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Klaserie Sands River Camp

The Selous Game Reserve is currently not that well known for its leopard sightings. However, at Azura Selous sightings are becoming a frequent affair!

We recently came across this incredible sighting of a leopard cub feeding on an impala in a sausage tree.




A year ago, a glimpse of a white tipped tail disappearing into the bush is all that you could hope to see, and only if you were looking in the right direction at exactly the right moment. This is because, with only two lodges located in our vast sector, the animals were unaccustomed to seeing or hearing vehicles. When an animal is still truly wild, their instinct is to run from the unknown. They do not seek confrontation.



Due to the lack of lodges and vehicles, the animals along the banks of the Great Ruaha River are still extraordinarily wild, with an environment to match. However, with us sending out our four vehicles daily, morning and evening, the animals have begun to understand that there is no threat and are now becoming more relaxed. At Azura Selous you will likely be the only vehicle ever on a sighting, giving you all the time you need to spend watching magnificent animals in a true bush environment.




With regard to leopard, there has been a noticeable change with three in particular; a female with her eight month old cub and a male, who all roam in a similar territory. Leopards are solitary and their territory spans approximately two and a half square kilometres (although this can vary depending on the region). In total we know of seven different leopards in the areas surrounding our lodge, but most are still quite shy!

Ndumu River Lodge
Azura Selous

Azura Selous is located on the banks of the Great Ruaha River, in a spectacular part of the Selous Game Reserve. Our area is regarded for the exclusivity it offers, where you will often find it’s just you, your camera and the animal.