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Written by: Claire Forster

Nature’s Light offers an annual landscape photography workshop along South Africa’s iconic Wild Coast. Claire Forster was one of the guests at this year’s workshop and loved it. Have a read below of her feedback about the experience, illustrated with her own images.


For anyone who has little knowledge of this part of the South African coastline, you will find this trip mind-blowing. I have visited the Wild Coast before, but only prior to my interest in photography, and the scenery is truly indescribable, which makes it perfect for capturing those magical images.

©Claire Forster

We started off with the longest haul of the journey, arriving at the iconic Hole in the Wall in the Coffee Bay area. We had a small group and our photographic instructor allowed us the versatility of taking some other angles than the norm, such as the one above, taken after a sweat inducing walk up Whale Rock in the pre-dawn darkness (I am quite nervous of heights, but had lots of encouragement!) in order to capture this different perspective, which doesn’t even show the hole.

©Claire Forster

The part of this trip that I loved was the solitude and freedom to spend time creating each image, yet still having a guide to help when I felt overwhelmed.  I am not comfortable with landscape photography, but the instruction was invaluable and very constructive. The accommodation was also delightful, but the overall focus was on the images I was producing.

©Claire Forster

Port St Johns was our next stop and we focused on star trails and timelapses from the top of Mount Thesinger. I was yearning to capture a face that I would remember and bumped into this old gogo (grandma) outside our accommodation.


Our last stop was my personal favourite: Luphatana. The accommodation was fantastic and rustic and the scenery was, in my opinion, the most breathtaking I have seen. From Waterfall Bluff through to Cathedral Rock, I felt that this piece of magic needs to be experienced by anyone who can. The above photo is of the moon rising under the Milky Way. I finally felt like I could do this landscape thing!


The shelf of rock makes for some interesting images, especially when you’re trying to capture reflections and some night time astrophotography. The above photo is a behind-the-scenes of our instructor, Emil, showing the scale of the waves.


In conclusion, the Wild Coast harbours beauty that I did not expect. I came back with an excitement I had not experienced for a while. Go wandering!

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to take images like these? Join Nature’s Light next year!

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