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Written by: Rick Brightman

We were in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park when we found an adult male lion asleep under a tree. We then saw an eland walking north up the Nossob Valley, between us and the male lion.

The eland continued to walk slowly northwards, unaware of the lion and the lion continued to sleep. Eventually the eland stopped to drink. At this point the lion sat up and looked at the eland and then started walking towards it.

lion-stalk-eland lion-stalks-eland

The lion walked right up to the back of the eland and the eland continued drinking. Something then alerted the eland, who turned his head to look at the lion.


The lion then launched his attack, getting his claws into the back-end of the eland.

lion-and-eland-attack lion-eland-attack


The eland then gave the lion two huge kicks, which resulted in the lion being kicked off of his back and sent flying through the air.

lion-attack-eland lion-and-eland lion-eland

The eland ran off, and the lion returned to the shade of the tree where he had been sleeping earlier, both apparently none the worse for the encounter.


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