Hanging out with the Maasai

Dane Rogers, aged 8, went to Kenya with his family and shared his experience with Africa Geographic:

My dad is a wildlife photographer so he knows about animals.

We sat in traffic in Nairobi for 3 hours! We went in a 4×4 that has a big trailor as we were camping in Amboseli. We actuly camped outside in a private park area where my brother got sick and we had to take him to a clinic for Masai people and babies. It was far. Our tent was close to lions at night. I loved John who was our guide. He dressed me up in beads and made me a spear using a birds beek. We had a spear throwing competition and visited his vilage and went in to their house which was very squished and dark and smelled like goats. I played a game with stones.

Then we got on a small aeroplane and went to the Masai Mara to see the migration. We stayed in two camps and went in a hot airballoon where we could see lions and long lines of wildebeest. I hated when the balloon landed, it bumped!

I love the Masai people and I loved the baby lions that I saw with my dad, and the leopard in the tree.

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