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Madagascar is simply breathtaking and a photographer’s dream come true. These beautiful images were taken on a trip across the magical island, taking in Fair Trade Tourism certified camps, hotels and lodges.

From ancient primary rainforests to the vast sweeping landscapes of the central highlands and the azure waters of the Mozambique Channel, the Red Island is ripe for exploration and adventure.

The magnificent Tsaranoro Valley from Tsara Camp at sunrise ©Megan Alves
A ring-tailed lemur soaks up the early morning sun in the sacred forest at the foot of Mount Tsaranoro in Madagascar’s central highlands ©Sharon Gilbert-Rivett
Zebu cattle relax in the lee of a sand dune at Salary Bay ©Megan Alves
A mountain spring empties into a small lake at the foot of Mount Tsaranoro ©Sharon Gilbert-Rivett
Andringitra National Park’s incredible, moody peaks tower over Madagascar’s central highlands ©Sharon Gilbert-Rivett
A crowned lemur at Bushhouse, on Madagascar’s lush east coast ©Megan Alves
A Malagasy giant or Oustalet’s chameleon checks out the camera as its portrait is taken ©Sharon Gilbert-Rivett
The soft white sands of Salary Bay, on Madagascar’s south-west coast ©Megan Alves
The inimitable indri at close quarters in the forests on the fringe of the Canal des Pangalanes on Madagascar’s east coast ©Megan Alves
A traditional zebu cart in the island’s central highlands ©Megan Alves

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Fair Trade Tourism

Fair Trade Tourism is pioneering the development of sustainable and responsible tourism in southern Africa and beyond. A non-profit organisation, it grows awareness about responsible tourism, helps tourism businesses operate more sustainably and facilitates the Fair Trade Tourism certification programme.