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Two big kudu males had a fight to the death close to Abu Camp in the Okavango Delta. Rex Masupe, a guide in the Okavango, took these photographs after coming across the kudu bulls.

kudu death
© Rex Masupe

When Rex found the kudus they were both already dead and it appeared that a hyena had been feeding on them.

kudu dead
© Rex Masupe
kudu fight
© Rex Masupe

Rex had this to say about the sighting, “It’s very rare to find two males dead at the same time. Usually it’s one killing the other and then there is a winner. This is the first time in my life that I have seen this. It appeared as if the bull on the bottom had died first due to a broken spine broke but the winner’s horns were still locked together with the losers and eventually the winner died too because he couldn’t free himself. Out of curiosity I lifted the two heads to see underneath them but even I failed to separate them.”

dead kudus
© Rex Masupe
© Rex Masupe
kudu fight death
© Rex Masupe


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