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Christmas came early for us at Senalala Safari Lodge when we sighted a female leopard in a Marula tree with a kill – but that was only the beginning!
Having seen the leopard in the Marula tree with the Steenbok kill the evening before and motivated to view the sighting again, we decided to venture out earlier than the normal on morning game drive at about 5.00am.
Just as we were about to get to the sighting we were fortunate enough to see 3 elephant bulls but did not stop as the thrill of revisiting the spectacular leopard sighting was fresh in our minds. As we got to the Marula we found the leopard ” flat cat ” sleeping on one of the branches. We had her all to ourselves as no one else was mobile yet.
It’s true what they say, the early bird does get the worm!
About 15 minutes into the sighting,as she began feeding on the antelope kill again, we noticed that the elephants were making their way along the road towards where we were. Moving the vehicle slightly off the road to see if they would pass us and not disturb the leopard was the ultimate goal.
At this point the female leopard had just finished feeding on the kill and had moved back to her comfy branch to lie down and relax.
The elephants moved off the road feeding on some smaller trees and straight towards the tree that had the satiated leopard. This was going to make an amazing photo if she didn’t jump out the tree. The elephants got closer and closer and she just lifted her head and watched them walk straight into position, underneath her, for our us to capture this amazing moment.
The elephants moved off feeding  slowly and didn’t even notice the leopard. We left the sighting with her sleeping again in the Marula and a mesmerising photographic moment.
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Senalala is one of Africa's most sought after walking safari destinations with highly skilled guides capable of safely leading enthralling big game encounters. This exceptional activity is combined with the verdant setting of the camp and associated traditional safari experience comforts.