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One day in Tanzania’s Ruaha National ParkBoutique Safaris caught up with a lion pride that was taking on a buffalo. 



Buffalo are enormous, powerful beasts and their horns can impale a lion if it isn’t careful. On this day the pride stalked an old buffalo bull until they were within a short distance. Acting as a team, one of them startled the bull while the other hid, waiting for the right moment to attack. Then the lioness, in a giant leap of faith, leapt onto the bull’s back!


The buffalo stood strong, but when a second lioness jumped on board the bull could no longer take the weight of the cats and the two of them brought the bull down. The rest of the pride arrived shortly afterwards.

We watched how lion hierarchy played out at the kill. To the surprise of our guests, the huge male immediately claimed the kill as his, and he ate for a long while, refusing to allow any other pride member to share in the feast. He hadn’t contributed to the hunt but no one seemed to challenge his authority.


We were so close that we could hear him chewing, and once he had filled his stomach, the rest of the pride took their turns. Some of the females got very defensive when they were eating, snarling and hissing at their pride mates. It was fascinating to see how the pride ate its meal, as well as the arrival of the many birds and jackals hoping to get a morsel.



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