Kayla in the Kgalagadi


10 year old Kayla prefers to be tuned into the real thing. A lover of the wild, Kayla shares with us, in her own words, her trip to the Kgalagadi.


Well when I was in the callhari I learnt 15 kinds of spetios but my brouther learned 20. My favrot was the spring bok and jackels.


Also I saw an intire family of bush men and they taught me that the way to say the number 1 is oogie! Im not lieing, trust me. also something that freaked me out was that their lians there wernt in a cage or tamed but wild! So that meant the were not tame or not caged but all I saw was a spotted hyena and lepord and a brown hyena but that not all Im just talking about the carnovours I saw.

hyena leopard-drawing

We slept in, let me see ah… 3 or 4 camps.

from Kayla


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