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How would you like to get and read your copies of Africa Geographic?  Retail or subscription? Print or digital? Desktop, laptop or tablet?

Africa Geographic magazine
Africa Geographic magazine, September 2012
Africa Geographic magazine
Africa Geographic magazine, October 2012

In the not-so-distant past, there were two ways South African readers could get the latest issues of their favourite magazine: buying a printed copy at a retail outlet, or through a print subscription. If you lived elsewhere in the world, buying a print subscription was your only option.

Many readers like a printed copy of a magazine, both the feel of it in their hands and to keep. The digital era, however, is rapidly changing the way we consume our business and leisure reading. So now, for the convenience of readers anywhere in the world, we also offer several online and downloading digital options for desktops, laptops and, for an exponentially growing mobile market, tablet devices (iPads and their Android equivalents).

The choice is yours.


Retail Africa Geographic is widely available at retail outlets in South Africa, so look for it at your local CNA, Exclusive Books, Woolworths, Spar, petrol station convenience store, airport retailers and other selected stores.

The retail price is R45.00 (including VAT).

The magazine is also available in selected outlets in Namibia and Botswana. In 2013 we hope to expandthis network considerably to include Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.

Distribution hurdles preclude retail outlets in the rest of the world.

Subscriptions  Africa Geographic has print subscribers in more than 70 countries around the world.  Subscription rates are two-tiered:

  • R345 (including VAT for subscriptions delivered in South Africa), and
  • R850 (+/- US$100) for delivery elsewhere in the world*.

To subscribe to the print magazine contact

*We are often asked why the overseas rate is so much higher than the local equivalent. The answer is simply the cost of delivery – the amount of money paid to airfreight companies and international postal services.


Online and download  We currently use Zmags software to produce a general digital edition of Africa Geographic that is downloadable onto any desktop, laptop and tablet device (iPad or Android). This edition is exactly the same as the print version.

Digital subscription rates are:

  • Free to all current print subscribers Simply let us know that you want to receive the digital edition as well as the print version and we will advise you when each new issue is ready to download. For many subscribers this is ideal as they like to have the print version to keep and to enjoy the convenience of the digital version when they travel.
  • R210 (+/- US$25) to receive the digital subscription only. If you are a convert to paperless reading this could be the option for you. E-mail for more information.

 iPAD App

This is our most recent offering – a special edition of Africa Geographic, exclusively available to iPad users through the convenience of the Apple iTunes store. Not only does this App guarantee exactly the same content as all the other print and digital options, it also includes special features such as video clips and voice-overs. Another useful and unique feature is that you can store and build up a library of your issues on your iPad through the App’s library.

You can buy the iPad App in one of two ways:

  • US$3.99 for a single copy purchase, or:
  • US$38.99 for a full year’s subscription (12 monthly issues).

If this sounds like the option for you, go to

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