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Tragedy has struck in Uganda, where a leopard has killed and eaten a three-year-old child in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The three-year-old boy was the son of a ranger who works at the park. The ranger left her child in the care of a nanny at the staff headquarters of Mweya Safari Lodge in the park. The child followed his nanny outside the staff compound and the leopard attacked him, dragged him into the bush and ate him. His remains were found the next day.

Bashir Hangi, from the Ugandan wildlife authority, said: “The maid was not aware the child followed her. She heard the kid scream for help, she intervened but it was too late – the leopard had vanished with it in the bush and a search was mounted until we got the skull the next day.”

He added: “The hunt is on with the intention of capturing the leopard and removing it from the wild because once it has eaten human flesh, the temptations are high to eat another human being, it becomes dangerous.”

Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwest Uganda is popular with tourists as it offers the only option to see predators such as lions, leopards and hyenas in a country better known for gorillas and chimp trekking and birding safaris.

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