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Lion attacks eland

Written by: Rick Brightman

We were in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park when we found an adult male lion asleep under a tree. We then saw an eland walking north up the Nossob Valley, between us and the male lion.

The eland continued to walk slowly northwards, unaware of the lion and the lion continued to sleep. Eventually the eland stopped to drink. At this point the lion sat up and looked at the eland and then started walking towards it.

lion-stalk-eland lion-stalks-eland

The lion walked right up to the back of the eland and the eland continued drinking. Something then alerted the eland, who turned his head to look at the lion.


The lion then launched his attack, getting his claws into the back-end of the eland.

lion-and-eland-attack lion-eland-attack lion-attacks-eland

The eland then gave the lion two huge kicks, which resulted in the lion being kicked off of his back and sent flying through the air.

lion-attack-eland lion-and-eland lion-eland

The eland ran off, and the lion returned to the shade of the tree where he had been sleeping earlier, both apparently none the worse for the encounter.


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  • peter

    What happened

    • Joshua Monah

      What I see here is due to heavy weight of the male lion,and lack of techniques that females apply when attacking a Big prey is what made him fail an attempt.

  • Leoa

    LOL….he lost it….moral of the story? Dont rely on a male for food 😛 Stunning set of photos!!

    • Tendai Sean Joe

      Ha ha ha ha

  • John Weavind

    That is a Bloody stupid Lion. I mean, really.

    • David

      I think he wasn’t that hungry! Also lions aren’t as effective as lioness at hunting

  • James Honeyball

    The Eland could have used his horns also with great effectiveness

  • Ha ha. The lion wasn’t hungry!

  • Julius Czar

    I like the 3rd picture where the Lion is right behind the Eland, the lion seem to be wondering what kind of Eland does not run away, ….. as-in; is this a real Eland or is it just some kind of decoy?

    That kick must have hurt him

    Good shots!

  • Third pic: ok I’m here, what do I do now? Isn’t this thing supposed to run away from me?

  • Claire El-Jabi Verdonk

    great photos. The élan looks pretty skinny and the lion nice and fat. Looks like a half hearted attempt when he couldn’t believe the eland didn’t run! 😉

    • Marc Mol

      My thoughts exactly Claire.

  • MJ

    Thanks for sharing.. Wonderful actions photos! Lions can’t always win!

  • AB

    Difficult to see, but it looks as if the eland may be blind in the left eye due to the white color thereof if compared to the brown color of the right eye. Great series of photos

  • Mel Chatham

    Fabulous photos!!!!

  • Pamelajane

    Wonderful post and a happy ending!!

    • Greg Burkett

      Not so much for the lion. 🙂

  • Alison

    Awesome pics – especially love the 3rd one – just as the eland becomes aware of the lion’s presence. Predator & prey so near … yet so far.

  • Okatjerute

    Pic # 3: The encounter – brilliant!

  • Kelvin Karanja

    I love the photo where the lion is standing behind the eland. Looks like he’s asking for directions!

  • Valerie Lusaka

    Missed opportunity …

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