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A massive breeding herd of elephants strolled onto the property yesterday, so naturally we spent much of the day taking photos and shooting footage of these fabulous beasts.

We followed the herd on their way to drink at a nearby dam, and decided it would be a good idea if we placed the GoPro action camera on the ground in the path of the herd. The idea was to capture a sequence of the gentle giants close-up. I was slightly fearful of what might happen to my camera, but figured the resulting footage would be well worth any potential damage incurred. So we drove ahead and I jumped out of the car, finding the perfect log under which to place the camera. The herd was bearing down on me fast as I placed the cam under a log and left it running. We watched from a distance and the eles came within 5 meters of the camera, and casually strolled past. Bound to be a fantastic sequence.



We watched them as they crossed the Olifants River and we set up the camera for a great twilight editorial snippet for Safari – elephants bathing in the background.

Today we’ll be embarking on a six-kilometer hike to a tented camp, where we will be staying for the night. Got a feeling one or two Campfire Stories might emerge out of this mission.

Will keep you updated…

P.S. After a few beers last night, we decided on a future Photo Studio topic: Painting with Light!








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