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James Bond is coming to Cape Town

It was revealed recently, at a book launch in London, that the new James Bond book  – and eventually movie – will be based in Cape Town. Bond will apparently be boarding at hotels like the Cape Grace and dining at restaurants like Beluga.

When asked about why he chose Cape Town for the backdrop of his book, author Jeffery Deaver commented, “I’ve been coming to Cape Town for ten years. I love the country. And true to James Bond novels, Cape Town is exotic and beautiful.”


Denis Lillie, CEO of the Cape Film Commission, says: “We were very excited that the latest Bond novel has been set in Cape Town as it is inevitable that the book will be made into a movie, and this means filming in the city. Bond films are classics and with this new novel added to the catalogue it would be repeatedly broadcast on TV and in homes across the globe for decades to come showcasing Cape Town again and again.”

As a popular tourist destination already, Cape Town will welcome the added romantic allure that only a bond film could induce.

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