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A few weeks ago Track and Trail River Camp wrote a tribute to Alice, the legendary leopard of South Luangwa that we miss very much. But now, in pursuit of Alice’s footprints is her daughter Lucy.

Fortunately for us Lucy and her brother Davy both seem almost as relaxed as mum, Alice, was when it comes to visitors and their vehicles.



Lucy has also proved to be an excellent hunter – she obviously learned from the best. Leopard cubs stay with their mother for over two years and this is when they learn to hunt and survive on their own.

Like almost all leopards, Lucy is not fussy when it comes to food; eating almost anything that moves. From antelopes, warthogs, monkeys and snakes, to rodents, large birds, fish, porcupines and even baboon, they all taste good!



While we were watching Lucy, reminiscing about how similar she is to her late mother, she revealed a surprising secret to us.

Moving around alone like all leopards do, Lucy unexpectedly gave her first performance as a mum when her young cub suddenly jumped out of the bushes. It made us all cheerful and slightly emotional as we saw our beloved Alice’s genes passed down yet another generation.

Both mum and baby were playful, despite braving the somewhat chilly morning temperatures of South Luangwa’s dry season.


Lucy has recently been spotted wandering her territory, and will undoubtedly soon to be joined by her young cub, as she teaches her the same skills she learnt from her mother.


While leopards are known as the most elusive and secretive of the large cats and extremely difficult to locate, visitors of South Luangwa will have a good chance to catch sight of Lucy. You might just spot ‘our wandress’ in one of the dry gullies at Wamilombe plain or catch a glimpse when she’s loafing in one of the trees in the area!


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