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Frikkie inspired by Jane Goodall


Frikkie was inspired by the answer given by Jane Goodall to a question posed to her in an interview in Time Magazine (yes, he does try to broaden his horizons by reading widely but does have the infuriating habit of moving his lips when he reads).

The question was: “Do you think there is still hope for the planet despite all the bad things we have done to our environment?” to which she replied:

“I have met so many extraordinary people who rescued species from the brink of extinction when everybody laughed at them. One example is the Californian Condor. At one time, there were just 12 of these birds left in the wild and one in captivity. Now there are 300. This bird would have been gone but for a small group of people who would not give up. As long as we have people like that, there is hope for the future.”

Now all Frikkie can talk about is Jane “Woodall”, as he refers to her – gotta love the little guy!

Off to Advance Base Camp on Sunday – till then.


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