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Written by: Will Fortescue

Just after sunrise in the Maasai Mara, a pack of roughly 20 hyena ambitiously tried to take down an old male buffalo. Through sheer strength in numbers they were able to bring it down, and excitedly started trying to suffocate it.

As they were doing so four lionesses who had been hunting nearby were alerted by the noise and came over to investigate. While the sight of the lions startled the hyena, it was not enough to make them move off their kill. With more and more hyena arriving it looked like there was going to be an almighty fight. The lions approached the buffalo and the hyena all backed up behind the carcass, but instead of taking on the hyena, the lions started to eat. As they did so the hyena returned to the carcass and started eating the other half.

This bizarre scene continued for half an hour. Most times the two parties were content with the situation but there were a few occasions when one of the lions would swipe at the hyena, just to remind them they were there. So it went on until the lions felt satisfied and moved off, leaving the hyena to chase and fight each other for the best of the leftovers.









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