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Kruger lions shot dead

The three male lions that escaped from Kruger National Park in South Africa have now been shot dead.

Yesterday, Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) and SANParks officials received a report that one lion had been shot and another wounded after a farmer discovered them eating his cattle.

lions, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger lions, not the lions that were shot ©Simon Espley

SANParks dispatched a helicopter to the area and decided to put down the wounded lion, along with the third one. The team were operating in difficult and extremely challenging terrain which made darting a tough option.

Yesterday, Mr Abe Sibiya, Head of Biodiversity at MTPA, was quoted in saying,”We have a dedicated and experienced team on site that has been working tirelessly to locate and capture these lions. Unfortunately after all efforts were made and the risk of having a wounded lion roaming around, a decision had to be taken to destroy them”.

Originally it was thought that four lions had escaped Kruger, but park officials now say that evidence suggests only three.


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  • Esme’ Blair

    The farmer should have ALERTED PARKS FIRST, while the lions were around the carcass so they could be darted. Instead this twit who needs some education reached for his gun and stuffed up by wounding one. Cattle are replaceable…lions are not.

  • Mike D

    Incredibly sad! They struggled their entire lives to reach adulthood as a powerful coalition of blood brothers only to die in an instant from a vengeful cattle herder. Something has to change. This is an all too common story with tragic results.

    • Green Lantern

      meat eating and animal husbandry is destroying the world – this is another example. Watch “Cowspiracy”

  • Green Lantern

    So why did they kill the unwounded one? Christ!!!!!!! even the conservers are conspiring against them.

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