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Kruger elephant killed by lightning

Kruger elephant killed by lightning

© Lowvelder

SATARA, Kruger National Park

Tourists early to hit the roads outside Satara rest camp in the Kruger this morning were greeted by the rather macabre scene of a large elephant carcass in the road. The elephant was lying in a large pool of its own blood and with some of its internal organs hanging out.

The guesswork as to the cause of death ranged from a muti-killing (for traditional medicine purposes) after observers thought (mistakenly) that the elephant’s genitals had been removed, to ivory poachers that were disturbed before they could remove the tusks, and to this being the work of predators such as lions.

After further investigation, it was found that the elephant died from a lightning strike.

Lightning strikes, like gunshots, can cause both exit and entrance wounds plus symptoms such as ruptured organs, severe burns, burst blood vessels and cardiac arrest.

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