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On a recent trip to Etosha National Park in Namibia I found a Leopard resting in the shade close to a waterhole and decided to hang around in the hope of her hunting Springbok or other antelope at the waterhole.

After about two hours I noticed some movement in the water and so did the Leopard. She went to investigate and suddenly took a dive and pulled out a mating pair of Terrapin from the water. This was a first for me and also a highlight in my photographic career and I would like to share the sequence of images with you. Enjoy.

leopard catches terrapin, leopard at waterhole

leopard at waterhole

leopard at waterhole

leopard at waterhole

leopard and terrapin, leopard at water hole

All photographs © Hendri Venter.

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Growing up on a farm, Hendri Venter has been enchanted by wildlife and the natural world from a young age. As a child he would often go off exploring either on horse-back or by foot. It was these experiences that shaped his amazement and love of wildlife and the outdoors. Then he picked up a camera and discovered that he could capture nature’s magic on film. He has never looked back. He now works as a wildlife photographer in Africa.