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Hunter killed by elephant in Namibia

The Namibia Press Agency has reported that on Saturday an elephant trampled and killed an Argentine national who was in a group of hunters tracking a herd of elephants. The incident happened in a private reserve about 70kms north-west Kalkveld, midway between Windhoek and Etosha.

The hunter, identified as 46-year-old Jose Monzalvez, worked for an oil company, and was with another Argentine national and three Namibians when he was killed. The report states that one of the elephants charged the hunters before they could find a spot to aim and shoot.

The report says Monzalvez had a hunting permit with him and that relatives have been informed of his death.

Etosha elephant, not the elephant that killed the hunter. © Janine Avery

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  • Mathias Droll

    next time, don’t hunt! Upps, there is no next time.

  • Alan

    This couldn’t be more deserved. The elephant is to be praised for doing what we would all do in self defence.

  • Live by the sword – die by the sword. No sympathy.

  • Anne Harrington


  • Janine Biesbrouck

    I have no sympathy for hunters! Cheers for the elephant that killed him

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