like this is and it is an event that I will not easily forget.

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