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Kids speak out for rhinos

Rhinos Without Borders is looking for young ambassadors for their Rhino Angels campaign. Find out how you and your children can give help save rhinos…


The Rhinos without Borders project aims to move 100 rhinos from the highest poaching zones in South Africa, to one of the lowest poaching zones in the whole of Africa; Botswana. The aim is to protect them from the poaching crisis. It is a project of hope and they want to get adults and children across the world raising their voices for rhinos.

© Beverly Joubert

© Beverly Joubert

If you have a child under the age of 8 years old who cares about rhinos and would like to make their voice heard, enter them into the Rhino Angels competition.


Each of us needs an angel. Some days our kids are those angels (some days they aren’t!) and Rhinos without Borders is seeking 100 angels for 100 rhinos. They are looking for kids under the age of 8 who can articulate well (or not) why we should protect these rhinos. Rhinos without Borders is hoping that their voices will resonate through time and space and the universe, to provide the protection the Rhinos without Borders project needs, for each rhino with his or her own Rhino Angel.

Rhinos without Borders is inviting kids and parents to submit a video message and enter the contest. Angels selected will get a picture of their own rhino that they will be taking care of, thinking about and spreading the word about. The prize for the best Rhino Angel video will be a rhino hamper of children’s wildlife books, a cuddly toy, and other Rhinos Without Borders goodies.

The best of the videos will be shared every week and edited into a campaign video to display the passion of the next generation – The Rhino Angels.


Just follow these steps to enter:

1. Film your child on your smart phone as they express to the world what they feel about rhinos through action or voice.

2. Upload it on YouTube

3. Share your video on social media with a hash tag #RhinoAngels and add the site. Make sure to make your post visible to everyone if posting on Facebook, so that Rhinos without Borders can find you if you win.

Good luck!


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