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Happy huntress the next Melissa Bachman?

When Melissa Bachman posted a photo to her Facebook page, smiling proudly with a dead lion, the world was outraged. Even though Melissa was inundated with anti-hunting abuse forcing her to remove herself from certain social media channels, it seems there is another happy huntress willing to take her place – and this self proclaimed “conservationist” seems focussed on canned hunting notoriety. Sad but true.


Meet Kendall Jones, with her good looks, large weapon and very own dead lion she seems to be the next Melissa Bachman. With regards to the social media backlash Kendall has got so far she responds, “All the anti-hunters posting negative comments and sharing my photos on their page has helped me get over 600 new likes in the past 48 hours! Way to go!”. And just like Melissa, this Texas lass has signed a contract to host a TV show in 2015 on the Sportsman Channel pursuing her “hunting adventures”. We had a look at her public figure Facebook Page and found the following photos there:


According to Kendall’s Facebook page the first animal Kendall Jones ever shot was a white rhino with a .416 Remington at age 13. At age 14 she shot her first elephant with a shot from a .416 Remington and finished it off with her dad’s .470 Nitro Express. Along with the elephant she also shot a charging Cape buffalo and a huge maned lion and two weeks later she returned to Africa where she shot a leopard, and also took down a hippo. In her words, she shot, “6 of the Dangerous 7 at the age of 14!”


A few years on and Kendall is pictured with a hunted lion, elephant and leopard. About this photo she says, “I am truly grateful to be able to enjoy such a great hunt while at the same time donating the meat to the local people and putting money into wildlife conservation.” Of her leopard hunt she comments, “First dangerous 7 game down!! One of the prettiest animals in all of the land!”


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  • Atiyya Karodia

    I may never understand how anyone can look at one of the big five and think “it’s so beautiful, so majestic, i should shoot it”. Shooting for food and using up every part of the animal? I’m ok with that. But sport hunting is a whole other story.

    • Tarryn Kelly Proos

      I cannot understand how someone can look at a life and be lets take it away… I do agree though its mind boggling how someone can think its so beautiful lets shoot it

    • anonymous

      In the article it says she donates the animals to the local village for food and the skins. Therefore she is hunting for food it’s just for other people who really need it. She also gives money to a local wildlife fund. I would prefer if she wasn’t hunting animals on the endangered species list but if she is going to do something like this at the very least she is using to help both people and animals.

      • Angel

        Whilst having fun and excitement taking a life.

      • BULLSHIT!!

        • Keep Africa Alive

          Another LIKE!

      • Elaine Ormsby-Jarman

        You really are as thick as pigshit if you believe this. Do some research. No, the locals do not get the meat and the money goes to corrupt governments. Stop spreading your ridiculous lies!

  • Garth Pullar

    Yet again I am disgusted with this savage behaviour in the 21st century. The lowest
    of the low cannot realise how futile & meaningless this is & these poor
    creatures are abused so. It is an atrocity & insult to

    • MR A

      You should see what happens on farms, it’s much worse.

      • Andrew Cairncross

        Find me a farm with endangered wild animals. The two only share similarities to animal torture, but no relevance to species survival, and the protection of wild spaces.

      • Desee

        On farms, they don’t call it sport.

        • Sheila

          Where do you think the animals in these canned hunts come from? They are farmed animals.

        • MR A

          I dunno, some of those guys love their jobs.

      • yerflap54

        What is that Symbol you have there? It looks much like the one my Father gave 5 years of his life fighting against.

        • MR A

          It’s a swastika.

      • Elaine Ormsby-Jarman

        It’s ok, we argue against that too. They are not mutually exclusive!!

        • MR A

          I just like to remind people that the industrialised slaughter of millions of animals on a daily basis is far worse.

  • Jared Purdy

    And why do African governments let her come to their countries and kill these nearly endangered animals?

    • Francois

      Because our government is a bloody circus!!!!

    • Sheila

      Greed. It’s all about getting their pockets lined. Corruption and greed. Selfish, corrupt government officials who turn a blind eye using the guise of conservation as a scape-goat.

      • Derek Ramsden

        You’re exactly right Sheila.

    • MR A

      Because the money from killing these animals funds the places that conserve them. You can get quarter of a million dollars for someone to shoot an old animal that has past breeding age.

      • Jared Purdy

        That has not proven to be the case. If it was, poaching would not be the major threat that it is – all over the continent where ever these animals are found.

        • MR A

          Poaching is pretty different. I’m pretty sure this white, American, woman isn’t killing these animals illegally, posing for photos, then publishing them.

      • Sheila

        These are NOT all old animals that are past the breeding age. In the case of the lion, a white lion, it was a canned hunt and judging by the pink still showing on his nose and the condition of his teeth, he was definitely not past breeding age. If a lone pride lion is killed, so may all his cubs be killed, along with a lioness or two protecting their cubs from the new ‘guy on the block’. Killing just one pride lion could, in fact, be the end of the whole pride. If a country, like South Africa, benefited from the killing of these animals, then why is there still so much poverty there…..not to mention the poverty in the rest of Africa? Maybe the farmer who raises it and uses it in his petting zoo until he sells it to the lodge owners, the hunting lodge owners who’s land it is killed on, the officials who get their pockets lined and the Asians who turn his bone to wine (or other concoctions) get a share of that 1/4 million but definitely not the poor Africans. This canned hunt has nothing to do with conservation. Just a legalised form of murder in a country that permits this barbaric act to continue. You can’t tell me that a trophy hunter would want an old lion who is weathered and scarred to adorn his walls because a real dominant lion can be a pride lion well into his teens and by then, he would have fought over many meals and many other lions wanting to come in and take over his pride. In the name of conservation but in reality, it is not the animals that are being conserved.

        • V Foster

          I am sorry.. I am from South Africa and you have your fact completely wrong… We do not benefit from killing animals and the poverty in our country is not because of canned hunting… Seriously!! If there is hunting in Africa its the same as poaching (85% of the time the permits was obtained through bribery!)

          • Chloe

            V Foster, that is precisely Sheila’s argument so you must have misread. Mr A is saying that the African countries gain 1/4 million dollars per animal hunted. Sheila is saying that is not the case, the greedy farmers and the lodge owners and those involved in organising these ‘hunts’ are the only ones to benefit – not the countries themselves. She is not blaming the poverty on the hunting/poaching, nor is she saying the countries benefit from it.

          • Sheila

            You need to read my comment again. I basically said the same thing as you did. Did I not ask why there was so much poverty if, in fact, the country profited from it? Bad grammar, or wording, may have confused you.

            When I said ” Just a legalised form of murder in a country that permits this barbaric act to continue.” I should have said “Just a legalised form of murder in a country where corrupt government officials permit this barbaric act to continue by turning their heads for personal profit.” It is not the country that is permitting it to happen and I worded that sentence wrong.

            When I said “the officials who get their pockets lined”, isn’t that the same as saying that there is bribery? Maybe there is a language barrier of some sort but what I said and what you said are pretty much the same. Seriously!!!!!

          • Sheila

            I’m pretty sure that is exactly what I said. Maybe you need to re-read my comment. I asked “If a country, like South Africa, benefited from the killing of these animals, then why is there still so much poverty there…..not to mention the poverty in the rest of Africa?”

      • Jared Purdy

        If that was the case then the money collected from these moronic trophy hunters would actually contribute to the decline in poaching. However, the exact opposite is occurring, in every country on the continent that has these animals. And, these animals are not past breeding age. The photos and relentless media coverage proves that. Who do you work for?

  • JamesKelso

    She’s ain’t pretty, she just looks that way. So the song goes. I look at her and all I feel is disgust. Animals should only be shot with a camera. It takes much more skill and someone else can shoot it the next day.

    • Diane Anderson

      said it all James

    • Dawn Sneddon

      I could not have said it better; she disgusts me!

      • Les Blenkhorn

        You are pretty hot Dawn.

    • ChristianEconCom

      You can tell this is the result of parenting (since in some of the photos she is young) paramount to child abuse. Who would be smiling so much about killing? Psychopathological.

      • Quinn Ryder Smith

        Someone proud of the kill they make. We’re raised around hunting, grow up loving it, grow up with the satisfaction you’ve stalked this beast through the bush and were able to take it down. Same thing for boys in the Military, I’m damn sure they smile when they kill a terrorist. Hell the Marines become true HOGS when they take a bullet from the clip of a person they killed and WEAR IT ON THEIR NECKS. It’s a pride that you can’t understand and possibly never will.

        • jenn

          You can NOT compare an animal killer to a MARINE! Marines fight for our country, they shoot only because their being shot at! Now what are these animals doing to you for you to shoot them?

          • Guest

            Personally, I do not have a problem with killing an animal as long as it’s population is healthy. Im Christian, so we may perceive things differently, but I believe that God gave us domain over His land. So, to reiterate, I, as well, do not have a problem with killing animals for survival.

          • yerflap54

            What has Survival got to do with this Psycho shooting for FUN ?

          • Valerie Lynn

            God gave us dominion but never said we have to be cruel. This is useless killing to feed her EGO. And btw the native people could shoot just as easily as she can. They really need *her* to donate their own animals back to them?

          • Quinn Ryder Smith

            So you’re trying to tell us the natives of Africa, who just BARELY get by, can afford guns and ammunition to do this with? Go and ask half of them how much money they have in their pockets. They’ll most likely look at you and start crying because THEY DON’T HAVE ANY.

          • Guest

            Over 1,000 rhino were poached in South Africa last year and nearly 500 so far this year. Who the hell do you think is doing this, aliens from outer space or NATIVES OF AFRICA with GUNS AND AMMO ?
            Do you actually KNOW anyone from that continent ? I do. I have friends from Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa, both black and white. So stop talking rubbish.

          • Nigel Miller

            Over 1,000 rhino were poached in South Africa last year and nearly 500 so far this year. Who do you think is doing this, aliens from outer space with ray guns or NATIVES OF AFRICA with GUNS AND AMMO ?

            Do you actually KNOW anyone from that continent ? I do. I have friends from Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa, both black and white. So stop talking rubbish.

          • Michael.Jeffries

            As a conservationist who has worked with some of indigenous tribes of Kenya, including the El Molo, your ignornce astounds me. I could write several paragraphs highlighting your errors but feel in no way compelled to, because people like you are what many refer to as “arm chair critics”, spreading false information based upon a falsely assumed knowledge of an area in which you know nothing. I emplore you to visit our website – kenyawildlifetrust.org and gain an actual grounded, solid knowledge of what we do and why what this girl does is abhorrent on so many levels.

          • Nix

            Well said Michael – it is people like you who make this world better. Keep it up 🙂

          • Garth Johnson

            And your bad spelling astounds me! “ignornce” – what is this? I do however agree totally with your sentiments. So I assume your bad spelling was just a slip of the finger as I do from time to time.

          • Marie-france Martinez-laschett

            A missed spelling should really not be worth the discussion! Hope you did not overlook a word like “abhorrent”! This girl should sit in prison…

          • chris

            get over the spelling error, Garth, really….are the spelling police?. focus on what’s really important.

          • Sally

            I tried to keep my fingers off the keyboard but the temptation was too great and I couldn’t resist pointing out that a question mark is usually found at the end of a question. So I assume we can bury the spelling and grammar police now and get on with the real issue at hand? And yes, childish but oh so worth it 🙂

          • Garth Johnson

            So easy to get a rise out of someone out there. Well done on your self-control Sally and Chris. But compared to some of the absolute rubbish being written on this subject, the swearing and lack of logic, I love stirring the pot with someone so mundane. Oh, and yes, I have been working in conservation for quite some time and have strong opinions on this subject but also know that my experiences and opinion
            will have no effect on people who only have their own opinions set firmly in the middle of their cross-hairs.

          • Bill

            Garth – pardon me – I mean no disrespect but why, if you’ve been working in conservation for so long and feel so passionately about this subject would you spend your time “stirring the pot” on a subject other than the topic (which is conservation driven) at hand? …And about spelling? …And then take it further when people merely try to redirect you back to the topic that you yourself say you feel so strongly about? ..And if, as you say, your experiences and opinion will have no effect on the very people writing here then why spend time her at all – let alone comment on something as simple as an obvious typo. I don’t get it.

          • Garth Johnson

            Okay then, a serious answer for someone who has posed a reasonable request. The quality of discussion on these chats just deteriorates with those who are reasonable and intelligent debaters making cogent arguments and the others who invariably resort to profanity, religion or personal threats. I was being flippant with my comment about spelling and apologise.
            My opinion? Well, I am not opposed to hunting as a utilisation of natural resources provided it is done in an ethical and sustainable way. By sustainable I mean that animals are not hunted to extinction or to the detriment of the species (trophy elephant bulls with large tusks or only the largest male lions with full manes etc) and by ethical I mean that any formed of canned hunting or hunting from the back of a vehicle is not acceptable to me. I also firmly believe that local communities should benefit more than just having employment from the hunt. Profit sharing or the formation of a trust ensuring reasonable income for the benefit of entire community would seem to be the least the hunt could deliver. I am not part of the “poor noble beast of the bush” brigade as I feel an animal is an animal, be it a hyena or a leopard, warthog or Sable antelope, elephant or porcupine and as such no animal deserves to be put on a pedestal because it is more beautiful than another.
            I am not a hunter by nature and do not have any desire to kill any animal except to put a seriously injured animal out of its misery (or for food). I cannot understand the need to kill something purely to satisfy some inner need. But my experience in the industry has made me a lot more pragmatic. Focussing on an individual such as this woman serves no purpose as she would seem to be only a poster image for the hunting industry and an easy target and as such I feel it a little unfair. Rather attack the industry as a whole instead of an easy target who happens to be pretty. If the hunter was a big, overweight, exceedingly wealthy person would the outcry be so loud? I think not.

          • Guest


          • Marie-france Martinez-laschett

            Abhorrent! The right word! Thank you!

          • smackrightdown

            How many countries in Africa have you visited? Do you think there aren’t enough people there who can afford fucking guns and bullets to manage their own wildlife?

          • Mike

            Natives of Africa don’t need guns nor ammos. They’re REAL hunters.They hunt with lances or traditional bows – and not compound bow and an hunting guide beside them with a big gun just in case things go wrong… In fact, natives of Africa are not pussies like this pom-pom bitch.

          • Jon Benson

            Let’s see how that ‘dominion’ fares when you’re stripped of modern weaponry.

            Humans are survivalists. I get that. I get the need to hunt for food. I do not get, nor will ever get, what this pathetic little twat is doing.

          • Nati

            Really? cause I am Catholic and I am pretty sure the Pope said that animals were created by God and therefore need to be treated with RESPECT. The killing of lions, tigers, leopards and other endangered animals doesn’t benefit anyone, she only does that because she’s so damn ugly inside out that she needs to kill beautiful animals to feel better about herself.

          • James

            Sorry to say,,, but i am pretty damn sure any lion would not have any qualms about making you its next meal should you wander into its path so stop using all this i am catholic,christian rubbish to justify anything anyone do for pity’s sake,who cares what religious following you choose to pray to.

          • Solipsis

            What? The lion wasn’t going to eat her, you moron. By your logic we should kill every single lion, panther, python, black widow, hippo, snake, and anything else that poses a threat to humans.

          • James

            I was`nt referring to the fact that she shot this wonderful beast you fuckwit i was talking about people who have to bring in the subject of religion on almost every subject that unfolds on various forums and saying this animal dont care about fucking religion when choosing its food so go do one, and just so you know i dont agree with what she has done,

          • Guest

            Why would we wander into its path?
            Also they kill for survival, this b1+ch kills for fun, that is a big difference! Does your god think that they are the same?

          • Nix

            Are you kidding me – you should know then, that God created animals and put them on his land FIRST – whether he gave us “domain” or not – they were here first THEREFORE they deserve respect. This young girl did not kill any of these animals for survival – can you not see that. Then to top it off you mention your religion – wow – just wow..

          • Guest

            I think you have hit the nail on the proverbial problematic religious “conservation” head here mate – the righteous domain over his land. What you forgot to include is “RESPONSIBLE” domain. This is by no stretch of the imagination a killing for survival, but for pure hedonistic pleasure!

          • Matthew

            Let me speak for myself here..not for this girl whose killing apex predators and mega herbivores that may be on the brink of extinction..Anyway I’ve never been to Africa, nor would I hunt there. I didn’t read this girls article, nor did I read her bio. I’m a full time biology student at fsu, and you can label me all or classify me all you want even though you really don’t know me..Anyway, down here in south I only hunt deer, boar, and turkey. Boar is an invasive species, so killing one for food isn’t a bad deal..dear hunting is more regulatory than anything, because there’s an abundance of them. And the turkey population is healthy as well. Anyway my point: i practice and embrace conservation with education.

          • mosshead

            I would just like to add that in Georgia some so called “hunters: participate in killing contests and they do spread lies about predators, they overhunt the bull deer and generally blame it on predators. It sad when people lie to kill.

          • mosshead

            perhaps you should claim another religion

          • Sarah La Rocca

            Since when does dominion equate with the abuse, torture and enslavement of animals ? These animals have their own destiny and their own right to live in peace and without abuse for the glory of some stupid bimbo with nothing better to do than kill for fame and notoriety. I don’t think any God smiles on this.

          • SandraHvar

            It’s not “domain,” it’s “dominion.” As in, the Queen of England has dominion over her subjects. I don’t see her massacring too many of them.

          • Sheila

            Canned hunting has nothing to do with survival. It has all to do with profit (that doesn’t mean for the impoverished) and the entitled trophy hunter getting a thrill. A real hunter will hunt for reasons of sustenance but the trophy hunter kills for the feeling of glory, in saying he killed a ferocious beast and to get that ‘trophy’. A canned lion hunt = First, the farmer breeds the…..we’ll say, lion, then the cub is used in a petting zoo. Once the cub is too big to be petted, it is left confined in a crowded cage until it is of ‘trophy’ age until the hunter buys it. The lion is then released into a fenced in area where the so-called hunter shoots and kills his/her hand reared prey. Canned hunting is nothing to brag about so it must be for the thrill the entitled trophy hunter feels when he/she watches the life drain from the innocent animal’s eyes.

          • Paresh


          • Robert

            Let’s hope nobody else believes that God gave them domain over your land and decides to kill you to take it. The problem with believing in something is not in the believing but in the actions you take because of that belief. I believe my God wants me to have your car. Can I take it? I truly truly believe it? You really need to check yourself.

          • Sally

            Hmmm – just one problem… she’s not killing for survival, she’s killing for sport and using the guise of survival as a smoke screen but I respect your opinion.

          • Fatal Sick

            Being a Christian these days means you actually think Romans gave a sh$t about Jesus when they hated him & hung him on a cross! Later they accepted him only to gain the peoples trust for votes! It’s all propaganda, just like saying we hunt animals for survival! The only ones doing that are the natives living near lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, etc… Hell, I’ve even seen natives steal a buffalo carcass with only spears & arrows from a pride of lions so they wouldn’t have to hunt themselves! Now that’s true survival! However these wealthy hunters don’t do that! They hunt just to hang their fur & bones on the wall & tell you they do it in the name of conservation!

          • Bill

            I am a Christian as well and personally resent your implication that being so somehow aligns hunting with Christian beliefs. It may for you – as a single Christian but it doesn’t for me – so please don’t say “we” as in “how we perceive things”. Your comment is YOUR perception and you happen to be Christian. True – God gave us dominion but God did not instruct us to kill animals for sport. Or fun. On safaris. Paying lots of money that could be better used on feeding people in Africa . Helping the sick You know – Christian charity?

          • Sheila

            Trophy hunting is not for survival. It’s so arrogant, egotistical, self-indulgent wealthy individuals can put a trophy on their wall and the greedy ‘farmers/ranchers/lodge owners’ can make more money. Animals should only be killed for sustenance or in self defense not for ‘the fun of it’. A true Christian would know that. I’m sure God never meant for humans to slaughter another species to the point of extinction because someone feels entitled.

          • Quinn Ryder Smith

            Providing food, clothing, tools, and safety to farm-raised animals that the tribe so desperately needs to keep alive. Anymore questions about things you have no idea about?

          • Nigel Miller

            You are seriously claiming the indigenous people of Africa can’t manage their own continent without some American bimbo shooting their wildlife ? Get out of here.

          • DoberMan13

            Well said!

          • the only idea you have in your sad head is to kill animals.
            How can you compare killing innocent animals to our Marines going to war for all of us … including you !!!!!!! UGH

          • Chris Glisson

            Yeah, how about American hunters and their filthy bloodstained Greenbacks bringing extinction of wildlife to Africa.
            Stay where you are and rot in your own creation. You are NOT welcome in Africa.
            And sign this while you’re at it. This weasel coming for his 14th lion !
            He should be lynched for treason on the planet, same as this witch.


          • TreeHugger_hon

            “Providing” WHAT? Get out of your dreamland – trophy killers do NOTHING for the communities they rob of their wildlife. The money stays with foreign outfitters and corrupt local officials – the people living in the area get SCRAPS at best, IF at all. The good, old “Charity-Myth” is as MUCH a blatant LIE as “killing for conservation”!

          • Solipsis

            Yes, villagers don’t eat lion you idiot.

          • JCR

            …no but village livestock, and even occasionally the villagers themselves get eaten by the lion… YOU IDIOT. The fees paid by hunters are the primary funding source for maintaining reserves, and preserving many animal species. Otherwise the poachers would hunt them to oblivion. animals chosen to be hunted are usually “problem” animals selected by local park rangers. Maybe you should learn a little about what you are howling about before you reveal your stupidity and ignorance.

          • Sally

            Sorry JCR but you’re wrong and through no fault of your own, you’ve simply fallen victim to the bs justification stories being fed by Kendall. The primary funding source for maintaining reserves comes from tourists who come to Africa for the pure pleasure of viewing these magnificent creatures of the wild. In fact, where lions are concerned, killing the alpha male actually contributes to further losses within a pride. Before you yell stupidity and ignorance and tell people to learn something, read the articles (links below) and see if you feel the same way afterwards. This is not an attack on you or anyone else that supports this “sport” (although, in my humble opinion, I fail to see the logic since sport requires both parties to be willing participants and is generally human vs human) but merely an attempt to try and get you to understand the role that hunting plays in the rapidly declining number of lions as well as others, and that the money garnered from these organised hunts contributes very little towards conservation, despite what people have been led to believe. Perhaps in the States, yes – but in Africa, no.



          • Fatal Sick

            The hunting plays no role at all! They will conserve an area just so they can justify hunting, then claim hunting is part of the conservation efforts! It is all bullshit!

          • Sly on the Fly

            This has to be one of the most intelligent replies that I have ever read, to all those who think hunting is good for Africa, . Kudo’s to you Sally.

          • Bibi

            Oh please cry me a river! Hunters “conservation” money is in the hands of fat cat corrupt officials! And hunting revenue is a pimple on a ducks arse in comparison to what Eco tourism brings in!!
            Hunting has not declined! Which means tags are still issued and money is still to be made off trophy hunters… And yet the animals population continues to decline! The proof is in the pudding! Hunting as a form of conservation is like trying to build a snow man in the Etosha Pan! It does not work! It is NOT working! It’s a paid form of poaching! Which makes it OK because I can pay!! (Double standard!)

            Read a bit more old man!


          • Doberman13

            So the answer is to kill the animals before they become a problem? Why not spend all this money on a “capture & relocation” program? There are many programs out there!

          • Bob

            Shes canned hunting. Dont support something you know nothing about. Its not conservation, shes killing lions formally from petting zoos.

          • JG

            She could just send them the $100,000 it costs to go on a big 5 Safari hunt, if she was actually interested in helping them… oh wait, I forgot, she went on 2 hunts in 2 weeks. Make that $200,000.

          • Fatal Sick

            You muthaf$ckas are not needed for that sh$t, they’ve been doing that since antiquity! The Brit soldiers, the Portuguese, the Italians, the French soldiers & whoever else invaded, fucked up the wildlife by mass trading & selling exotic animal skins, furs, & ivory! Now they conserve small ranges so we can’t say anything to them about hunting big exotic animals! Tell them to conserve the entire continent & we’ll stop harrassing them! Same as in the U.S. when they almost wiped out the entire population of cougars on the eastern half of the country & they won’t admit that the population has rebounded so laws & regulations can’t be made to restrain hunting! It’s all bullsh$t & you know it!

          • willie

            your a numbnut

          • Bob

            Shes not hunting, shes killing animals that were in petting zoos for their entire lives previously. Also, use proper english if you want to be taken seriously. You’re***

          • disqus_jh7GXVwZID

            Marines go to war not for us, but to make money for the government, mostly the usa. Everything is always a bout money when it shouldn’t.
            Still horrible to kill those animals. Killing nature that is given to us, to learn from.. People are weird

          • SandraHvar

            People are not “weird,” they are evil.

          • disqus_jh7GXVwZID

            Everyone has the abillty to choose what to do with the evil side and good side inside them. Wich one you choose to feed?

          • JGracen

            Don’t be an asshole! Marines go to war to defend this country. If the War is unjustified, take that up with your sitting President (personally the current President is about THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE I’ve seen yet). Don’t blame a Marine for doing a job you’re too pussy to do yourself!

          • Fatal Sick

            This President is the biggest asshole? You mean the one who has actually stopped the war? The one has inherited that debt, that deficit from you Republicans? Oh that one! The one who actually backs conservation efforts for animals, greenhouse gases, & strives for a green sustainable Earth! Obama actually does that sh$t! He actually cut the war debt & the deficit What are you talking about? A republican won’t do that sh$t, they make their money off those wars! They don’t care about conservation or keeping the planet healthy!

          • Omnivore

            Ah, yes! Obama stopped the war… that is currently raging on an unprecedented scale because he pulled completely out without leaving any stability – in effect, he pulled the control rods from a nuclear reactor and Chernobyl is the result. Good job! Anti-American sentiment is running it’s highest in the most dangerous part of the world. Good job!

            Oh, and he inherited debit – nearly $10B which he’s reduced to only $17B. Good job!

            He’s instituted conservation so unilaterally that other branches of government are suing him and declaring his plans illegal or unconstitutional. Good job!

            Yes, Obama pulled out of Iraq and is pulling out of Afghanistan. He does this by announcing his plans to everyone – especially our enemies so they will know exactly how long and how deep to hide. Good job!

            Most republicans suck, too. A bunch of whipped jerks with messed up morals and confused ideals.

            You said “keeping the planet healthy.” Exactly what is unhealthy? Greenhouse gasses? And what exactly will that do to the planet? Earth won’t care. Most of life won’t care. If anything plants will get bigger and stronger. The atmosphere won’t turn toxic. Temperatures will NEVER get high enough to kill off life. If you don’t believe me, investigate earth conditions during the last 2 billion years… or go here: http://www.scotese.com/climate.htm

            Also keep in mind that historically CO2 increases follow (not lead) global warming implying CO2 is naturally increased due to heating effects.

            Just sayin’

          • 1234516121 .

            Educate yourself before you reply. Coral reef and amphibians are dying out thanks to global warming.
            The Earth don’t care? Say you don’t care when someone tosses you in the oven!

          • Toto

            He stopped the war & left that country in a shambles all for what you Americans call black gold.

          • Venchenza

            Um… were getting off subject…

          • omgwtfbbqhax1

            Naw marines dont defend the country. Anyone who thinks that is seriously brainwashed. They only defend dollar as reserve currency which would make more money for the feds. But ofc when they are killed in action, the corrupt goverment and the wealthy indoctrinate people into thinking they died for their ‘country’

          • Fatal Sick

            That’s where you are wrong Jenn. Marines fight for our governments interests the same way Kendall shoots exotic animals for her own interests! She is a conservationist only so she can kill animals legally! There is no true concern for the endangered animals, or else she & her family would extend their conservation efforts throughout the continent. The soldiers are the same whether they know it or not. They do serve & protect, but they also invade land that doesn’t belong to them like the lands where these animals come from. They then steal their precious resources, & don’t give back to those communities! They will arrest you & me for selling drugs then flip a Jihadi, take his drug shipments, sell it, pocket half of it, then use the other half to arm the men we took it from to help neutralize their government! That bitch would look at a human from a 3rd World Country just the same as one of those wild animals she shoots! It’s all bullsh$t! F$ck her!

        • evan blair

          Who in the fuck would want to hunt a human being, kill them, then wear a trippy from them on their neck? Ted Bundy, john Wayne gacy, the green river killer all did the same thing. Theit killing just wasn’t military sanctioned.

        • yerflap54

          You need help-fast!

          • Quinn Ryder Smith

            You need to learn what she’s really doing over there before you come back and comment again-FAST!

          • yerflap54

            She’s killing Animals for fun-are you that simple you can’t see that? Look at her posing on the dead Lion,a magnificent beast reduced to a piece of garbage by Calamity Jane.I lived in Canada,a lot of guy’s there used to Hunt-real hunting-not this sanitized cowardly mockery of the word.They hated Trophy Hunters for what they are; bored,usually very rich arseholes with nothing better to do.And don’t give us the ‘Conservation’ clap-trap-we saw through that BS a long time ago.

          • Lena Marita Berggren

            A very good comment as I grew up as a daughter of a hunter. We talked about it recently and I showed him pics of smiling scums next to an animal. My dad started hunting when he was 11 but he would never hunt like this, smile and show disrespect to the animal. It might sound weird talking about respect but I have seen terrible pics with smiling, kissing people or people who pinches the dead animals in a kind of joke,,,and that is terribly disrespectful. To see this lady pose like a bikinimodel with a smile or grin is not about seing a huntress…I mean to kill a fenced animal could anyone do if he or she were similarily soulless. Her FB-page is closed and hopefully we could join and try to affect the TV-channel to close her TV-show.

          • Jan

            I’m with you, Lena. Why glorify and encourage her despicable behavior and ungodly actions against God’s creation by giving her a TV program? We need to boycott that program if it dares to rear it’s ugly head!!!

          • Lena Marita Berggren

            Maybe we could contact the TV-Channel and present a petition? People like she shouldn´t be on TV. No matter what times we live in, people on TV should at least have some kind of moral living. I am aware of that might be impossible but this is definitely something so terrible that she shouldn´t be shown on TV. She kills precious animals and also participates in canned hunting and poses with that TV-smile and seems to brag about it. What kind of human being does that? WHich is the channel that plans to let her host a show on TV?

          • zachlen

            I don’t give a flying fuck what she is doing there.Her Passport should be confiscated for life.Then shoot her.

          • JG

            You know what’s even worse? This little creep, Quinn Ryder Smith, is studying Early Childhood Education… Hopefully he doesn’t find it sporting to harm them for “conservation”.
            Quinn Ryder Smith

        • Allraj306

          Even at war, killing is shouldn’t elate, please or satisfy a person. I know that it’s hard for sociopaths and other broken people to understand. The “HOGS” you mention should be monitored for behavioral issues – I’d never want a person who saves and wears bullets from their human kills around me or anyone I care about. You are a fool, sir. Secondly, hunting for sport is for psychos. Hunt for necessity. Third, what low-life’s hunt lions?

          • Guest

            It’s pretty damn satisfying to a man of uniform to kill another man of the enemy. Apparently, you don’t know Marines. The majority of them don’t develop behavioral issues whatsoever.

          • Elaine Ormsby-Jarman

            Quinn is not terribly bright and that is the problem when dealing with people who kill for fun – no other reason! You sir are sick, as sick as this young girl who takes pleasure in the kill. The sooner we get laws changed so that this is not allowed to happen, the better. And don’t brush everyone with the same brush (again, shows your ignorance)! No, the locals don’t get the meat (WTF wants to eat leopard or lion), if the locals want to kill it it is called poaching, so don’t even go there. And no, it isn’t conservation, you have been duped by the CON in conservation. To normal people, the whole notion of this being conservation is ridiculous. There you Quinn are ridiculous too.

          • Lena Marita Berggren

            Canned hunting is only a way of making money from rich people who love to kill. Would they kill humans if they got the opportunity and they could afford it? Who knows? To kill animals within a fenced area is not about sport or hunting but killing for pleasure and that must be illegal soon

          • Jonathan De Felice

            Their behavioral issue is that they are satisfied in taking other people’s lives… that’s what they get indoctrinated with.

          • Graham Du Toit

            hey moron – she is involved with canned hunting – not out in the wild. take a disprin and dissolve. Not all of Africa requires your sanctimonious intervention.

          • JGracen

            I’m no tree hugger however I don’t agree with killing Elephants and big cats! The big cats are endangered as it is and don’t need ‘sport killers’ helping their extinction. I call them Killers, not hunters, because a REAL hunter, skins and eats what he kills! A real hunter also only takes what he needs and understands the rule of ‘live and let live’ which is important in maintaining healthy animal population for sustained control.

          • Nigel Miller

            So a professional skateboarder is apparently an expert on the army, presumably because you play Call Of Duty a lot ?

          • Guest

            I know enough about it because I was signed up to go to basic for the Marines in July but I didn’t gain enough weight for it based off my height. Most of my family is Air Force (chair force) and Army. I know A LOT about the military.

          • vineripen

            You don’t know ANYTHING about the military until you’ve actually been there and actually been part of it. You betray your ignorance every time you type in a letter.

          • Damien

            Quin Ryder Smith I was in the New Zealand military for 4 years. I have a far better basis than you to know what its like to be a soldier. You signed up for basic but couldnt even get in what the fuck do you know. Ill tell you. You dont know shit.
            As for this girl I don’t know why people think shes attractive, shes not shes got small beady eyes and a disproportionately large forehead. On top of the unpleasent aesthetics shes got a personality that appears quite morally bankrupt and disgusting.

          • Guest

            Bull. You came in here mouthing off about killing other humans and taking trophies, and now you’re telling us you didn’t even qualify to get into the army. Get lost, little boy.

          • JGracen

            Why do you call the Air Force the “chair force”. The last I checked, the Marine Corps and the Army were sitting in lawn chairs while the Air Force blasted the hell out of Baghdad during the Gulf War! So much so that Bill Clinton’s top Chiefs helped him downsize the active military by 51% when it was over because we had such air superiority they believed we didn’t need so many active duty ground troops soaking up tax dollars! You really should study your history before making such an ignorant comment.

          • JGracen

            And during WWII ground troops called the P-51 pilots “Angels” because they felt safe whenever they heard the wasp of their engines echoing from above. During Vietnam, Allied Forces dropped enough ordinance on enemy forces to circle the earth twice!

          • Guest

            Also, Call of Duty? I haven’t played that game in 7 months, takes too much time from work and a having a real social life, and empties your pocket like nothing else in the world (go ask any gamer how much they spend on accessories, memberships, and equipment to play that stuff)

          • hopkirk

            what a load of bullshit ,the veterans who lived near me ,and fought in the first world war,and saw real hand to hand combat never got over it and what it did to them as human beings ,they are sickened by it ,,that’s the difference ,those who choose to enjoy killing and snuffing out life and those who were forced into it ,just as those who are backward thinkers and those who are forward thinkers ,not surprised though ,I have yet to meet an American who can point out the state where he lives on a globe ,go and get an education ,and as for feeding the tribes ,bullshit ,you throw them the scraps to justify what you are doing to their heritage ,bunch of wasters

          • Pam

            Hey Quinn tell that to all of the women and children who have been beaten and/or killed by their spouses or boyfriends when they return from war with PTSD! Read a book dude!

          • smackrightdown

            Specifically, more than 300,000 veterans who deployed in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars already battle PTSD and clinical depression, according to a Rand Corporation study conducted in 2008. In fact, the Department of Defense found that among Iraq veterans, as many as one in six Marines developed symptoms of major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder — despite the fact that almost 60 percent were unlikely to ever seek treatment for the disorder.



          • Shiprex

            No it’s not satisfying or it shouldn’t be. Killing is not what soldiers WANT to do that’s why there is so much mental illness with veterans and maladjustment because they went to places to do horrific things. Being grateful to survive is fine but any soldier who actively sets out to go and kill someone is a danger.

          • JGracen

            You could not be more wrong! Many Marines go through PTSD the same as other soldiers but many of them hide it out of fear of being seen as weak! Special interest groups have done a lot to help this, like the Wounded Warrior Project. Don’t judge what you don’t personally KNOW or understand!

          • Ryan Peluszak

            HOGS are “Hunters Of Gunmen”. The bullets they wear are the ones that could have killed them, they take pride knowing that they are alive even thought that single bullet they collected was nearly used against them.

        • Roy

          Never read such crap !! What weapons were the animals shooting back with ?

        • Angry

          Let’s be honest Quinn your a cowardly little cunt! I’d love to put you in a cage and see how you get on wrestling one! How do you think this forsaken world will look without such beautiful creatures!? Hope some gun crazed fuckers gets to hunt you one day with rusty arrows or a sworn off shot gun!

        • Jonathan De Felice

          So, since marines smile when killing people, does it make killing people or animals for fun right? Why this comparison?
          If you smile at a marine killing an Arab terrorist, you’re just a racist… stop making it look like it’s no big deal

        • Keep Africa Alive

          There is now way that anyone in their right mind can make this comparison. Have you spoken to marines? I don’t think you feel proud or any pleasure by taking another human beings life unless you are a sociopath no matter what the situation. That is how we feel about our wild life and the need to conserve it for our children. Why would you kill a beautiful already endangered of extinction animal like this and depriving our future generations of see this animal alive????

          • Quinn Ryder Smith

            Yes I have, I’ve got a buddy scheduled to come back from Afghanistan on his 4th tour in January, another friend of mine just left on deployment last week as well.

          • JG

            If your buddies talk this way, then it’s clear that they already need help…

        • chris

          you’re an idiot

        • jamoca

          A person can feel satisfaction and pride doing many things. Things that don’t involve causing pain and suffering to another living creature. If you find those feelings in hunting a defenseless creature down, destroying their families and stealing their lives, you have mental issues. You shouldn’t need to do those things to feel better about yourself.

        • Tim

          Quinn your comment about the animal providing food,
          clothing, tools, and safety is interesting, but obviously not totally grounded. Food is an okay reason, but there are many other better ways to raise meet than a rare animal from the wild. Clothing is a potential; however, most trophy hunters do not make coats from their kills but have them taxidermied, thus this point you make is also weak. As for tools—we aren’t living in the stone-age. In this day and age tools are predominantly crafted from polymer materials and metals. Although there are some tools crafted from bone, ivory, teeth, and
          leather, these are on the hole more art, not functional tools. Your final point about protecting farm animals from native Africans is valid; however, I have never heard of a carnivorous elephant or water buffalo. But even the lions do not pose as much of a threat as in the past. With the ride of the black market for rare animals many African’s have begun to illegally hunt them to sell for thousands on the black market in places such as china. These groups cannot afford the price of permits because outsiders, American trophy hunters, have jacked up the price by creating a higher demand for permits, so they are forced to poach. This demonstrates that by allowing more trophy hunters in, it not only undermines unstable animal populations, but actually furthers the illegal poaching movements, and doesn’t
          actually do much at all for the farmers, who have lived with lions for
          thousands of years.

        • Adam

          Surely your activities would be analogous to when when a terrorist takes a bullet from the clip of a marine they kill and wear it round their necks.

        • Hello?

          You clearly have never met a Marine who has killed a terrorist. Your comment is completely inaccurate and extremely offensive. You have NO idea what our military experiences when they are oversees “hunting” insurgents. That, sir, cannot be compared to this so-called huntress who brings candy and coloring books to Africa to give to UNPRIVILAGED (that is how she spelled it on her FB page) children of Africa. This girl does not need this attention. And you need to be a little more sensitive to our military.

        • Steph

          We r not taking about soldiers we r talking about the little girl killing big cats elephants ect have u ever seen a lion in the wild they don’t hide from u they don’t see u as a threat so they don’t run u know nothing

        • Jenna

          Quinn Ryder Smith, judging from the way you speak you are just as “sick” as this Kendall Jones character. Of course not many people (including my good self) will not understand you – simply because your way is sick!!! Do you actually believe it is “clever” to put down some person or animal with a “gun”? As you can see this Kendall was just a kid, and so this proves outright that “anyone” can use one. There is nothing “big” nor “clever” about it!!! So perhaps either you or Kendall would want to match me in a hand-to-hand combat and we’ll see who would win!!! People like you are just sick cowards!!!! And you are a fine example of why this world is in the state it is. I believe in “peace” and “respect” for all people, animals and the environment. But killing magnificent animals in this way, I don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror. What the HELL is wrong with you??!!!! I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if it was YOU looking down the barrel of a gun. And you wouldn’t like being preyed on, shot at, maimed or killed!!! Animals have “feelings” too. They should have a right NOT to be hunted down, shot at or killed. We all have a right to exist. But psycho’s like you – well!!!!

          • Kieran

            Great comment. Very apt and poignant. i wish everyone felt the same and protested against the needless killing and suffering caused to these beautiful animals who should be left alone and in peace

          • Kieran

            Great comment. Very apt and poignant. i wish everyone felt the same and protested against the needless killing and suffering caused to these beautiful animals who should be left alone and in peace

        • Pippa Robinson

          Your an idiot.

        • Sheila

          Killing a terrorist to protect your country isn’t even near to being the same as killing an innocent animal. Shame on you for even putting the two actions in the same category. Two TOTALLY different scenarios altogether. You should apologise to all who have served to protect their country.

        • readingdiva

          With all due respect Mr. Ryder Smith, I think you are an idiot. You have no idea what you are doing the world’s ecosystem. People like you, should have their human rights taken away so you can feel the same thing those animals felt when you took their right to live.

        • Death to you

          TAKE PRIDE !! Take your own life and take pride in the fact that you’ve helped save countless innocent lives you sick brain damaged pathetic, little dick creep who has no sense of reality but the video games you play in your moms basement.. Have another hot pocket looser.

        • Carlos Loff

          Able to take him down ??? A Human with a Gun against an animal with no gun – Able to take him down ??? Are you really STUPID or just playing Us for STUPIDS ??? Able to take him down, LOL – The day you leave your guns and knives and jump against a Lion and you are able to take him down, than maybe I can understand hunting for sports, lol

        • ingrid nielsen

          that reply made me sick… how can you compare someone who is risking their life to potentially save yours to… this?

        • Danirl

          So you are actually saying a lion is a threat for the western society and caused thousands of deaths

        • Solipsis

          I’m a Marine and I can tell you you’re full of crap. Marines don’t do that, and the majority of Marines, because of the relatively small conflicts of today, have never killed anyone. Besides, you and your faux war hero kids who lie to mommy about their misadventures have nothing to do with hunting white rhinos and lions.

        • JohnT

          “It’s a pride that you can’t understand and possibly never will.”

          Thankfully. It is not something I would ever want. To understand the so called pride of a psychopath overjoyed about killing another human being is something I can do without. I have a feeling you are one of those who believe that when you get to “Jesus” he will be smiling from ear to ear as you begin to share your stories about killing other human beings.

          Schmucks all of you.

        • JG

          It’s hardly stalking an animal through the brush when you’re shooting an animal that pretty much just lays around sleeping (Lion), or is bigger than a car, so where could it possibly hide (elephant). I have much respect for true hunters. My grandfather and uncle both have hunted for many decades, through the brush and trees, sometimes with guns, sometimes with bow & arrow. They hunt to eat, not to try to look sexy with a dead animal so they can get on TV. There is a vast difference between this girl and true huntsman, and your comparison of her to a Marine, is an offense. She does not put her life on the line, and if she did, it would certainly not be for anything other than her own personal glory.

        • jarno

          You are comparing an innocent animal with a terrorist,are you really that stupid?! my god…

        • Toto

          Get Kendell to come help you kill some terrorists,like you did in Iraq,etc
          then all you leave behind is famine & squalor yes it,s THE AMERICAN WAY.Wherever you Americans put you foot you cause caos &misery ,so you got rid of Saddam what did that prove look at Iraq today in ruins,what may I ask are you protecting your country from,you do( USA)so many enemies.

        • Daniel

          i bet they also smile when they kill an innocent child. “Future terrorist” of course.. 😉

        • Tara

          You say “take it down” as if she jumped on it and killed it with her bare hands. Doesn’t take much skill to hide in a bush and kill something without it being able to defend itself. Obviously not a fair fight. And don’t compare this bullshit to being in an army. You sound ignorant.

      • Ryan McQuary

        I am truly grateful to be able to enjoy such a great hunt while at the same time donating the meat to the local people and putting money into wildlife conservation.” <- read the article idiot…

        "Who would be smiling so much about killing?" I don't see anywhere it says she is smiling about killing but I see that she is smiling about feeding people who are incapable of feeding themselves….are you really that stupid and dense? Now I know how Osama got elected….you poor sick uneducated people 🙁 I feel sorry for you

        • JG

          If she were truly happy about feeding people, she could easily spend the $100,000 it costs for a big 5 safari hunt on food for the people… She’s nothing more than a consumer making excuses.

          • Ryan McQuary

            she did pay the 100,000 on food for people…now in that 100,000 she paid for it…she gets to enjoy the hunt…instead of buying processed and GMO’d to death food, she is giving them fresh meat….the kinds that we USED to be able to eat…and the remains that they cannot eat are sold for money that she puts into conservation of wildlife….which these animals are not included in…these animals are bred specifically for this and are counted as “animals in captivity” because they are tagged and kept on this land for the purpose of hunting…

            You my friend are nothing more than a guy who cannot research or read…

    • biggamepursuit

      You are foolish to think photography is more difficult than archery. ..

    • Sydney Anderson

      I actually graduated from high school in the same class as her, and I can tell you you’re right. She was just as horrible to classmates as she is to these animals.

      • Sydney Anderson

        I’m mildly annoyed that my phone thought I hit Disqus instead of Facebook. I’m sure I could be found anyway.

    • Ryan McQuary

      I am truly grateful to be able to enjoy such a great hunt while at the same time donating the meat to the local people and putting money into wildlife conservation.” <- you didn't read the article or why she enjoys it…

      You obviously don't believe in eating either….sorry you are an idiot…

      • JamesKelso

        In the last 50 years 95% of the lions have been killed. Many other species are under threat. As I said before when cameras are used the animals live to be shot another day. People that goon Photographic Safaris also contribute to wildlife conservation. No Ryan, I’m not the idiot. I do believe in eating, I even eat meat but I do feel the animals should be treated humanely

        • Ryan McQuary

          really now…interesting fact if you are not an idiot you would have looked up before claiming you weren’t…the animals in paid reserves like this are NOT counted in the numbers you see that they put out…you are looking at the number for wild animals…not the overall…the animals she is paying to kill are counted in the animals in captivity number since the ones on the reserve are tagged and kept on the reserve…

          Killing them for food…hmmm…I believe that the termites invading your house should be treated humanely…I think you should go to jail for killing them…after all…you kill insects for no apparent reasons….at least the animals this lady kills are for a good cause…

          Love how people claim to be intelligent yet they refuse to read what they idiotically comment on…

          • JamesKelso

            I have beautiful insects coming into my home often. If the cats don’t get them, I shoot them with a camera, catch them and then release them. Silly me I didn’t know that killing, penned in animals, was morally superior to killing them in the wild.

          • 1234516121 .

            If someone caused one of your closer relatives to suicide and you hence killed them, that would be killing for apparent reasons. Do it.

    • Ron Rogers

      You say this as you munch on cheeseburgers and hotdogs, you sir are the disgusting one, you are disgustingly Hippocratic

      • JamesKelso

        Yea because cows are on the endangered and threatened animal lists. Hippocratic lol Let me help you out here. The word you’re looking for is hypocritical. I’d love to engage in a battle of wits with you but you are unarmed.

        • Ron Rogers

          Actually you are quite dead on when it comes to my grammar, however you are arguing something now completely different then what you had previously stated. Your previous statement is quote “animals should only be shot with a camera” Meaning you are against Hunting animals, however you now state ” yeah because cows are on the endangered and threatened animal list” Which means you do not actually care about the killing of an animal you just care about the preservation of its species correct? Well sir these are two completely different subjects. If you would like to talk about how cattle are not endangered, well there is a reason for that. They are in abundance because we breed them to slaughter them, otherwise the cow population would have dwindled long ago, all these animals that you eat every day are horribly abused in factory settings and you have no problem with that. An animal that is raised to be slaughtered. However hunters get a bad rep for trying to provide there families with meat not obtained through these cruel ways. I will be the first to admit that this big game hunting twat looks like a bit of a psycho, but her big game hunting is not where my argument lies. It lies with people who talk poorly about hunters yet have no problem with supermarket meat. I get what your saying man but just think about it.

    • Omnivore

      Yeah! Don’t kill animals! Let the locals starve or be eaten! Only animals eat meat and people are… wait… I think we’re missing a few facts here.

      Ok… she hunts like a Marine, except Marine’s shoot people to keep us safe and she shoots animals to keep… people safe… wait… I think we’re missing a few facts here.

      • JamesKelso

        Actually what happens is, Marines shoot people and then their families get angry and look for revenge. That doesn’t sound very safe to me.

    • Nena Bloodworth

      Lol, so I guess you’re a vegetarian?

  • George

    Nice lion and taken with a bow no less. Good job and keep on Happy hunting 🙂

    • M

      I agree George, why are people making such a BIG HOO HA about hunting? At least it is controlled and it is right, not like poaching where so many animals are brutally killed. I love these pics of her, she is a good hunter and rightfully proud of it, she deserves a medal. I have often wondered why on earth culling???? Why not let the hunters all over the world know that there is an overpopulation of one of the species, then they can all come and do some good healthy hunting! :-)…

      • Tarryn Kelly Proos

        Wait a minute, there are endangered species that are in those photos. DEAD! There is actually proof of a decline in many animals in the wild since supporting hunting. Hunting is not a sport, in a sport both teams know that they are in the game. Why should these foreigners be allowed into our country and kill our beautiful animals just because they can! Screw that #FightingForAnimalsRIghts

      • Rui Pedro Silva


      • B

        New stats indicate that at the current rate of poaching there will be no elephant or rhino left in the wild within 10 years. So no, there is no over population. And if hunting is the great conservationist it claims to be, how come it cannot reverse these stats?

      • B

        I’d like to think where you think there is an over population of Rhino and Elephant? Surely better to relocate if that’s the case then?

      • Tigressbythetail

        Nothing right about killing an animal for vanity and if you can’t see how wrong it is then you are a very sick individual and we should start by culling you since there is an overpopulation of such as you and you are a waste of the earth’s resources.

      • Curtis Nyagaka

        Did you say overpopulation? Get your statistics right. If there’s overpopulation of any species, then we humans are! Then allow her display her mediocre art by hunting you down first. Oh she’s worth a gold medal!

    • We make a fuss because you don’t care about the wildlife and how they will survive this onslaught, you just care about your ego, which can never be helped by killing the big 5. And bow hunting canned Lions is no feat, we all know the cowardice that goes into those lion kills, and controlled, like the video show, 5 – 6 big men just peppering a hand reared lion full of holes and thinking they are great hunters. What a joke. If you go deer hunting and make biltong and eat the deer no problem. but hunting animals such as Elephants, Lions, Hippos, Rhino, Leopards and other cat species already fighting for survival, are you bluddy joking mate. I work in conservation, and the African so called conservation efforts are a bad joke.

  • trouzerjazz

    I hope an animal eats her one day, I hope her gun jams and the thing eats her slowly. A horrible human specimen. Ugly too, looks like a douch bags WAG.

    • roehlstation

      more than likely she isn’t even hunting. She’s guided into an area where these are just laying around doing nothing. I’m sure there is no actual hunting or actual danger here other than chipping a nail

      • Sheila

        You are so right. It’s called canned hunting. Basically killing somewhat tame animals. There are many ‘farmers’ in Africa (not all African countries) that breed/raise animals to sell for canned hunts.

    • BB

      It would also be great if before it eats her it could take a cool photo shoot holding her dead head up to the camera and smiling like a f#@king creep…so respectful of life.

      • Carla

        Wish there was a “LIKE” button for this comment! Well said!

        • Keep Africa Alive

          I couldn’t agree more!

    • animal defender

      You’re completely right!!! This talentless slag should get back from the animals what she’s doing to them. But as the chances aren’t very good for that I wish her to get throat cancer and dievery slowly!!!

    • Gillian O Sullivan


    • Potter

      You are right about what she is doing,it is disgusting and horrific but saying she should die in such a horrible way is only gonna do you damage no human being or animal deserves to be killed in such a way .

    • Me too and soon she has NO place on the globe to hide! SHE is going down Im sure

  • Nigel Miller

    A dumb blonde bimbo from Texas with a gun who has clearly never done a hard day’s work in her life. That says it all.

    • Diane Anderson

      yip, so right

      • Cameron Church

        I am not sure if you have hunted before. But I have been on a Lion hunt about 7 years ago in Limpopo Province SA, took almost all day tracking 1 lion down. I didn’t take the shot, but my good friend did. Hard work? Yea there is more to it and the weather sometimes isn’t much help. You don’t just run out pop it in the head and call it a day, its a skill and not one that you learn from a few trips out. So I would go as far as agreeing with “Done a hard days work in her life” because going out and and doing that is a hell of a lot of work.

        Now that Lion was a legal shot under SA law.

        So who is the real problem here? SA Law? or this girl who has done nothing wrong under law. Certain shows how people treat others… And you people walk on 2 legs like some sort of evolved species… I laugh, as all you do is throw your shit like a bunch of monkeys.

        • Sheila

          Yes, the entitled take advantage of a government and it’s many corrupt officials whose eyes widen at the sight of the money they can line their pockets with. The farmer and hunting lodge owner enjoy a piece of the pie too as does the Asian who buys animal parts and then sells his concoction made from the lion bones, rhino horn etc for profit. It’s selfish greed. The poor African does not profit from these ‘legal’, I use the word loosely, (often through bribery) permits. Evil is evil. Killing animals for pleasure is plain evil.

    • Jasper Kamphuis

      I don’t see what her hair colour has anything to do with it, Nigel.

    • mammat

      I know her personally and went to college with her dad. She’s a very humble, sweet, caring young lady. Just because her parents are successful and after she shoots them she is helping the local community by donating the meat and fur at least she’s not just putting them as trophies on her wall. At least she is trying to help the locals with giving back to them after her dad has paid for her to go there and help the locals when they may not have the resources to kill such a big animal. Ever think about how many innocent people have been killed by these animals when doing normal everyday chores like gathering water, etc. Don’t judge her because she is privileged, is trying to help and is beautiful.

      • Ny

        If she wants to help, why is she killing endangered species and saying “First dangerous 7 game down!!”.

        From what it looks like she just wants fun hunting of dangerous species. This isn’t meat farm. That ‘help’ you are saying is just a camouflage.

      • yerflap54

        Personally I think you are Bonkers. ‘Caring,Humble?’-look at the photo’s,she’s a Psychopath.

      • Nigel Miller

        She kills FOR FUN and that is in my opinion the action of a psychopath. So what if YOU think she is a decent person, so was Ted Bundy when he was young:


        The local community has been eating meat for thousands of years without her “help”. Do you seriously expect us to believe they are incapable of hunting for themselves ? Perhaps they were vegetarians before she came along ? If she is that determined to help them eat then she *could* buy them crop seed and livestock which will do a darn sight more long-term good then handing them a few pounds of meat from species that are hurtling towards possible extinction within our lifetimes. Whilst you’re at it, try reading this article and learn about all those “starving” people in South Africa:


        As for innocent people being killed, thousands if not millions are killed every year by crime, road traffic accidents and many other everyday activities. That’s life, get over it.

      • Sheila

        $10.000 to kill a lion but the community gets meat…….so that makes it right? Get your head out of your ass and look at the big picture.

      • 1234516121 .

        What about rhinos?
        There are other ways to protect the people from the animals, let along more of those animals are killed per year by people than people killed by them.
        It/she could have helped by only killing non-endangered species.

  • Justine Randall

    I’ll never understand how anyone would want to kill “One of the prettiest animals in all of the land!” Actually, she’s quite pretty, maybe we should shoot her.

    • Lee

      yes I dont understand why no one has shot her and stuffed her on a mantle piece

      • Kevin

        She’s too ugly

  • More Valuable Alive Than Dead

    That’s a pretty big pussy cat between her legs! What’s another word that rhymes with hunt…?…hmmm – this woman and her kind are the modern day equivalent of the self-indulgence lords and ladies of ages past. Wake up and realize that you’re killing a treasure that can be a far more valuable resource alive than dead between your legs…

  • Rui Pedro Silva


  • Gareth Roberts

    I would really love to know how much money goes back into true conservation and communities? I neither support nor condone hunting. If its truly ethical hunting and the majority of the money goes back into conservation and the animal is post or pre reproductive then yes. The areas “under conservation” today are largely hunting areas and so there is an element of need and there is a market. Sadly brilliant hunting initiatives like the Campfire Project fell flat as greed and corruption within the community reached terrible levels, but the project worked for the most part and was sustainable and gave the wildlife a greater value alive rather than being poached. In many areas of Africa wildlife areas are being destroyed through poaching, not trophy hunting and in the hunting concessions the only anti poaching taking place is from the hunters themselves. So where is the missing link. How do we get the value of the animal alive to be greater than the value of it dead? Bunny huger or hunter this is the real question. How do we get the communities to protect the living resource while getting benefit from it? Is the management of the hunting at enforcement level adequate or do you call it a fair kill if you shoot it from a vehicle? These are some of the questions that need to be answered. There is no right or wrong here. Should there be an age limit to hunting. and ask the question in this case how far did Kendall carry the rifle at age 14 or did some one else do it. Did she have a rifle stand or did she hold it by herself? These are the questions we should be asking. Ethical hunting is possible and if I hunted it would be the only way I would hunt. I have been on hunts and I have my views, but personally I prefer hunting with a camera to get the shot and let the animal live for another day. I do condemn hunters that say they hunt and yet shoot the animal from a vehicle or walk 20m away from the vehicle to get the shot or use bait. That is not hunting, that is culling, and there is a big difference.

    • Diane Anderson

      well said Gareth, agree with all your points

    • Hunting of Lions in a canned method, and using baiting is what I have a major problem with, because its cowardice and just for people who have ego issues. If you are not enough of a man or woman without the trophy of a Lion, Rhino or even Elephant, then you will and never will be enough of a man or woman in future, no matter how many animals these people kill. They ego driven, and don’t really do it for conservation, because the money is never used for those purposes, as proven in the Namibia Rhino hunt. The Namibian government pocketed the money, and the conservation area go nothing of it. Greed, corruption and our egos are going to destroy the eco-system of Africa and we keep making excuses for these people. Lions won’t eat people or cattle if we don’t move into there territory. But it an excuse to kill and thus it will continue and the hunting fraternity will keep justifying why they kill animals on the cities list. Its not because they have to, it because they can and they can bribe there way across Africa to do so. That is not conservation, that is just stupid. The EU and States in the USA are now putting a ban on the import of animal trophies on the cities list, which is a start. Other states and countries will follow suit as international pressure mounts to stop the hunting of Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Leopards, and even some Cheetah. The battle for the survival for African wildlife will be fought on foreign soil.

  • Tarryn Kelly Proos

    Shoh tough one hey, standing from a distance and killing a beautiful animal that doesn’t see it coming, wow! How do you look at yourself in the morning knowing you are the last person to see these majestic animals alive! NO you are not helping conservation by killing endangered species

  • Alfie Caplen

    One can only be horrified at the twisted logic behind the pretty face.
    God help us all, that this behavior is still a “sport” for some

  • LJM

    I’m so tired of hunters claiming they are conservationist or feeding the hungry….really who eats any of these animals? True subsistence hunting for food never ends in trophy.

    • Nigel Miller

      Agreed, and it also implies the indigenous population cannot hunt for themselves, which they have obviously been doing for hundreds of years. It is in effect an extension of colonialism and the white man imposing his will on the black man.

      White hunter to African: “Hi, you don’t know me but I’m a foreigner and I’ve just killed some of your wildlife. By the way, here’s some meat. That was OK with you, wasn’t it ?”

      • JG

        only they don’t say “That was OK with you, wasn’t if?” Its more of a, “Look what a huge favor I did you! It’s because I’m a wealthy white person who killed this for you, that you get to eat today. Aren’t I magnanimous?”

    • Chloe

      People can, and do, eat these animals, but many of them are endangered and should not be hunted to feed the hungry when there are plenty of farmed cattle etc. who are far from being endangered. She’s just so out of touch with the real world and using any excuse to justify her horrific ‘sport’.

  • Suhail Khan

    If at all one has an uncontrollable urge to shoot these beautiful animals, He or She can do this with a lens attached to a nice camera. it requires more courage to be in closer proximity of the animals while clicking your shots. The pics thus obtained can be cherished for a long long time. Shooting with a gun and killing these animals, who do have a right to share this planet is utterly disgusting. The one who is on a killing spree with a gun and deriving pleasure out of it, is not only coward but falls to a level that can not be categorized as a decent human being.

  • alling

    This girl is mentally ill

  • samburu

    you posted this because?????? what were you thinking.

  • merima

    One day when you kill all the animals have already whether to start catching people

  • Chris Mac

    Can’t stand people like her, who think it’s something to be proud of killing a wild animal from distance with a high powered weapon. I’d have more respect for her and her like if they had the courage to take on a lion with their bare hands. Something not right in her head!

  • Deanna Jolly

    What kind of parents produced something like that. She has blood on her hand. Now she is young and does not fear death, but she will face it like the animals she has picked out and killed. Shows how stupid she is. Animals on the verge of extinction, and she is skipping along with her high powered gun killing with glee. She should disappear from the human race along with her the rest of her gang. A useless nitwit.

  • Rosie St Lam

    I look at her and think, what a complete waste of space she is, and that if there really is a heaven or hell, that she burns eternally !

  • merima

    One day when you kill all the animals have already to start catching people

  • Johan Du Preez

    Nothing to be proud of and all just for MONEY and FAME. Idiotic woman. Nothing to kill an animal with a gun or sit in a hide or on a vehicle and shoot a canned lion. I have no respect for that woman! If you have to kill an animal kill it because you can eat it so its death serves purpose.

  • Hettie Roche

    “Melissa Bachman/Kendall Jones and the rape of Africa.

    Melissa Bachman/Kendal Jones is a symbol of everything that is wrong in South African conservation.

    Let’s forget the cruelty for a moment. Let’s also forget that the killer is a celebrity TV presenter. Let’s just focus on the consequences of her kill, and particularly on these two questions:

    How does killing lions save them?

    How does captive breeding of lions contribute to conservation?

    Money! say the hunters, the lion farmers, the taxidermists, and the gun manufacturers.

    Money! Money! Money! says the S.A. Government. It is Big money – but it does not go to real conservation, which is the preservation of natural functioning ecosystems. It goes in to more and more hunting farms.

    So Melissa Bachman/Kendall Jones proves that conservation has been monetised. Like the shadow banking system that nearly brought the world’s financial system crashing down in 2008, wildlife has become securitised: sliced, diced and turned into AAA tranches for Asian Crime Syndicates.

    We now have a shadow conservation system. In this new system, Africa is not a lady to be treated with love and respect. Africa has been turned into a whore who has to be raped.”

  • Colin Smith

    This cretin has got to be stopped. She should be an an asylum. Don’t let her anywhere near a high school!

  • be

    Someone putting a bullet through her thick head can’t come soon enough. Typical trigger-happy American. Doubt she’ll stop if it’s her own kid at the end of a sniper rifle.

  • Kevin

    God commanded us to look after the earth and all living things by giving us command over them. Yes, He gave us all the plants and animals as food. AS FOOD !!
    Killing wildlife for sport is arrogance, conceited, vanity and plain wickedness.

    Genesis 1:26-30
    Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.
    And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds
    of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over
    every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” So God created man in
    his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he
    created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful
    and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the
    fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living
    thing that moves on the earth.” And God said, “Behold, I have given you
    every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and
    every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food. And to
    every beast of the earth and to every bird of the heavens and to
    everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of
    life, I have given every green plant for food.” And it was so.

    • Haloo

      Genesis 10:9

      New King James Version (NKJV)

      9 He was a mighty hunter before the Lord; therefore it is said, “Like Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord.” ??? Please don’t quote the bible out of context !! Hallo!!

      • Vegan Gal

        I don’t really give a crap what the bible says. -Men wrote the bible. Not gods. -The animals evolved -and along with them human animals -all 6000 years ago too. -God or no god,bible or no bible this gormless grinning cheerleader for blood ‘sports’ is clearly totally lacking in empathy for other living beings. She’s clearly highly sociopathic and narcissistic, probably personality disordered I would say…

      • Nigel Miller

        Really ? Try Leviticus 11:

        “And the LORD spake unto Moses and to Aaron, saying unto them…whatsoever goeth upon his paws, among all manner of beasts that go on all four, those are unclean unto you: whoso toucheth their carcass shall be unclean until the even. And he that beareth the carcass of them shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the even: they are unclean unto you.”

        Lions have paws and go on all fours, check ? Well your “God” told you not to touch them, straight up. Maybe you didn’t read any further than Genesis ?

    • danceswithwoofs

      Actually,that verse implies that we should only eat vegetables,and that animals should eat them as well. It says “And TO everything that has the breath of life,I have given every green plant for food.” But then Adam and Eve came along and Eve ruined everything.

  • Diane Begin

    This is what turns beautiful children into heartless beasts (and that’s all I see when I look at her photo)….teach them to hunt and kill beautiful animals needlessly. Hope her parents are proud of what they created.

  • Emile Du Toit

    A particularly destructive case of teenage ‘look at me, look at me!’…

  • Diane Outhier Coberley

    Kendall. you are nothing but a KILLER. You kill just to brag about it, not to survive.
    It is just beyond me and thousands of others how someone can KILL for fun ! You are a low life !

  • Marsha Freburger-Gumpf

    This human is a disgrace to all of humanity! This is true sport, not hunger! Please arm the animals and see how long she lasts!!

    • fckkendaljones

      there is a difference between human and humanity. Kendall Jones has no humanity, but she is human – which keeps her safe. My goldfish has more humanity than she does.

  • lizette maas

    stupid girl…this is a lack of education and compassion..:(

  • Hettie Roche

    The same applies to you Kandell…Melissa Bachman and the rape of Africa.
    Melissa Bachman is a symbol of everything that is wrong in South African conservation.

    Let’s forget the cruelty for a moment. Let’s also forget that the killer is a celebrity TV presenter. Let’s just focus on the consequences of her kill, and particularly on these two questions:

    How does killing lions save them?

    How does captive breeding of lions contribute to conservation?

    Money! say the hunters, the lion farmers, the taxidermists, and the gun manufacturers.

    Money! Money! Money! says the S.A. Government. It is Big money – but it does not go to real conservation, which is the preservation of natural functioning ecosystems. It goes in to more and more hunting farms.

    So Melissa Bachman proves that conservation has been monetised. Like the shadow banking system that nearly brought the world’s financial system crashing down in 2008, wildlife has become securitised: sliced, diced and turned into AAA tranches for Asian Crime Syndicates.

    We now have a shadow conservation system. In this new system, Africa is not a lady to be treated with love and respect. Africa has been turned into a whore who has to be raped.

    Anyone who speaks out against the rape of African wildlife is labelled a racist, a radical, an extremist – even a terrorist.

    Those who participate in the gang rape are labelled responsible, conservationists.

    It gets worse.

    Now there are degrees of rape, which are called sustainable use. Rapists are not supposed to gang rape Mother Africa to death. She must be left alive so that they can come back and gang rape her again next year.

    Now we can place Melissa Bachman in a conservation context:

    1. She kills a captive bred, tame lion. A cruel and pointless act that contributes nothing to lion preservation.

    2. She pays large sums of money to enrich lion farmers, whose breeding activities have nothing at all with conservation.

    3. On the contrary some lion farmers even procure poachers in Botswana to kill wild lions and capture cubs for use in their captive breeding farms.

    4. The aggressive lobbying by the hunting industry is a distraction, moving the debate away from the real issues facing lion conservation. i.e loss of habitat and encroachment by rapidly expanding human populations.

    5. The bones of the lion she shot will be sold to Asian wildlife traffickers, creating yet another threat to lion survival – a booming lion bone trade – and therefore increased wild lion poaching in Africa.

    In short Melissa Bachman is directly contributing to the extinction of wild lion populations in Africa.

  • Diane Anderson

    She derives pleasure from killing these magnificent animals, I cannot get my brain around this. What kind of human species is this to take the lives of these animals and be proud. KARMA prevails, it always does, and she WILL GET HER DUE.

  • Justice

    I would like to shoot an arrow in her head and make the same kind of picture with my boot in her face

  • Tigressbythetail

    Pretty on the outside but very ugly on the inside.

    • Vegan Gal


  • Brenda Kahl

    Heartbreaking! Totally heartbreaking! Yes beautiful majestic animals WHEN THEY ARE ALIVE! True hunters will have respect for nature, feel sadness and compassion and certainly treat the carcasses like she wasn’t given enough stuffed toys as a child. This doesn’t demonstrate whether she’s a good shot or not, they animals are confined and put in a situation of trust as they have become use to visitors. The firing range has better evidence of how accurate a shot is. There isn’t much of a difference between these rich tourist hunters and poachers. Poachers are usually very poor people working for rich traders in dangerous and wild situation. These tourist hunters have a hunt delivered on a plate for fun, with too much money to know what to do with.

  • Extremely pissed off

    You stupid cunt. First of all, fuck you for thinking that you are blessed to be able to do this. One day, when I see you fight a lion with your bare hands, maybe I might give a shit. Second of all, how dare you think that you are doing good by donating money to wildlife conservation, when you’re the biggest part of the problem. It doesn’t make you a good person, and what you’re doing is wrong. I hope you get eaten by a lion.

  • Hannah

    She should be locked up , because she is a violent person and a shyco ..

  • Karen Steenekamp

    This young girl is obviously starving for attention. Her approach is working. She is proud of her killings… keep promoting her and she will continue to feed the media more photos of her idea of self-worth. Which is worthless and ugly.

  • President Camacho

    another dbag with a superiority complex…

    ironically they love these animals so much, they are forced to shoot them…

  • Farmor

    Are you kidding me?! Send in the anti poaching rangers. This gal should be shot!

  • prplstar

    what a stupid bitch. lets hunt her stupid dumbass down.

  • ranger

    Fucking twat…..

  • Khalia

    I wanna give a couple of slaps to her… and then shoot her. If I ever get angry, then it’s right now.

  • David Knott

    Just proves that not all arseholes have exterior plumbing.

  • ericka

    may these so called humans die as painfully as they have so far lived, and none too soon.

  • ericka

    what a fucking cunt

  • donna

    absolutely revolting human being – as my mum would have said fur coat and no knickers!

  • Shane Penning

    I for one am disgusted with this article absolute ignorance in the highest degree. Can someone open her eyes to the facts of life, how our ecosystem is being destroyed for the exact behaviour she is portraying, in order to achieve a twisted sense of self gratification and celebrity status. Appalling!!!!!

  • Sonia

    She want’s her own show, and she will probably get it because that’s the American culture.. ignorance, greed and power Sometimes you cant blame the individual but rather the family she was brought up in, and the society that condones if not praises this type of behavior.

  • Haivy

    When we fight for Wildlife Conservation, it’s very hard to see that…. I am so sad for my planete, for all this wonderful nature destroyed by people like that… She is nuts….

  • Ambi Victoria

    There they go killing anything sacred in Africa again, leave the continent, it’s wildlife, life in general alone.

    • Agree, I want to one day come home and start a eco resort based on the principles of protecting these animals against those who should be hounded out of Africa. Can’t stand greedy corrupt politicians and bluddy breeders who think they own the wildlife.

    • Sheila

      Unfortunately, it is not just Africa and its wildlife that pay the price of these greedy and corrupt individuals. There are many countries that are losing their wildlife and ecosystems so that self-righteous, immoral, self-indulgent people with no regard for anything but their own wants can ‘get a thrill’ or fill their pockets with more money than any one person needs. I’d love to see them, trophy hunters, tell their grandchildren why they will never get to see these majestic creatures that once roamed the earth. Will they show their pictures, smiling with the dead animals, to them? I bet the cowards will not.

      • JG

        They’d still just gloat about it… “look here sonny, that there stuffed Lion in the living room was the last Lion on earth, so I decided I had to have it. I outbid ever last sumbitch for that opportunity! Sure was worth every penny!”

        • Sheila

          You are probably right, JG. I don’t believe trophy hunters have much in the form of morals. They feel entitled because they have money….and money talks louder than any moral or ethical code. They will continue to do what they want for as long as they are able and it doesn’t matter if it is wrong or right.

      • Ambi Victoria

        I know it’s not just Africa- unfortunately, but I was only speaking for Africa at that moment as my intent.

        • Sheila

          You are so right. Thank goodness that not all African countries allow hunting. Especially canned hunting…….. like many of these hunts probably were. They lose enough of their animals to poaching that it would only make sense to ban all hunting, especially of at-risk and endangered animals, in all African countries.

  • Morkel Erasmus

    Where was that white lion killed? The only way you can “hunt” a white lion is if it was bred in captivity for canned hunting. The only viable wild white lion population in Southern Africa is in the protected Timbavati Game Reserve. Misrepresentation much? Hunting the “Big 5” is a relic of a bygone era that needs to be buried alive. The dwindling population of leopards, lions, rhinos and elephants cannot sustainably endure the onslaught of an industry that has as its core goal the “harvesting” of prime male specimens that are needed to bolster said dwindling gene pools.

    • fckkendalljones

      bang! exactly. Kendall Jones and all hunters are sick people who are proven to be less socially evolved than those who recognize the rights of other living things. She should not be allowed near animals – would she shoot a puppy if it was cute? She obviously has no value toward the lives of other beings and as such should not be allowed near them

  • Ambi Victoria
  • Ambi Victoria
  • Marita

    Her head is probably absolutely empty, no talent or empathy just “good looks” and that styled big smile that is desired among TV-channels. She is not only a disgrace to all people who love wildlife but also a disgrace to all talented young women who actually could do good and have both the looks and the talent.

  • Andres

    The day of judgement will inevitably come after her and her entire family. All her most beloved ones will perish under gun fire. Only then, her small brain will realize she actually had a heart. She will experience the unbearable pain of death and the true value of life.

  • Sheila

    Why would Africa Geographic even print, let alone promote, trophy hunting? I’m not even sure I want to read any of their articles any more. Disgusting. This lion she killed is 100% from a canned hunt which means the lion was probably part of a ‘petting zoo’ until it got too big to handle. Then it was put into a tiny cage and fed by humans until it got to ‘trophy status’. Once it reached trophy status it was let loose in a fenced in area where it, a practically tame lion, was ‘hunted’ and shot. How brave is she? What a joke. Shame on you, Africa Geographic, for promoting this piece of trash.

    • fckkendalljones

      absolutely. stop promoting this awful person its what she wants. She is now killing not only for the BS she details, but for attention. The more she is given, the more she will kill.

    • Simon Espley

      Hi Sheila, this is how AG keeps you and other caring people updated about atrocities like this. Would you prefer not to know while the same stuff goes on in any case? Keep the passion.

      • Sheila

        Social media does a very good job of keeping us updated. I don’t think Africa Geographic needs to promote this crap. This isn’t why I read the articles. I will probably continue to follow AG (for the good articles) but I will also voice my opinion on how disgusted I am with their promotion of this disgusting woman. I do agree, however, that people need to know about these atrocious acts and the so-called humans that commit them. The world has evolved and this is no longer acceptable, especially when dealing with endangered species with so many more on the heels of becoming extinct. Maybe AG should have treated the article as more of a learning tool and not left it to the reader to educate. Fortunately, this type of trophy hunting is becoming less acceptable, except in the eyes of the privileged, self-indulgent, self-righteous, soulless trophy hunter. Life doesn’t mean anything to them unless they’re watching it drain from the eyes of their victims. We, humans, are the worst animals on this planet and we will also be the cause of its demise. Only take what you need!!!

    • SICK SICK WOMAN!!! I would love to shoot HER!!

  • Alice

    What is brave about killing animals? I walked around the bush, unarmed except my camera. Was I brave? No just careful. People like George Adamson and Dian Fossey were brave.

  • Nomaddc1

    What a useless twat

  • Itamar Vieira

    She is the beast, not the beauty !

  • Alison Yessick

    That little girl has “Daddy issues.” Daddy wanted a boy and got stuck with her. So now she’s trying to show daddy that she has balls. What sane woman wants to be as cold and heartless like a sociopathic man? The animals she slaughtered are beautiful. That little girl is rotten. All human primates that kill for the fun of it are psychopaths.

    • That’s ignorant

      Wow, misogynist much? Just because she is a woman doesn’t mean that she can’t like hunting!

      • desee

        Any sane human being can’t like hunting! Man or woman – they’re psychopaths!

  • Annoymous

    Whilst I don’t condone this behaviour at all, I’m bewildered that people are bewildered that a pretty girl could be capable of evil. Ugly men commit this savage behaviour every day of the year without attracting hysteria. I’m bewildered still more that some people think that squawking that this young woman is ugly is going to change anything – her behaviour, poaching, canned hunting, corrupt governmental policies which allow all of the above… any of it.

  • Martin Williams

    sponsored by this “safari” lodge”?

  • VideoboyMatt

    Contact Direct TV, Time Warner and The Sportsman Channel with your digust. I have been posting this information everywhere.




  • Barbara Murphy

    Why hasn’t she been charged with poaching endangered animals???

  • VA_Mom

    She can put all the money she wants towards conservation without killing all those animals. She brings new meaning to “murdering sociopath”.

  • Donna Mae Lober

    What lowdown scum, wouldn’t even want to know them, they are EVIL

  • annalaz

    this girl is monstruous, makes me want to puke…she will regret all these muderings one day. ” giving money to conservation..” what a hypocrysy, you have no clue what conservation is..go and study girl!

  • Corinne

    Looks like an inbred lion, bred to be killed. Did it come for a back scratch and get the life blown out of it?

  • Trey

    What a terrible excuse for a human. Standing proudly next to a once beautiful life you took in the name of “sport”. One of these days the energy you have spread will come back as a lion eating you. Hopefully there will be a photo of the Lion standing proudly next to his justified kill.

  • Andros_m

    Pretty???? Bah..She’s an ugly looking American with a fake tan and bleeched teeth.. fyi – killing a captive bred Lion is pathetic, why not go shoot something at your local zoo?

  • Gina M

    I’d like 2 minutes with her, and a door jamb.

  • Dianne Kirkpatrick

    Sick Bitch….

  • Billy The Kid

    what a cunt

  • Katharina Berner

    live and let live. karma is going to turn back at her.

  • Krystal

    This is disgusting. Is there anything people won’t stoop to just for a few minuets in the spotlight? Killing is killing. Regardless of man or animal she is still a murderer.

  • hakoray

    Sei una grande troia succia cazzi…

  • Tish Grant

    Professional Hunting in Africa DOES do great work for Conservation.. Lets not forget that. What I dislike are photographs like these on FB… in todays world, it is something that should not be bragged about in this way. Shame on her.

  • dslrcreations

    about time someone hunted her down and shot her.. society would be far better off

  • Jess

    Is everyone on here a vegan or vegetarian? They do far worst things to feed humans off animals. But no one looks at those pictures, they just drive to their food market to pick their meat up. I didn’t “kill” this helpless animal so I’m sure its ok.

    • dhartm2

      Normal well adjusted people may like eating meat, but they don’t like butchering the animals. Getting enjoyment out of killing animals is the kind of things sociopaths do.

  • Blake

    Ok for all the misinformed posting here – game hunting brings in a large amount of revenue to various African countries. The only reason these animals aren’t
    wiped out is because people pay to come shoot them. Otherwise the government
    wouldn’t bother to manage them, they’d just wipe them out. Also last year it was released that lions are not endangered, but corrupt animal rights groups have spread a vast amount of misinformation for their own funding.

    Many of you should be ashamed. You are all hypocrites so check your opinions versus the facts.

    I’d venture to guess that while many of you are for the protection of these big game animals and you’re probably pro choice as well.

    • dhartm2

      “I’d venture to guess that while many of you are for the protection of
      these big game animals and you’re probably pro choice as well.”

      What a quote! You managed to completely butcher the English language, while at the same time making a sweeping generalization you could never hope to verify. Good form!

  • Dee

    Right, let’s go kill a bunch on endangered animals and then brag about it. I hope the next lion she goes after eats this disguisting excuse of a human being

  • africaroy

    Roy Norman. I doubt normal people will ever understand the behaviour of mentally deficient people such as Kendall Jones. One can only assume she was an abused child who is now releasing her rage on animals. It is also a sign of vying for attention to make up for lack of a brain and so has to resort to cruel and inhumane behaviour to do so. Hopefully the mortality of such people will be short and painful.

  • pietro priori

    hope you die bitch, hope your gun explodes while you’re shooting and your face blows. fucking whore

  • CC

    This creep and creeps like her are ill. PATHOLOGICAL. Ask each of these losers, “What if the tables were turned and they were the hunted?” I’d love to hear a rational answer. There is no justification for such cruelty!

  • ali

    stupid bitch

  • mamabear

    pathetic, killing is so easy, anyone can kill. To sustain a life, whether animal or human, so that it is safe, healthy and happy, so that it can contribute to society and it’s family, well now you are talking hard work, commitment and dedication. If she does not change she of all humans is lesser than the less. Have her Work with those who have none and only than can she appreciate the beauty she is killing.

  • jmvanaken

    Obviously a little girl having a great need for attention. Takes no balls to kill these animals unnecessarily for the “sport” of it. Just another coward hiding behind a gun, “hunting”!?! Totally unnecessary in this day and age. Get over your boredom another way Kendall Jackson. Grow up little girl.

  • Zeina el Jorr

    This is the face that will, from now on, represent the word PSYCHO. She has been immortalized as the very incarnation of shit, scum, and the lowest of all beings.

  • Juliette

    Connasse (le seul mot qui me vient)

  • z

    I hope that one day her bow gets stuck and she’s eaten by what was supposed to be her prey… alive

    • Sheila

      Wishful thinking. I doubt she ever goes into the bush without back-up…..holding guns. Don’t forget, we’re dealing with a coward here.

  • MS

    She needs some urgent psychiatric help and her family too…My son once saw a chicken being slaughtered and stopped eating chicken.

  • gwen

    she is a total loser. it makes me sick to see the animals like that. What a whore

  • elisabete

    she looks like a pornographic actress,my boyfriend showed me the message sent to her were pictures of dead people, she got sick, and I was proud for him to discover that she is a coward

  • TCP1960

    How can someone think killing other animals is something to be proud of?

  • Guest

    Ugliest little girl I ever saw smile.

  • greg

    Really great job parents! You have so much to be proud of….a daughter that can kill animals. What a valuable skill in todays society! A real loser and she wont regret all this until its too late.

  • Groot

    Why doesn’t someone hunt her instead and then they can smile for the camera with her dead corpse.

  • LILY


  • 2reality_chek2

    Pretty is as pretty does, which makes her damned ugly.

  • Tanja

    “Lallalallalaaa~ look how dead these animal are! Isn’t that great!?”

  • brad

    people like her make this a sick work to live 🙁

  • Just Jen

    If I met her I’d knock her f#*ing teeth out. She’s not a woman she’s a monster.

  • Miriam

    Immature people is what they are, God’s creation is beautiful, take care of it!!

  • Alexandra Muresan

    u are the dangerous one ! u should shoot u re self in the head ! But first…u shoot the n°1 dangerous : U RE DADDY

  • Alexandra Muresan

    Pretty much sure as well that ppl there …dont need u’re “help”

  • Steve

    Good for her !

    I have taught my daughters to hunt at an early age. Pretty innate human behavior, we are predators after all.

    Seems odd folks are so profoundly disturbed by this.

    • martinsnapp

      What a wonderful father you are – NOT.

  • Alexandra Muresan

    24 hour/7 i try 2 save animals life and this stupid and arrogant kid&dad fucking shoots them??? with what right??? Scandalous !!!!

  • Billy Joe Willy

    “hurr durr i can shoot an endangered animal from football fields away.”
    fucking retard, why would you shoot elephants and rhinos? Poachers get to them enough, stick to deer or any other animals that aren’t endangered.

  • Grace DeValinger

    One can only hope that at sometime in the future, one of the animals will get her before she gets it. I pray the last thing she sees and feels is an elephant stomping the life out of her!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    If your not going to eat it, LEAVE IT THE F ALONE!!!. This makes me sick, I’d like to take a cross bow to her.

  • Sherri H

    Can’t someone take away her passport? She should be banned from the entire continent of Africa …. What a sick, twisted girl. She disgusts me more than I can even politely say.

  • Brianna Nicole Rogers

    Disgusting. What an ugly human being.

  • cokvance

    What a bunch of knuckleheads on these comments, I guess these boneheads don’t realize that by making these surplus animals available for harvest they increase their value to the country they reside, fund anti-poaching and habitat restoration, and increase the value of these animals to the locals who ultimately will determine if they survive. I’d much rather see a few surplus animals cropped than not see any at all…

    • martinsnapp

      There are no surplus lions. Nice try, though.

      • cokvance

        Give me your source @martin, the folks that I’ve talked to that have been there cite the local game authorities, who stated there are older non-breeding lions that have become a problem that can be cropped…

        • Simon Espley

          There are about 20,000 wild lions left. Used to be millions. Surplus?

  • suzanne girard

    Someday someone is gonna get you , Bicht!!!!!

  • MrsKim Lieberman

    600 new likes??!! No way! What can you get with that.. new car??? tuition paid to a univeristy?? no? none of those?? Well what do likes on your facebook mean then? nothing really in the real world?? Oh ok… glad we cleared that up. Hopefully you’re infertile so later on you wont regret ruining the world for our future!

  • guest

    She is a nasty person. Nothing good looking about someone with such a cold heart. I feel sorry for anyone who feels that this is right.

  • lindalogan

    Words fail me…………why write an article on this despicable, disgusting ,psychopathic, cretinous piece of shit ?

  • Kirsty

    Guns in the hands of morons. Oh what a wonderful world we are leaving our kids. I’d like to decapitate her and put her head on my wall and let the relatives of all the murdered animals come pay their respects. Dumb b****

  • Kelly Tillman

    I Officially Hate this Chick…What a Loser !!!! If she were hunting to sustain life different story. She’s obviously well off to be able to keep returning to Kill All these Majestic Animals!! She Should Put that Money to Good Use, instead of Ending Lives….

  • Miki

    She’s Ugly as a Son of a Bitch!!

  • Lucky Law

    Hands off to your parents, very nice way they grow you up, with more like you on this earth it would have no animals. Great job Parents such an idiot

  • John

    if i had a gun, i would shoot her and then feed her corpse to some hungry lions and hyenas. Its the best i could do to give back to the community that she destroyed

  • Kaz

    Shes a cow. A murdrer, lowest of the low. May she rot in hell !,,, bitch !

  • Bjs

    She is a mean and terrible person for doing this she says she’s helping people but she’s really just killing animals and some of these animals might be the last type is species if animal

    • Bjs

      Of animal

  • ellis G

    cool. you kill “wild” animals that are in enclosed hunting grounds. Good for her! I bet she feels so tough.

  • Sarah

    Anyone who actually knows this cunt should shoot her in the stomach and let her bleed out like she does to these animals…. Or put her in a cage gunless with a lion and see who kills who in a fair match. Smdh

  • Brenda

    Another human cancer spreading her disease…I hope she is terminal

  • Mary Faith

    I will personally inundate any network that gives her a show with a barrage of emails and letters………….

  • cvp

    someone hunt this little cunt, please?

  • kctv


  • britney

    Ignorant as hell!!! Shit makes me sick to my stomach! Have fun rotting in hell you disgusting bitch

  • neonblade

    Feel sorry for her. Parents must have been total douche-bags, and she’s too dumb to get a job at “Hooters”

  • Art

    Hunted since young. Fugly since young.

  • Naturelover69

    Please look for a good psychologist girl, because you are sick and disgusting. And take with you your parents who are not able to give your life a better direction.

  • Kevin

    She is sick sad and stupid but doesn’t know it!

  • Jenny

    She obviously gets a sick thrill from killing. Only psychopaths show this much glee from death. Like all trophy hunters, they try to excuse their behaviour by saying it’s “for conservation” & “to feed local people” that’s all a load of bullshit. The only reason they do this, is because they ENJOY IT!

  • johan

    she has another facebook profile i think https://www.facebook.com/kendall.jones.146069

  • Louise Harvey

    shallow bitch of a child

  • BigIslandDave

    A very sick and sociopathic young murderer. What a shame.


    I am so disgusted, please can someone tell me how in this day and age this is allowed,those beautifull animals deserve to live, she has a massive ego problem,,can I shoot her and skin her for sport, bit like paintball roulette,,she wont know whats coming,,just as they don’t, ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC,,STOP IT NOW.

  • Kristina Hart

    She’s a disgrace. Her excuse is a load of rubbish, it’s not scientific in the slightest. True conservationists wouldn’t be hunting at all. Posing with your kill is just sinister.

  • bbbb

    uncivilized, savage humans, they still exist :/ way to go humanity

  • Tanya Muller

    As they say, beauty is only skin deep….. No use for a pretty face, when you have no heart!

  • Albert Schepis

    Vile. May she burn in hell.

  • Raphi Nouille

    This girl is really human?

  • Merinda Antcliff

    I will never understand the appalling mentality of people who will stand smiling and proud over the dead body of an animal that should be allowed to live wild & free as nature intended….. The world would be a much better place without people like Kendall Jones!!!!!!!!!! Your soul must be a mighty black place missy! I hope karma will knock on your door one day soon 🙂

  • Frank.The.Tank

    Hopefully she will meet hers, sooner rather than later…..karma can be a bitch.

  • Mark Barton

    A vile and selfish loathsome human being. No doubt she would have enjoyed the Holocaust. To have the arrogance of posing insipidly next to a creature that has far more worth to life than her is disgusting. Lets hope this Jones thing stops what she is doing. I trust that the media producers will not touch her with a barge pole if they are to keep their viewers. I certainly would not want to watch any of her murderous ‘adventures’, and to think her parents let her do this????

  • RealHunter

    I dare her to get her sorry a** to Greenland, where the Innuits hunt for food, only 2 months per year with permission from the government, because there is no other source of meat. The reindeer population is very high so no endangered species there. But I dare this so called hunter to join me and my brother in law, who is an Innuit professional hunter, and take a boat trip to an area 2 days away from any form of civilization, where there is no phone coverage, nothing, live in a tent, wash in a river that is -2C, live off what you hunt, wake up at 2am, walk for 6-7km and meet a herd of Muscus Ox in an open field. I’ll even lend her my 308, I bet she”ll run for her life with the rifle in her hand….
    Those people hunt to eat and they respect nature and are very careful to only shoot the animals that are already wounded or too young to make it through the winter, etc. This is what they did for thousands of years, this is how they survived and lived in harmony with the nature. I respect them for that but creatures like this one here disgusts me and I’d let her run naked in a forest and hunt her myself.

  • Garry Havenga

    Disgusting Little Creep ; There is nothing attractive about her !

  • William Segal

    Have You concidered just shooting yourself?

  • Jennywales

    How someone can show joy in the death of something beautiful is astounding. This woman’s soul is dark and festering.

  • Ginger Snapp

    What a vile human being. I’m sure that she would roll around in their blood if she could. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her in this life.

  • Galley_Queen

    I love it….conserving animals by killing them!! And no Kendall – the lion WAS beautiful. It is no longer beautiful because, uh, you know, IT’S DEAD. God I despise trophy hunters and their ridiculous grins like they’ve really accomplished something.

  • Alwyn Ladell

    God bless her. The response from the antis is so predictable and ignorant it is hardly worth the powder and shot of a reply. What Kendall is doing is not only legal but is the reason these animals have been allowed to survive. Without hunting they would be a liability and would have been extinct long since. Let’s be clear: this is highly regulated and licensed trophy hunting. Very strict quotas are applied and very high fees paid. The income from trophy hunting pays for anti-poaching measures, policing and patrolling, equipment and fencing, transportation and protection, in countries where the economies are unable to give such things a high priority. Most dangerous animals threaten not only humans but livestock and, if they can’t justify their existence through the bounty of hunting, they get wiped out as pests. But will the antis listen? No, they stop up their ears whilst yelling abuse and threats at women and anyone they think they can get away with bullying. If you were to stop this kind of legal and regulated hunting, you would be signing the extinction warrant for many of these animals in the wild.

    • Morkel Erasmus

      Alwyn – I grew up with hunting (for the pot) and can fully understand the need to implement hunting quotas to enable sustainability in a fenced/controlled ecosystem with a lack of apex predators. But I have yet to see a report that shows how much of the big bucks being paid to shoot out our lions and leopards goes straight to anti poaching and conservation, as I believe the majority of the bucks goes to the PH and the land owner. PH outfitters from Limpopo are spinning big lies to Ezemvelo currently about the viable leopard population of the Mkuze/Maputaland area in order to get access to lucrative leopard hunting permits, while the viable population is decimated. One landowner I know who does population density studies with camera traps and VHF monitoring has gone from 14 regular leopards on his property to only 4 in a matter of 4 years, because ignorant hunting outfitters keep coming into the area with “legal” permits to shoot the male leopards that roam across different properties. There’s too much of unethical corrupt hunting going on to keep justifying the original intent with permitted hunting in my opinion.

      If lion hunting is to continue, I guess I’d rather have these ignorant prats shoot canned lions than shooting prime wild specimens but that is not the issue at hand here. My beef is with the ethos of “trophy” hunting where the prime goal is to kill a “prime beautiful specimen”, which in the case of the Big 5 often ends up being the dominant male in the prime of his life. That CAN’T be sustainable in the long-term given the issues of elephant and lion dynamics and how the loss of a prime male affects younger males and even cubs/calfs.

  • Maura McDermott

    Everywhere on this planet humans are destroying nature. We have become quite good at it. Heck we are good at killing each other globally, so why shouldn’t this stupid, young girl join the bandwagon and get her hunting show and demonstrate what a super human being she is. Oh goodness gracious, why in the world would she ever consider doing something else with her life, hmmmm. She wants her own show. She is special. There are a zillion people that can hunt. Oh I forgot. She is young, has blond hair, and you know the media, it’s all about that money. Who gives a crap about the innocent animals she’s killing, because it is all about look at me, I can kill animals, SEE?? LOOK AT ME!!! I want attention, I want money. Oh, I forgot, she said she is doing it to help conservation. Yeah Okay!

  • Malcolm Short

    What an appalling woman. Disgusting.

  • Shuttermouth
  • Stéphanie Côté

    Tu me dégoûtes au plus haut point. Qu’essais-tu de prouver en fesant ça ? Que tu es au-dessus de tout, que tu es la plus forte ? Pauvre toi ! Làches ton fusil, et tu verras c’est qui de vous deux est le plus fort !!!! Facile de s’en prendre aux animaux avec des fusils. Tu es faible parce que tu essaies de prouver le contraire.

  • Stéphanie Côté

    You disgust me… What do you want to prove by causing it? You’re above all, you are the strongest? Poor you! Loose your gun and you will see it is that the two of you is the strongest!! Easy to take animals with guns. You are weak because you are trying to prove otherwise.

  • dave

    she hasn’t got the brains god gave a sack of shit. she is a festering boil on the ass of humanity.

  • Jasmine Origlasio

    Fucking dumb bitch from hell. Disgusting, ugly, putrid waste of space and oxygen. People like this should be somehow removed from society and their imaginary fellow human beings. How can anyone possibly imagine that this degenerate, psychologically deranged activity is acceptable in any form whatsoever?

  • Sarah Black

    She is vile and exactly what is wrong with the human race. Disgusting.

  • Sayra

    para eso promueven los viajes a africa?… lastima que no se la han comido uno de esos hermosos animales que cobardemente mató. a ver si en un mano a mano le va tan bien a la pedeja

  • Animal-lover

    What a poor excuse for a human being! She is definitely not making this world a better and more balanced place to live.

  • Gillian O Sullivan

    Yeh put money into conservation so you vmcan keep killing…spoilt little bitch..anyone can take down a dangerous animal with a gun..id take a few pot shots at you..sick pig that ya are

  • I wouldn’t be saddened if one of these animals, tattoos your face some day.

  • cass

    These wee bitches need their fannies booted, ugly girls

  • David Duncan

    Disgusting and sick. I hope she gets what she deserves.

  • Thomas Anthony Martin

    So basically her Father fucked her constantly as a child and then in order to feel less inadequate, she decided to hunt helpless animals just like her Father hunted her?

  • nimblekack

    Just another all american mong…
    this is wht we need to do….

  • nimblekack

    When is this this disgusting page going to be taken off of facebook ? Shes only appealing to the usual bucktooth backwards that think she would actually speak to them!

  • Ian Anthony Thorpe

    I don’t know if I’m more disgusted by the fact she would needlessly kill such magnificent creatures or the fact that she would pose next to them afterwards. Anyone who understands what true beauty really is will know that Kendall Jones is an unforgivably ugly moron.

  • Per-Ola

    This is so f-cking disturbing. If this “Texas lass” instead would have gone out to one of the many sanctuaries for “large felines” that are found in Texas, she would have felt the amazing bond that can be established with these majestic animals.

    These cats, and other large animals, are already under enough pressure to survive the next 20, or many 10 years, for some blond bimbo to go out and “take them down”. For what? Was she hungry, did she have livestock that was threatened, or had her family been attacked?

  • animal lover

    this dirty disgusting bitch should be put away.alot of stuff her and her big brave white hunter friend ted nugent kill are animals in a fenced in enclosure in the states.they get them from zoos and people that cant keep them anymore.then brave as they are they go in the the enclosure and murder these tame animals.and they even charge big money for other assholes to do the same.look at the poor old lion she killed in the pic above.just disgusting she is.look on ted nugents site.the idiot brags about his enclosure for hunting big game,and this slut is on his site also

  • bruno

    motherfucker beast, I would like to see her dead, haunted

  • sasc

    tap that ass tho

  • toddflygare

    Atta girl! If I could afford to go do this, I would be by your side.

  • ConnorD

    didn’t know people ate lion..

  • karin Bradshaw

    She’s got a MASSIVE ego, frighteningly white teeth and looks shit-for-brains. I don’t want to see this low life piece of garbage and after this comment, I’ll be deleting her miserable ass from my newsfeed.

  • penny adams

    they need to stop killing our animal but you killing our animal our earth will dead.

  • Philippe Palomba

    Laura Ingals with weapons. Better if she goes to hunt without them.

  • Marjorie H.

    Bet she won’t be smiling when that weapon is taking away from her and those big cats were standing in front her. That smug look on her face is disgusting!

  • Guest

    she is strange beast self conscious killer who wants to kill again for fun. let us be assured feeding people is not her primary focus or reason for seeking this form of pursuit. but why are you saying she is ugly and a slag? what has that got to do with anything?

  • BarbaraWatts

    she is a strange beast, a conscious killer who wants to kill again for fun. let us be assured feeding people is not her primary focus or reason for seeking this form of pursuit. but why are you saying she is ugly and a slag? what has that got to do with anything?

  • Raffi Boyadjian

    Hope to God an animal will be digesting her in its stomach and show the world what a piece of shit she really is! Literally!!

  • WeiweiJessy Chen

    I feel so disgusted by the smile on her face

  • Steve Lane

    She is scum.

  • Rob

    This tiny little shit should be shot in the face !!!!

  • helenebaskit

    Skank. I hope she gets eaten alive by one of these animals some day.

  • fiorella

    Pretty just outside, inside she’s a monster, i will kill her if a i see her, poor her, such karma….

  • Arda

    Another blond looking for attention. Sickening. Didn’t get enough love from daddy ?
    You should be locked up in a cage and shot
    And we’ll sell your meet to the locals

  • asdf

    Her hunting page just got shut down. But if someone wants to write her a nice message you can try https://www.facebook.com/kendall.jones.146069

  • Jody JoJo McLoughlin-Heese


  • Maurice Gervais

    it’s intersting how secure thes people with hgh powered rifles seem to feel when they are photographed beside there price trophy. I am not sure their stance would be the same if you took away their guns and put them in an equal environment just see the look on their faces

  • josh

    I went out the other day to shoot some hogs with my .50 cal, didn’t see any. So, we drove around all night shooting rabbits and raccons…for fun…didn’t even take pictures…wish I had yall might like em, not much left though.

  • jenn

    I hate to say negative comments about people, but this one really gets under my skin!! Not only does this ungrateful/unappreciated girl have any respect towards “WILDLIFE ANIMALS” but is the perfect example of why these beautiful creatures are becoming extinct!!! Why enter THEIR home/territory just to kill them? For a lousy ass picture? It just disgust me how our society has no damn RESPECT!!

  • Barney Mahanga

    nah … thos are endanger animals she should be given the death penalty
    fucken south Africans ….

  • LesleyG

    This ‘woman’ and her like should never have been born. Wish their guns and arrows would backfire, it would do the world a favour.

  • romy

    disgusting………………..another worthless huming being on earth…hope an animal will get her soon and will have fun with her.

  • Matthew

    If she’s doing it legally, then I see no problem..That is, if the country she’s hunting in is governed with good animal conservation logic.. @JamesKelso:disqus hunting is a much harder skill than photography (especially archery)…by a country mile! P.s. i don’t know how she is on the inside, but i damn sure know she’s beautiful on the outside!

  • DarEl

    This kind of blood lust is not as simple as plain murder, it is a psychopathic condition instilled since childhood. What she needs is treatment in a mental hospital in the same way that other serial killers are treated and kept away from their victims.

  • Tom

    All the hate coming from a large ocean of hypocrisy. She paid to legally hunt, and then fed the local inhabitants FREE MEAT. I believe your hate comes from a place of flawed “morality”. If you’ve enjoyed meat from a grocery store once you’ve supported more animal “abuse” than she could ever commit by herself, even if she spent the rest of her days beating animals to death (ironically how we put down cows look it up, it’s quick and clean but it still comes down to hitting it really hard). Also if you enjoy being alive, you’ve taken life. Plant life is still life. For you to judge a certain group of life as more important, shows just how ignorant you are of the life you waste complaining.

    • Kir

      The problem here, is not with people who hunt for their food… This is “trophy hunting”. But what I find so disturbing, is the gloating, the smiling, the photographs, the complete lack of reverence for life, and I know plenty of hunters that agree with me. She has no respect for the natural world around her, and I know that she was raised this way, and she is a pathetic pawn who is being used. It really is so disheartening.

    • Palaniappan Rajaram

      She could have donated that money and still saved the lives of those animals.

  • Tamara McDonnell

    Pretty on the outside … ugliest woman I have ever saw on the inside. I feel sorry she grew up in a deluded household where hunting for sport is the normal. She deserves to be put on the Savanna hunted and shot at, Once shot she should be left to die a slow and painful death, and then used to pose and take picture with, .. oh and her meat to be given to the locals because that’s how she justifies her murderous acts of suffering.

  • Palaniappan Rajaram

    Completely despicable!!!!!! Grow up little girl… into someone worthy.

  • I’m a gun owner. I LOVE sport shooting steel. I have literally dozens of guns and I’ve still never gone hunting. I love animals and couldn’t bring myself to shoot one. But the people saying she hopes someone shoots her/ hopes an animal kills her.. you sound childish and it discredits your point when you lash out with emotional death wishes on someone.

    As a gun owner/enthusiast, I hear how hypocritical gun owners come off when it comes to self defense; “the only thing that can stop gun violence is gun violence” (good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun, etc) But you all don’t sound any better. She’s doing something horrible so something horrible should happen to her? That makes sense..that’s why I carry a gun incase someone tries to do something horrible to me but we’re made out to be the bad guys? Haha

    Also, I’m a non secularist. I don’t believe that animals were put here just for us. It’s narcissistic and frankly, a childish refusal to connect with the suffering and death of another beautiful species to suggest they were just put here for us to kill for our amusement.

  • Elisa

    We do not own this planet….even if you think you are a Christian…WE SHARE this Planet. I am sure Christ would not go to Africa and gun down the animals that deserve to live there. If you have been to Africa …it is not HUNTING at all, it is like shooting cows that that grazing in a field . My God she killed a Rhino ..one of 400 left…a leopard….she is not a normal human. She did this to have her picture taken and then goes on to kill some more. She is Human TRASH.

  • Natalie Molhart

    Omg!!! This iis outrages!! It’s really disgusting how she is smiling about it as well. But I don’t really understand,are they not all protected animals? That should really not be legal to just kill for fun the way she’s doing. And her being good looking or not,has nothing to do with it! It’s so stupid and disgusting!! A

  • Denise Huchet-Scheibner

    She is the epitome of DISGUST. I hope one day her rifle explodes in her face!

  • Mya

    If she is in danger or nothing to eat, I will not judge what she did, but killing for fun is not acceptable at my side.

  • Monica Classey

    She really is very ugly inside. A truly despicable “human.” I would much rather see a picture of her lifeless body in a lions mouth or on an elephants or rhinos tusk.

  • Andypandy

    Disgusting little person.

  • Pete Thompson

    Disgusting, evil woman. Why would any civilised human being want to do that?

  • Dr.R. Clavan

    What a stupid cunt. If I ever get the chance I will shoot her on sight.

  • Gabriel

    If I see her or Melissa in South Africa…well lets just say that my affiliation to the SAPS will be truly tested. I would be glad to hurt them in ways neither would ever recover from psychologically or physically.

  • Christa Witvrouwen

    Stupid kid, I feel sorry for her, her parents deprived her of the most beautiful things a child can have: innocence and the joy and happiness to see another living creature wild and free and alive. Sad, she will never realize,

  • Indee Anna

    This little girl is sick. How do people get this mentality? What kind of parents allowed this gruesome and heinous pursuit for a little girl? SOMEONE had to encourage her and introduce her to the thrill of killing animals. How do people come to ENJOY ending the life of an animal of ANY kind, much less the beautiful and rare ones she has killed for fun. I don’t get it. My god this is beyond sad.

  • Ryan

    Pathetic the whole thing – The bombings in Kenya which is killing tourism is the real enemy of wildlife not this, this is just distraction.
    No money No wildlife Humans protect things that have value – no value no pretection

  • Nik

    I hope someone shoots her in the head, disgusting human!

  • sas1981

    What the hell is wrong with some of you people…you must be sick or plain bloody selfish. To kills any defenceless animal is a crime in itself. To suggest that soldiers, or ‘Marines’ relish in killing their ‘enemies’…….get a bloody life. As a 30 year plus member of HM Special Forces, who has undertaken more special ops than I care to remember, I can tell you with certainty that neither I nor any of my professional colleagues ever, ever enjoy the kill. In fact we greatly regret that we had no other choice but to take this final action. It lives with you for the rest of your life. I would feel the same about all of the animals shown in the pictures here.

  • Mic Barber

    Very true! The worst kind of animals are hairy on the inside..! I understand that this is done for money (on the side of some ‘game parks/reserves’) & blood-lust (on the side of the person pulling the trigger). But the problem is that all these forms of “hunting” aren’t for food & when a an extremely poor poacher sees an extremely rich person shooting animals for ‘fun’, it doesn’t exactly discourage them from poaching to support their families, does it? It’s just wrong – whether it’s Kendall Jones or a poacher (whatever their motivations) – & this dos not help!

  • Jonathan De Felice

    To me only a pervert could proudly hug a dead animal they’ve just killed and smile at the camera showing it off. Is that even legal?

  • Michael Yyt

    How can a young lady doing some horrible activity with smile on her face? She is insane! Wealthy may bring a better lifestyle or living habit, it should not bring someone fun of killing, the world should stop these

  • Graham Du Toit

    ah well – another idiot that should have been thrown into the bucket at birth!!!

  • Keep Africa Alive

    Quinn Ryder Smith is form Alabama, professional skateboard rider, and really knows what he is talking about? He knows what is going on in Afrika?

  • Robert

    She’s just another stupid BITCH! I think Melissa & her should hunt each other with crossbows!

  • Anna Parkinson

    disgusting especially when she most probably went to a lion canning farm – shot it 5 yards range. What’s more one is a white lion – I just can’t comprehend such a nasty ……. can publish photo’s like this when I know my friends have been making so many sacrifices to bring white lions into the wild. Dispacable and totally unacceptable – what’s more a young woman – I hope we manage to get her off the TV also all our programmes as we try to SAVE them – we are honourable citizens – I can’t find the right word to describe this……….. Anna Parkinson

  • Ben

    Just want to put the idea of a hunting accident out there.

  • jan pedley

    My comments on her facebook page were “true conservationists only shoot with a camera!” I doubt I will get any reply from this very very selfish, vain woman.

  • Amy

    There are plenty of other non-endangered species to feed the people of Africa with. What a joke.

  • Jeremy Blane Tomlinson

    I actually went to school with her. And let me tell you. This girl is the epitome of stupid. This sickens me.

  • EvanC

    What happens to these animals once they are killed? Is the fur sold? Seems pretty vile to me.

  • Molly Brynn

    Let’s take away her daddy’s guns and put her back out there with ANY of those animals. Stupid little girl.

  • Adam Johnson


  • joe

    eww. eww. ewww. somebody please kill her as soon as possible thanks. or chop off her arms so she can’t hunt anymore thanks.

  • Anita Heerwagen

    This is dreadful and her site should be removed. she is not only killing endangered species but gloating about it! Shame on you!

  • Angie

    Disgusting and truly sad.

  • Stuart Mack

    Canned hunters are obviously allowed through customs in the country they fly to. US citizens require visas to travel to and around Africa, so couldn’t the American Embassies in Africa be pressured not to provide visas for people know to be their to hunt? Or, pressure be put on the US authorities not to issue visas to people traveling to Africa to hunt?

  • philip

    dementia !!!

  • fran

    She claims that SHE shots 7 of the most dangerous. SHE’S the most dangerous, not the victims who she stole the lives from for sport and fame.

  • Haru

    I only see a stupid and ignorant person destroying beauty in these pics. How is this not illegal?

    The only TV show should be about her thrown for the lions related to the one she´s holding.

  • love to hunt

    Man she sexy

  • African in Texas

    As an ex African now living in Texas, I must say she is absolutely disgusting!! Where are the photos of her charity work in this…handing out free meat to the locals and giving money to charities to help them. What a crock!! It does not happen. Shame on her and shame on her daddy. If she wants to help Africa so badly, send her money over to a charitable organization there and stop lying about her motives for hunting animals that are people friendly now from being bred on canned hunting farms.

  • Giz

    These poor animals have no chance to escape while the hunters use so developed arms… 🙁


  • K

    Eagerly awaiting the ‘lion/elephant/rhino/hippo mauls huntress’ story.

  • Marisa de Stefanow-Plegge

    HOW can such a beautiful girl have been born with a brain full of shit? If she were posing with dead human bodies like this, she would go straight to jail! But here, we even need international discussions! *angry* *sooo angry*

  • Bianca Labriola

    Ugly white trash useless pos…this Bitch needs to die…pathetic evil skank…

  • Robert Muckley


  • Li

    die blöde sau!!!!

  • Rietha Crafford

    Shoot the Lass instead………….put a price on her head and let we see how much she will fetch. She might have 600 likes, but how many dislikes. We don’t need selfish people like her. Call to boycott her show next year. You should only kill for the pot. Ex South West African – now Namibia

  • Chris Voets

    Somebody else who is getting far too much oxygen. Like serial killers, these people thrive on all the attention they get – don’t give it to her. Condemn the practice in general, but don’t respond to this little girl who is clearly so devoid of love and attention in her life that she needs to get it from complete strangers.

  • Aurora

    I love dearly love her to be hunted — tracking her down with her knowing that someone is after with a high calibre weapon — maybe her smile will not be so wide. She is a pathetic nasty piece of work!

  • Mike Wagner

    I would love to see a photo of the bitch in her own blood, with a laughing lion on top of her

  • Lynette

    I would like to do the same to her!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOOT HER IN THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!

  • vicki slade

    What a disguisting person love yo knock that smile of het face. And thrn throw her in with sll the animals. Karma for a heartless bitch. I n hate you

  • Jo
  • what a disgusting image! and who said she is pretty? Maybe on the outside which is of lesser importance. How can her parents support this? How about we let them all roam around Africa with no guns, and then make a show out of it? To go out and just KILL an animal for the fun of it shows what family of cowards they are, sad for them to be such pathetic jerks but even more so for the animals. I have signed EVERY petition out there to stop this, look it up on google and do the same if you DO NOT SUPPORT ANIMAL KILLERS.

  • Lizzyowl

    A few years ago we had the unfortunate luck to travel to Cancun during the American Spring Break. After a two days of suffering the behaviour of these out of control young Americans we nicknamed them the BABAS – The Brash, Arrogant, Self-absorbed, American Slobs. Looking at these photos reminds me of why. But hell, I expect she thinks she looks just cute cus Daddy can afford to pay for the hunting trophy licenses so that is fine. Perhaps one day someone will make her look down the other end of a gun, will it still feel cute.

  • Calla

    How anyone can be proud of this is beyond imagination. She should hang her head in shame and be shot herself.. just to know how it feels. The world would be a much better place without the likes of her.

  • Leeroy

    Hope she gets eaten by an animal, maybe she’ll realize what a fucking retard she is before she kicks the bucket… #dumbfuckofagirl

  • Sonja Metzler

    Everyone’s comment indicates a lack of understanding. I hate to see any of these animals shot, unless through a camera. Hunters pay a large sum of money for organized hunts, and are of the largest supporters of conservation. These people love animals too. Not to be confused with poachers. There are many hunters in the USA, that hunt for subsistence. The number of animals taken are controlled by wildlife departments. If you need to send hate messages, perhaps redirecting them to the local wildlife departments would be more constructive.
    Put your money where mouth is and help conservation and stop poaching!

  • nature lover

    Ummm I dont know who wrote this story but they really are nothing more than a word Smith. They are not very observant. Calling a bow and arrow combination a “Large Weapon” is the equivalent of calling a go cart a car or a razor scooter a motorcycleo Kind of like a stone. Can it kill, certainly if in the right hands but in untrained hands it is nothing more than an irritant.

    Additionally, everyone wants to get on the “canned hunt” bandwagon. People have no idea the skill it takes to harvest animals even on 20 acres (hectares or whatever unit of measurement your society utilizes) of land. You say she kills for fun, I say open your eyes and look at what she is doing for a local community or village. They have a mechanism to make money while providing for their People and everyone on the outside wants to criticize.

    Maybe you want to donate several thousand dollars to them and send them a thousand pounds of meat to eat. If so I’m sure they will be happy to oblige. I’m sorry folks but our very being was found on hunting and gathering and thousands of people go to Africa every year to do just that. Further, I can assure you that, while this is not the pc thing to say, hunting is not going away any time soon. Each to his own but keep your mouth shut when it is not your business and hide behind the pen. The sooner everyone realizes that these stories are written to sell magazines or subscriptions, the better of we will all be.

    • Ron Romanosky

      “harvest” is a pathetic euphemism

  • Guest

    I would like for her to prove what she did with the tusks of the elephant she murdered. I believe her to be a poacher and am desperately spreading the word for the anti-poaching teams in Africa.
    Concerned as she’s using African Politics to call herself a conservationist. Claiming that paying for the hunt goes back to animal rescues and feeding the villagers. Truly disgusted and don’t consider this monster to be a sister in assisting endangered species. She’s the opposite… Whatever I can do, please ask….

  • Alex Dix

    You stupid cow ! Stupid is the word that describes such disgusting behaviour ! You’re a little girl ! You should love animals so why are you pathetically killing them ? Use your bare hands so it’s fair and you’d die but no you use a gun because it’s the easiest way to kill such a beast. You vile tramp. You’ll get what’s coming to you and then some. Get a real life love, stop taking other innocent lives for your pathetic fulfillment.

  • sweet marie

    little cunt !!!

  • mosshead

    Another loser that takes and destroys whatever she wants and gives nothing back. She COULD HAVE helped conservation, but she blew it. Disgrace to most of the American people.

  • Hungry rat

    I hope one day, sooner rather than later, someone shoots her, donates her body to hungry rats and then donates some money to the preservation of stupid bitches. She should like that!

  • sweet marie

    she needs to be gang raped !!! Pissed on ! and set on fire !

    • Ron Romanosky

      I’ll light the match, but let’s have some baboons rape her first.

  • Jaqueline Christophe

    She is a criminal!

  • Kaycee

    The world’s most dangerous creature: humans with no respect for life ):

  • Jeeler

    Loves threatened species so much, she kills ’em. She’d shoot a human baby if she could, I’m certain.

  • susan knapper

    you make me want to be physically sick

  • barbara norton

    Please don’t post this f…ing bitch on my news feed, I can’t stand her or what she does. How sad all that money can’t actually go to feed or house someone in Africa. I have never seen someone so proud to be a looser, smdh


  • chopper

    Someone had to take her on the guided hunt, So don’t you think that was the people from the village? She donated the meat to the people in the village. We just eat different then they do in Kenya.We eat farm raised cows,pigs,chicken’s and turkey’s. Or some of us hunt our food, deer,wild pigs,turkey,rabbit,Ect.God put animals here on earth for us to eat. My point is we all eat different meat and get the meat different ways. That’s the way it has been for 100’s of years.So the meat wasn’t wasted so what is the problem?

  • Sara

    Great, 98 % of Africas Rhino population is already extinct because of humans, so let’s kill some more?! Eeuh this disgust me so much.

  • Kelley

    Canned hunts are for powerless, pathetic, “people” who need bolstered up by such inhumanity! She’s pitifully powerless, particularly because she has to also “pose” with her kills! PATHETIC, truly!!

  • Cleburne proud

    Hunting is hunting weather it’s wild life or a terrorist no one cries when a terrorist gets shot and killed but when an animal does all hell breaks loose I went to school with that girl she ain’t nothin but a rich girl

    • Ron Romanosky


  • Ak

    What a dumb bitch stand toe to toe with any of these animals without your guns see how you end up, then we take pics of your dead body smiling like a wanker


    Don’ bother reading this blog. It is just a polemic of nonsense ideas from some very strange people – mostly from the US.

  • Maria Bryan

    Just the contrary to what we were told to do from the beginning ,( Gen; 1:26) so that is why God saw the wickedness of man (Gen; 6 )and we will soon see the results.

  • Daniela Harth

    At least her Facebook page was removed. What a POS. That´s legal poaching, nothing else. What the f*** makes people think they can brag about killing wild animals? Being safe, far away with a gun and then sitting on the dead bodies. Disgusting.

  • Daniela Harth

    “Of her leopard hunt she comments, “First dangerous 7 game down!! One of the prettiest animals in all of the land!” – So damn pretty it needs to be killed? “6 of the Dangerous 7 at the age of 14!”” – oh yeah, killing for conservation, not for fun.

  • nikki mills

    I tell you what I will have my first kill of an evil bitch if I ever bump into her, cruel sadistic bitch

  • Paul Collins

    I hope she gets fucking CANCER and her family too!! We should pen up all those bastards and go hunting them!

  • Deb Young

    Total Disgust for her!!! she is an EVIL Sick person ! with NO Respect for animals at all ! she better watch out ! someone might be Target shooting in her neighborhood soon !

  • Kate

    One day, a beautiful wild animal will pose proudly over her dead body! And the world will smile even more widely than she does.
    How anyone can kill any animal for “fun” is beyond my imagination. What a loathsome woman.

  • Kate

    Ah…. just noticed she is from Texas. Makes more sense, somehow. (Apologies to the many decent Texans I know.)

  • Rolf W

    What an awful person I am disgusted when I see this stupit women!She really need to be punished for what se have done!

  • Pure evil!

  • andrea

    This girl is disgusting!! It’s totally beyond my comprehension how anyone can ENJOY taking a life.

  • Timbergnome

    Leopards, elephant, lion, rhino, hippo….
    This is one sick puppy!

  • Lucy Daniels

    Disgusting foul human being. She should be shot herself. These animals are pure beauty yet she is treating them like rapists murders peodos! I hope she rots

  • RachelB

    I hope the bow/gun backfires! We won’t have any decent planet left if people like her carry on killing for fun!

  • Billy Bamford

    What a shallow, sad little lost soul this self proclaimed ‘public figure’ is; what kind of role model does she think she is? This staggering gun toting arrogance will be what finishes off these beautiful creatures et al I’m afraid. Does she realise she will be forever looked back upon in the future as I looked at the last pictures of hunters with DoDos; with pity and shame. Please do sign the petition on change.org to have her stopped.

  • Chirese Heyneke

    Hi guys.. please go and sign this petition to ban and deny her any access to any state of Africa.. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/ban-and-deny-access-for-hunter-kendall-jones-to-african-states-help-stop-kendall-jones-from-hunting-in-africa

  • robinshone

    fucking stupid American little daddys girl and that stupid prick Quinn arshole smith.They are the ones that should be hunted and shot right between the eyes.

  • pembsgirl1963

    Smug madam, how can you get pleasure out of all this carnage absolutely revolting!

  • Ray Myer

    Gorgeous girl. Nice trophies. Nice shooting, dollface!

  • Pippa Robinson

    Shes fucking rancid! She needs a superman punch to the head. If anything needs shooting its her!

  • shasha

    beyond tragic, someone has falsely taught this lost girl that there is glory in this evil

  • Whatta cunt!

  • Guest

    She is definitely just normal if not ugly with horrible personality too. Why would she needs to kill the animals anyway?! Its not like she is starving, just for fame and fun! Sick girl, I hope they put her in jail

  • Ryan McQuary

    It’s disgusting? Hey stupid people out there….these animals are used…this is hunting for sport AND for people to survive on…I’m sorry you people aren’t smart enough to read. But so is the norm in America these days…I applaud her for her donations to keeping people alive…you idiots are yelling “End world hunger” then yelling “SHE IS TERRIBLE FOR FEEDING PEOPLE AND ENJOYING IT”

    I am truly grateful to be able to enjoy such a great hunt while at the same time donating the meat to the local people and putting money into wildlife conservation.” <- you people commenting didn't even read the article…

  • Renske van Ravels

    I want to shoot her really! With a big smile.. You stupid asshole! Those animals are beautiful, let them live!!!

  • zachlen

    Where is this cunt. Adress please.

  • m4r13k3


  • Aujanae Wimberly

    I am outraged about this. Especially about the elephant kill. These animals are being at alarming rates and in huge quantities by the natives. We don’t need some privileged spoiled white people going to Africa just for the thrill of the hunt. Go kill a deer, moose, or bear during their hunting season. This is total bullshit.



  • KJ

    She is revolting. She is not doing this to help others in the community; she is shamelessly promoting herself for fame and money. Disgusting human being.

  • WilhelmFriedrich

    Fuck the hunter. I hope someone kill here.

  • Derrick Boyd

    KILL HER !!!!!

  • vinsky

    There is nothing wrong with exotic hunts. Its her and her parents money paying for them so who cares you only live once so enjoy it while you can. She is doing the right thing by donating the meat to those who need it. Its people like her that is saving you money from having to make donations to buy them food. I hunt to feed my family does that make me a bad person?

  • taylor Yu

    she is disgusting and no humanity. She should not be consider as human being at all

  • Fuck you

    Ostie de petasse de connasse de plotte sal, ont devrait t’aligner sur un mur pis te tirrer comme tu fait au animaux.

  • gary

    I feel sorry for her. Whoever raised her didnt teach her that life has value. All life. If she really wants to be admired, Id suggest she go shoot at things that can actually shoot back at her. Like maybe a tour through Afghanistan. I understand those who hunt for food, but really, Cowards shoot defenseless animals.

  • ray

    you go girl hunt on

  • rick

    Good on this girl. She has held her head high even with the barage of hate from ignorant people who preach acceptance of others way of life but then turn around and disparage the way of life of people they don’t agree with.

  • Laura mara

    That is sick. She has a lot of problems (mentally)

  • Theyseeeverthing4

    Fuck that bitch she well get what she deserves

  • Alecsey

    a very sick woman.

  • lauren40

    This is disgusting… I wonder how everyone would feel if the roles were reversed and the animal had her in their mouth… difference is animals kill for food not for a trophy

  • divinenoir

    She’s a evil person and should be ashamed of herself for killing the beautiful wild animals that should be protected. I blame the parents as they have encouraged this from a young age. It’s things like this that make me ashamed to be part of the human race 🙁

  • Katherine

    Should kill her in the same way as her killer to those animals that anger gives me to see these poor animals posing dead.

  • Rob Maughan

    If I wrote what I truly thought about this evil bitch, it would be removed. Such beautiful creatures. Don’t destroy what you can’t create!

  • Derick232

    How can people say that this is animal cruelty? you have no clue if the animals suffered or not. And yeah I’m not surprised she’s smiling. clearly most people on here have never gone hunting. And as long as she has a legal hunting license and tags then she should be able to hunt what she wants. And animal cruelty would be if they shot the animals in the hind legs and let them slowly die. The high powered rifles are made to penetrate and I’m sure they didn’t just shoot anywhere, they go for the kill shot. And they broad heads on the arrows lacerate everything making animals bleed out very quickly. People seem to think that killing animals in anyway is animal cruelty. I guess we should just stop hunting deer and let them become overpopulated. Because killing them in inhumane.

    • Mr. Smith

      Nonsense. We are not talking about deer hunting and your straw man arguments.

  • TreeHugger_hon

    What a pretty face – hiding such unbearable UGLINESS…

  • h

    She is a very sad lonely girl

  • ryder870

    She wouldn’t need to give money to wildlife conservation if she didn’t kill it in the first place!

  • Stefan

    fucking killerbitch

  • Dawn Hodges

    I was raised in the country and when i was younger my dad hunted deer to feed us. Yes, he went by the laws and regulations set forth upon doing so, but he never mounted their horns on the wall. He worked for the forestry as well and even helped put out the wild fires in Yellowstone National Park in 80’s. Although we did eat deer we did it the right way and for the right reasons. HOWEVER shooting these majestic creatures for sport is disgusting and they should be punished for doing so. I’d like these animals to be around for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to see. I don’t see any pictures of any researchers in het photo gallery! She should have to show and prove how she is doing this for the benefit of the animals otherwise THROW HER IN JAIL! The same goes for these poachers!

  • Googiecat

    She can’t help it. Stepford Wives don’t feel anything.

  • Timothy Dahlstrom

    She really is mentally ill. She needs to have her guns taken away, and be heavily sedated, pretty much for life.

  • Samson BeavisSpacemonkey

    keep killing all of these animals and there will be no tourism left in africa conservation starts with education not killing wouldn’t thought feline meat was very tasty nor elephant meat or rhino meat . I don’t know who i feel sorry for the animals or villagers

  • Véronique

    I am devastated to see that this girl is proud of killing poor animals just to prove she is a good hunter. She should be ashamed! Should be ordered to pay a large sum and give it to a conservation park wildlife. I am stunned and saddened to see that! It raises my heart!

  • Beetit

    Poor woman, needs to post all that says something about how empty she must be inside. Validation addict killing animals to prove something – sad soul.

  • jayfordtheman

    this disgusts me and is a tribute to the awful human spirit that destroys those that occupy the planet with us, I am a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of OK, there are 2 sayings from the Cherokee –

    “Treat the earth well.It was not given to you by your parents,
    it was loaned to you by your children.
    We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
    we borrow it from our Children”


    Honor the sacred.
    Honor the Earth, our Mother.
    Honor the Elders.
    Honor all with whom we
    share the Earth:-
    Four-leggeds, two-leggeds,
    winged ones,
    Swimmers, crawlers,
    plant and rock people.
    Walk in balance and beauty.

    In what you see here, NONE of this is happening, sad day on this planet as when we forget we are but one of many living creatures, all created by the great spirit for a purpose it is then that we lose our own purpose…..

  • airini76

    My four year old son just saw these images and quote ‘that’s awful, why is she hurting the animals’. One distorted teen, she needs a bullet her self.

  • salamerey

    I would love that some monkeys could rape her ass for being such a stupid bitch !

  • Rob

    Let’s see her smile like that if somebody hunts her down for no reason, like she does to the animals. She’s not only a waste of skin, she’s a detriment to Human and animal kind alike. And I think she is just ugly.

  • Fred

    if ya ´ll that disgusted about killin some anmls start eating less meat.
    billions of animals are kept under horrendous conditions every day just so can throw away your left overs every day.

  • Amen

    Que alguien la mate a ella ya!!

  • Hannah

    Mir wird schlecht…..

  • only me

    I’d like to see a photo of a gorilla busting her teeth out with that rifle.

  • Nikki

    Until everyone is doing EVERYTHING they can to protect our environment, no one should be wagging their finger at her. You all are talking crap on her for shooting animals she had tags for (tags that she paid upwards of $100,000 for, which are regulated by wildlife conservationists CITES and the African Forestry and Wildlife commission) yet you “judges” probably buy meat from factory farms that abuse their animals, eat GMO food, drive SUV’s, take longer showers than you need to, and contribute to the 80% of plastic that ends up in landfills. So instead of worrying about what SHE is doing (which, ULTIMATELY, is helping to conserve Africa’s wildlife) worry about what you’re doing that’s making our planet worse, like being a misinformed gossip. Only better people can make our planet better.

  • lorembolo

    Fucking piece of shit. HUman being really deserve to disappear.

  • Keisha Collins

    disgusting… that makes me so sad…..

    if people kill animals, then only because they need to eat, but not for anybody´s pleasure….

  • Alexandra Lbt

    Choqué par cette attitude! Tuer pour tuer à quoi ça sert?! Pour une photo souvenir à mettre sur facebook?! Et ses parents lui apprennent ça, ou est le respect de la nature là dedans?


    how do you hold a beautiful, lifeless animal in your arms…….whose death you are responsible for……..and beam with pride because it was defenseless against your weapons from afar….. I can only hope she gets to personally experience the same horror upon herself.

  • Max
  • JG

    Being a high dollar consumer does not make her a conservationist! She’s not personally doing a single thing for conservation. She’s merely a little rich girl making excuses for her personal style of excess (which happens to be at the cost of endangered and near endangered species of animals).

  • Desiree

    I am not opposed to hunting for subsistance and yes, kulling game is often neccessary to ensure the longevity of the specie. What i do find most disturbing though is the utter joy this child derrives from ending a life. I’d be traumatised for the rest of my life if i shot someone or something. Yet this kid seems to take utter delight in it. It’s like she’s hugging a stuffed teddy. I guess it’s just against my constituion to see a person treating life so callously, with no respect or dignity. I’m not saying we must have a funural for the dearly departed, but ja…a little less glee in the whole business would be expected.

  • Mr. Smith

    These people are mentally ill and resemble serial killers in their ideation. They hide behind the false claims of contributing to conservation when they are no different from the poachers despised by the entire civilized world.

    Here are the words of one such mental midget. Keep this in mind when you are considering the sick twisted minds of this guy and this young woman.

    Force’s John Jackson has been on 38 elephant hunts and killed 14 older
    bull elephants (he says he has a strong ethic against taking any young,
    juvenile, or middle-aged bulls). He characterizes hunting elephants as
    “the most intimate, real relationship one can have with elephant.
    Nothing else in life is more satisfying than an elephant hunt. The
    actual hunt tests one’s physical capacity, endurance, and limits, as
    well as one’s courage and strength of character.”


  • Hopeshedies

    She is an AWFUL disgusting person

  • sadhu in miami

    She’s just ignorant. Let’s use our disgust as fuel to do something more positive in the world and lead by example to inspire young people, like this girl, and all people to cherish life.

  • Guest

    Take photos of me with ‘pretty’animals that I have killed = what a psycho

  • Guest

    Take glamour photos of me with ‘pretty’ animals that I have killed = what a psycho

  • Guest

    Take glamour photos of me with ‘pretty’ animals that I have killed = what a psycho

    Try doing something that is challenging like conservation work.

  • Guest

    Take glamour photos of me with ‘pretty’ animals that I have killed = what a psycho

    Try doing something that is challenging, that would be admirable.

  • David Andrew

    Take glamour photos of me with ‘pretty’ animals that I have killed = what a psycho

  • Ron Romanosky

    Speaking for myself, I can imagine several karmatic things that this maniacal, serial animal assassin should soon suffer. Topping this list, a short story must unfold: This lady (?) is out in the bush with her guides, miles from the plush, trophy-mounted digs her boundless money has enabled, when their one vehicle’s engine dies. Needing to pee, but with great hope that the engine can be fixed so she can resume her killing spree, she walks to some nearby bushes to squat (no – all her killing to date has not yet resulted in her growing a penis). As her pungent urine stream drills into the earth a heretofore unseen, unperturbed cobra deeply bites her on her exposed labia. The lady jumps up screaming “Why me?!?” and other cries and moans which has her guides thinking she’s masterbating. Out of their sight she writhes around like an epileptic with her panties and shorts at her feet as the cobra holds on for the ride of its life. However, and thankfully, all the lady’s gyrations free the cobra. Minus both its fangs (they’ve broken off in her young and limited female flappage, along with a great amount of venom) it slithers to safety. Yes – a happy ending (the cobra’s fangs will grow back!) And, rack up at least one for wildlife.

  • Ron Romanosky

    Speaking for myself, I can imagine several karmatic consequences which this apparently psychotic thing (not human if no heart) should soon suffer. For one a short story must unfold: This young lady is out in the African bush with her guides, miles from the plush, air conditioned, trophy-filled digs her boundless money enables, when their Range Rover’s engine dies. Needing to pee in the worst way, but still in high hopes the vehicle can be fixed, she scampers over to some bushes to squat (no – all her killing to date has not yet resulted in her growing a penis). As her pungent urine stream splatters the dry dirt a heretofore unseen, unperturbed cobra strikes, burying its fangs deep into her exposed labia. She jumps up shrieking and screaming and falls with the snake attached (finally, a phallus!). Over at the disabled vehicle her guides, hearing this and being familiar with female American hunters and tourists, assume she’s pleasuring herself. Out of their sight she writhes around like an epileptic, her panties and shorts at her ankles hog-tying her while the cobra gets the ride of its life. However, and thankfully, the young woman’s gyrations free the snake. Minus both fangs (broken off in her soft female tissue into which a massive amount of its venom has been deposited) it slithers off to safety. Yes – a happy ending, for the cobra’s fangs will grow back! Rack one up for wildlife.

  • Jin

    Sick Texan. Period!

  • mnm

    Man you guys are sure making a big deal about this, its life people hunt animals it is what it is get over it, If she wants to pay to hunt in Africa or where ever and the governing body let’s people do it then don’t be mad at her be mad at them. Don’t single her out when there is lots and has always been lots of hunts like this. GIVE IT UP!!

  • gigi


  • Guest
  • Kendallshouldexperiencedeath2

    gonna hunt that bitch…tracking her in dark corner, spying her everywhere, scarying her by standing front of her everytime then…hiding in her bedroom and let her imagine that the bigbadwolf is staying in darkness, staying focus then… i will just have to selfie!

  • fddfsdf

    Good job.


  • BWOG

    Some of the comments made on this story bespeak of serious soft headed ignorance. That girl has done more for conservation than any of you loudmouth, armchair whiners.


    Besides in addition to the local wildlife population needing to be culled, the game wardens and others who protect and manage those wildlife populations need to be PAID. Not only do they need to be paid, and they need funding for fuel, gear, etc.

    Do any of you self proclaimed ‘defenders of the environment’ understand how much one of those big game hunting tags she has bought actually costs? Each one is thousands of dollars. That girl has got to be coming from a fairly wealthy family. That excess lion she killed, probably a lion that was becoming a threat to local populations and livestock, probably paid the salaries of 2 to 4 local game wardens for a year.

    In addition to that, did you see what she killed that lion with? A bow and arrow. That is a seriously dangerous hunt.

  • Pauline W

    You are morder!!!

  • Chris

    its fine, karma comes around.. soon we’ll see a picure of her dead, with a lion holding her in the mouth as a trophy- that will be a sight to see

  • Chris

    Kendall Jones hunted with us,
    This is the news release we released:

    Hi hope you keeping well, looks like you have been busy there since you back.
    Can i ask you to post this on your pages plz, appreciate it.

    2 JULY 2014

    Comre Safaris is a premier South African Outfitter who has provided responsible, quality hunting safaris in Southern Africa, primarily to elite clients within the American market, for 27 years.
    Comre Safaris is passionately managed by Chris Liebenberg with focus placed on detail in order to ensure that every client receives an exceptional experience, while hunting.
    Comre prides itself on offering legal ethical and sustainable both bow & rifle hunting of big game and plains game, to groups, families and individual hunters.
    Comre has a large infrastructure of hunting ground & concessions in 3 provinces of South Africa as well as concessions in both Zimbabwe and Namibia, which provide our clients with a unique experience in the various typography of Southern Africa.
    Comre hand-picks well qualified and experienced professional hunters who accompany clients on every hunt.
    Hunting revenue means that Comre can employ and provide housing, clothing and food to a number of other hunting, farming and lodge staff.
    Foreign hunters are of a major importance for conservation in Africa.
    Where well managed and regulated by good governance, these hunts involve low off-takes and certainly is sustainable.
    Low off-takes and hunting revenue means that hunting can play a role in creating incentives for threatened and endangered species.
    Hunters pay higher fees per client than conventional tourists and so revenues can be generated from lower volumes of people, resulting in potentially lower environmental impacts. Hunting generates significant revenues for conservation in areas which may not be suitable for tourism and/or other types of agricultural farming.

    Hunting photographs posted by Kendall Jones, a recent client of Comre Safaris, have elicited severe criticism.
    It is important to note that the keeping and ranching of certain species, such a lions, is strictly regulated by national and provincial legislation.
    “Canned hunting” is illegal and totally rejected by the industry.

    Kendall’s hunts were conducted within Comre’s hunting concessions in South African, according to the respective legal requirements and were all classic walk-and-stalk hunts, under the supervision of Professional Hunter Rudolph Stefan.

    The following extract of statistics about the South African hunting industry were released by Dr Herman Els and can be found online @ http://www.africanhuntinginfo.com
    • 10 years ago, there were less than 5,000 game farms in SA. By 2012 this had grown to 12,000.
    • 10,000 of these farms have hunting exemptions.
    • 20 million hectares of land is in private ownership representing about 70% of the land use for wildlife conservation; the other 30% is government owned national and provincial game reserves.
    • The hunting industry generated R7,7 billion in 2011.
    • Trophy hunting has a lesser impact on wildlife than meat hunting.
    • Hunting is by far the largest revenue generator for game farmers.
    • 60% of all wildlife in SA is owned privately outside of national and provincial parks.
    • Game and hunting farmers are the largest contributors towards the conservation of wildlife.
    • Game farms create 3 times more employment than a normal livestock farm.
    • In recent years more than 70,000 jobs were created on newly established game



    • Donald Tiestif

      I appreciate the press release because it operates as an admission of guilt. Every person involved in your organization – from customers to executives to staff – should be referred to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

      An elephant is a sentient, intelligent being. There are no circumstances, other than self-defense or the protection of third-party life, in which it is moral to kill an elephant. You have aided and abetted the murder of an intelligent life. For entertainment. And you should be held accountable.

      As for the economics of your crimes, I find it amusing that you think you can spin your for-profit business as some sort of charitable organization. How much does your CEO make per annum? How big a cut of the blood money does he get in order to finance his lifestyle? Why not include that information too.

  • Tess

    She should fight the lion with her bare hands! Only then it’s a fair fight!

  • Keysbum

    hunter? sportsman? this psycho is in full makeup; doubt she even got out of the jeep.

  • Ok, so she says of the leopard: “One of the prettiest animals in all of the land”, then she shot it. Scary. Just don’t be pretty around her.

  • So she says of the peopard, “The prettiest animal in all of the land” and shot it. Scary. Just don’t be pretty around her.

  • Amy H

    Everything that is stereotypically wrong with the U.S. exists in Texas.

  • agnes

    quelle honte cette pauvre femme , j’espère que la chevrotine se retourne contre elle !!!

  • sean leblanc

    she was probably sexually abused as a child..killing a rhino and elephant and other close to endangered species…is not the brightest thing to do …i just feel pity for her. dumb bimbo.

  • sean leblanc

    ps,,,,just canceled my subscription to this magazine which i have had for 8 months….this was just as sick as the poaching article,,,,,but THEY WERE POACHERS!!!! like WTF?

  • Manhunter

    I would like to throw her in a pit with a very hungry Lion. Armed with a hunting kife ofcourse , so it’s a fair fight. She’ll soon learn you’ve only really killed something , if you’ve done it with a knife, or even better, with your bare hands. So all her pictures are just her way of saying what a cowardless scared little girl she is.

  • Samantha Rathbone

    Well done, Young Lady
    Nothing is sexier and more exiting then killing an animal – I also hunted and killed thousands of this buggers and enjoyed every single one, … its normal for everyone to hunt and take prey , but as soon as a beautiful girl or women does it, all this ” Super Good Holy People” who beat their children at home, start swearing and have something they can aim their frustration to. Its disgusting.
    What Hypocrites that are – but in real is just jealousy. – They can’t afford to hunt, they look as good as us, they are miserable and frustrated and need a vent and look for someone they can blame for their own misery – while their husbands and boyfriends, wank and masturbate, by watching our pictures posing half naked with our victims .
    Trust me, men find that extremely sexy when a girl hunts and kills, and have fun doing it.
    Keep going and don’t stop. and just pose with your victims, in your most sexy clothes and revealing styles, so your jealous , hateful envy enemies can even fume more about it till they have ( hopefully) a heart attack
    Samantha R

  • Karen

    This woman is heartless. Why doesn’t someone put a bullet in her ass and then see how she feels about hunting?

  • Dan Thoman

    Interesting article. If you’re looking for another good read check out http://www.contentiouscontent.blogspot.com/2014/07/psycho-or-saint-kendall-jones.html

  • Jesse Sears

    You’ve got to be kidding me! How the hell does killing an endangered animal preserve the species? She should be ashamed of herself. It takes a really selfish and heartless person to go out and do something like that. Idiot

  • angie

    You disgusting little rubbish scumbag. i hope they turn in you and your family. die in hell

  • Hugo

    This should go to trial. This “person” against humanity. Disgusting beyong any words..

  • James Bilsbury
  • troublewithat

    Is it just me or does that lion make her look fat?

  • Duncan mcleoud

    Come on guys, hunting is only a game like all sports.

  • Toto

    So big of her to shoot (with a weapon not a camera)Africas most majestic citizens.There is nothing attractive in what you’ve done & perhaps continue to do,I wish with all my heart you’ll see your death in their eyes sooner than later.All I can say to you is that you and your kin digust me to the depths of my being.Shame on you I hope you are never allowed into any African country that practises canned hunting including mine,it’s now long overdue to put these
    idiots out of business.

  • Hatuhi
  • Crown Loyalist

    HOTT, capable and unapologetic. Hell of a woman. The pinko comments here are adorable.

  • DoberMan13

    Her father Cody Jones keeps rare species on his ranch… (His facebook page can be looked up) He is the funder of her “safaris” she also patronizes “Lubbock Indoor Archery” very often! (They also can be looked up and has a phone # listed) Many photos where on their page of her target practicing.. (Since removed) So she lives in or near Lubbock TX…
    Start the picket line! Do not let her on tv!!! Besides, what tv channel/network would want to pick up a show that will bring so much controversy?

  • DoberMan13

    Her and her father made her bed, now let her lie in it!

  • Bill

    Assuming the majority of them don’t, I wish sport hunters would ask themselves a series of questions (and be truthful with themselves at least in answering) before they justify or defend their so called “sport”. 1) Do they believe that most animals – especially those they prey on – have a degree of consciousness and possible feelings that they cannot comprehend? Or are all animals merely dumb beasts without any awareness and degree of feeling? If so then why not hunt dogs and cats? In fact, why have pets at all? 2) Setting aside the spin they sell on helping the people in the areas they hunt, what do they think gives them the right to go into the wild – especially in a foreign and often times impoverished land to kill an animal and if the kill isn’t instantaneous possibly cause the animal incredible suffering? The fact that they’re human? The pinnacle of evolution? 3) Do they honestly believe – whether it’s in the actual wild or in a canned setting – that the animals they prey on are not at a distinct disadvantage given the technological advances in sport hunting equipment and paraphernalia? If so – how is this one sided and ever increasing advantage considered “sport”? What’s next – hunting by drone? 4) Do they consider environmental, bio-diversity and natural science – voodoo science? If not – why won’t they listen and amend their behavior when presented with factual information that should discourage them from their kind of sport hunting? Because it might trump their self-interest? 5) Do they honestly think that the growing number of people who are shocked and disgusted by photos of their “sport” are ALL wrong and shouldn’t feel the way they do because they “simply don’t understand”? 6) How do they view the planet? As a community or a playground with a population of one – themselves

  • Michael Rhoden

    I am appalled at how she can smile over a dead animal in the wild just killed–just to feed her pathetic ego. Karma will have it one day she is eaten by a lion. What a sorry excuse for a human being. Clueless

  • Boy

    Shame shame shame !!! I would like to have this girl in front of my gun !!!

  • Danset

    So fucked up

  • Toto

    You are a disgusting sorry excuse for a human being,try taking on wild animals without a weapon you freaking coward as for your dad who taught you how to kill wildlife I spit on him.Go kill your own wild animalas leave Africa out of your agenda.Keep your filthy bloodstained money for SAFARIS IN AMERICA.God no wonder Americans are hated everywhere but in their own country.By the way go do something about your teeth as by the look of them they could
    her kill meat & fur.

  • Rian Geldenhuys

    Low class colonial scum

  • Armand Hanekom

    Morning if you downt understand the reasoning in hunting downt speak, find out the reasoning and then only you can speak

  • Rojo

    here is a mad idea! DONT LET HER INTO YOUR COUNTRY ANYMORE.. And if that fails, shoot her when she is out hunting.

  • Mr.Williams


  • unknown

    If you dont control the population the animals will be over populated which will cause more road acidents and among other things there good to eat as well. I feel bad for you tree hugging animal lovers when the end of time comes and food is scarce i know what i will do to survive.

  • Joop Moby

    Let’s face it people…animals of all kinds in Africa are being killed and
    terminated to extinction due to UNCONTROLLABLE population growth, famine, wars
    and illegal animal trade. To combat this is simple and is happening and should
    happen more in Africa. I was against this at first, but at the end of the day
    common sense prevailed. Established
    licensed/regulated farms where farmers breed wild/endangered animals to be
    hunted and killed against a cost, with other words – Trophy hunting…(which I’m
    sure Miss Texas cheerleader has done/paid).
    The benefit of this is that money is generated for stables and breeding
    programs to breed endangered animals in order to increase their numbers. Basically, if one lion or a rhino or whatever
    other wild/endangered animal was hunted and killed by a ‘paying customer’ for a
    cost and that money generated has helped to breed another 10 lions or rhinos or
    whatever other wild/endangered animal, that is a pretty good darn deal if you
    ask me! It’s definitely worth it and I
    definitely give it the thumbs up for legal & licensed trophy hunting in
    order to make sure that these animals NOT become extinct and for our future
    generations to see! A documentary I’ve
    recently seen how a certain endangered animal have had their numbers increased
    in huge numbers by making hunting legal and having the funds for the necessary
    breeding programs, has made me come to the conclusion that we need something as
    drastic as this (legal trophy hunting) to make sure our animals don’t become
    extinct. If there is any other ‘better’
    way anyone can come up with to save and increase the numbers of our animals,
    then please come up with something and tell me I am wrong…because this way (legal
    trophy hunting to actually save our animals) is pretty common sense and any
    kind of petition like this does NOT make sense at all! So people…seriously…wake up and smell the
    roses! We need more farms, more
    hunters/conservationists to make the necessary money to save our
    animals!!! Your donations are just not
    enough. Anyone has any better idea how???

  • Venchenza

    Has to be one of most disgusting persons of the Decade.

  • Venchenza

    I hope she runs outta bullets and gets cornered by a coalition of adult male lions!

  • mara

    Ugly, disgusting, nasty, worrying, revolting…

  • willie

    we know how honest African officials are…her family spent over $100,000 so she could kill endangered species…”like, oh my god y’all” (cheerleader speak) this was the best possible way to help poor Africans. I’m so sure that the same bureaucracy that would put a price tag on a white rhino would put that money to good use. there’s no way they could possibly be corrupt or put all that $$$money$$$ to some nefarious use. and “like, oh my god y’all!” she donated that game meat to local villagers. we know they have a taste for bush meat, so it’s better coming from an American redneck than a local poacher. conservation is making sure the government get’s a cut.

  • Jem

    You’re a sick girl. What’s the sense in donating for wild life conservation if you run off and kill them also. Hope you get stuck in the middle of nowhere without food, water or weapons.

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