Hanging out with the Maasai

Dane Rogers, aged 8, went to Kenya with his family and shared his experience with Africa Geographic:

My dad is a wildlife photographer so he knows about animals.

We sat in traffic in Nairobi for 3 hours! We went in a 4×4 that has a big trailor as we were camping in Amboseli. We actuly camped outside in a private park area where my brother got sick and we had to take him to a clinic for Masai people and babies. It was far. Our tent was close to lions at night. I loved John who was our guide. He dressed me up in beads and made me a spear using a birds beek. We had a spear throwing competition and visited his vilage and went in to their house which was very squished and dark and smelled like goats. I played a game with stones.

Then we got on a small aeroplane and went to the Masai Mara to see the migration. We stayed in two camps and went in a hot airballoon where we could see lions and long lines of wildebeest. I hated when the balloon landed, it bumped!

I love the Masai people and I loved the baby lions that I saw with my dad, and the leopard in the tree.

kenya-masai masai-children maasai-kenya maasai-mara wildlife-kenya

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  • Joy Bromilow

    Wow what an amazing experience and so well told. I also love the images, especially the second last one. Keep writing, and keep travelling!

  • Di mackenzie

    what a wonderful experience Dane – thank you for sharing it with all the readers – you wrote it so well and the pictures were special …..from Di Mackenzie

  • David C Rogers

    Great story Dane… I will never forget you getting sick in Kenya. It all started when you were invited by a lady into that small roadside eatery on the way to Amboseli and you munched your way through some of the local food and germs 🙂 And the nurse gave you a bag of medication that could have felled an elephant. In Egypt they call runny tummies Pharoah’s Revenge. Not sure what the East African equivalent would be?

    • Helen Mudge

      Amboseli Belly ?

      • David C Rogers

        I love it.. of course thats it.

    • Janetha Poisson

      Well done David, it is parents like you that keep our rich heritage in our children’s hearts! Kenya is one of the places I have always desired to visit, the Masai are very close to my heart. I even paint them. Your son is growing to love the different cultures of our Africa. Wonderful and thanks for setting the example.!

  • Jenni Saunders

    Dane you are a true talent. These pictures tell a story of an experience that will stay with you all your life. I remember how every boy in the Masai Villiage wanted to touch you because your hair was so white.

  • Swati P. Siddharth

    The ultimate adventure story, Dane! Great going. The pictures are also wonderful. I particularly love the last one. We look forward to reading lots more from you. I think you can inspire your generation to explore the bush and not be afraid of falling ill, meeting strangers or having lions and other predators close by! That ALL this is part of the adventure!

  • Pa Derrick

    Dear and very gifted Dane. I loved your first blog – both the text and pictures were amazing. Congratulations. Please keep it up and always include me.With lots of love and admiration from Pa Derrick

  • Tara

    Thanks Dane for sharing your experience and that too so well. . I do not know you, but I felt I knew you. Do keep writing. Tara

  • Peter

    Congratulations Dane. You clearly have your Dad’s talent for writing. Sounded like a wonderful holiday. Love Peter

  • Alison

    What an incredible experience, Dane. You’ll never forget it. Thanks for sharing …

  • Bett Hall

    love it the Masai people are lovely met quite a few in our visits to Kenya

  • Janetha Poisson

    THIS is how we should be teaching our children. Our Africa has such diverse cultures that are fascinating, why not let our children experience the richness of all our African heritage!! Well done Dane Rogers!!!

    • African Safaris

      This is so true.

  • David C Rogers

    Dear Janetha thanks for the feedback. We love Africa ourselves and travel a great deal. We find that travelling with your children enhances your experiences so much. In fact we are thinking of taking a term off next year so we can do more… Africa is a wonderful classroom.

  • African Safaris

    Africa is wonderful. I love the review the little boy has done! Sounds so real. If you would like to travel to Africa, Kenya, You can book friendly vacation packages with us. You will visit Masai Mara and other beautiful adventurous sites. Welcome to Africa.

  • AfricaInside

    What a lucky boy. The only complaint I have about the article is that it was too short. I loved it – especially his discription of the Masai house being squished. That’s the truth. I have led many people into those houses and for my 5’9 frame, I struggled to understand why the tall Masai would build such small places. Then I learned that the women need to be able to reach the top to cake the mud and dung onto the twigs. Of course. Lori from AfricaInside.org

  • Kagera Safaris

    Wow, what an amazing description of your safari. Thank you for sharing it.

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