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Village Telouet Morocco

To visit Kasbah Telout is to see one of Morocco’s hidden jewels. It lies at an elevation of 1,800 meters and lays claim to magnificent views that overlook the Berber village of Telouet.

Kasbah Telouet is one of Morocco’s most impressive Kasbahs. Most travellers who visit Kasbah Telouet opt to see it when en route to the Ouarzazate. The village of Telouet and this renowned Kasbah can be reached by Moroccan piste. Kasbah Telouet also makes for an excellent one-day excursion from Marrakech. Located along the former route of the caravans in Morocco’s High Atlas, Kasbah Telouet is just twenty minutes from the Tizin-Tichka-Pass.

Kasbah Telouet has a rich history that is intertwined with the French. It is located in a fertile valley surrounded by palm, fig and olive trees. The Kasbah stands alone with its original zellij tile decorated with the Jewish Star of David, preserved silks and grand remnants of the El Pacha Glaoui family. The Kasbah’s painted, wooden ceiling and low-level corridors in the interior of the Kasbah lead to two well preserved Andalusian-style reception rooms. These rooms are engraved with stuccowork and colorful zellij.

Kasbah Telouet Village Telouet Morocco

Unlike the other Kasbahs in Southern Morocco, Kasbah Telouet was occupied by the Glaoui family instead of being used for slaves or only as a fortress. Kasbah Telouet has yet to be coined a UNESCO World Heritage site. While it appears in parts to be in ruins on the exterior, its interior Kasbah Telouet is one of true splendor.

For the adventurous traveler Kabash Telouet and the Berber village surrounding it can also be reached on a journey that starts in Ouarzazate and takes one through the majestic Ounila Valley. The Ounila Valley offers a scenic drive and is full of geologic history. The Ounila Valley gives insight into what flora, fauna and fossils existed in Morocco centuries ago. The changing colors and variation of the Ounila Valley in spring and fall also make it the perfect region for those traveling to Morocco to photograph scenery. Rest assured that when planning a trip to Morocco or Morocco’s Sahara Desert that Kasbah Telouet is one historic site not to be missed.

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Alecia Cohen is an American living in Marrakech, she is also the winner of the 2011 Morocco Travel Blog Awards. 18 years of music magazine publishing and 30 countries later Cohen started a Moroccan travel company with her berber husband Hossaine Amiri. Travel Exploration Morocco offers tailor-made tours to all the best places in Morocco, and Alecia makes sure to blog about it on the way. Cohen is an expert on Moroccan culture and the subject of “world music”. She has lectured World Bank on culture & sustainable development in Africa and hosted New York Times best selling author, Caroline Myss, on a trip to the sacred spaces of Morocco.