An extraordinary sighting: Cheetahs

The Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa will almost certainly provide an extraordinary sighting during any particular safari, and guests of Senalala in Klaserie Private Nature Reserve were very fortunate to experience an extraordinary sighting of their own in the form of two cheetahs.

They were lucky to be able to get some wonderful photographs of this pair.

cheetah, big cat, wildlife, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger, South Africa

Seeing these two cheetahs can be regarded as an incredibly rare sighting because Klaserie does not provide a significant area of their preferred habitat – short and open woodland, as well as grass savannah.

The South African cheetah, or Acinonyx jubatus jubatus as it is scientifically known, has a small head, long thin legs, a spotted tail and a yellowish to tan coat that has close to 2000 spots. It is slender, quite tall (taller than leopard!) and is very robust, but only weighs between 25 and 70 kilograms when fully mature.

Being the world’s fastest land animal, ​they are adept at targeting small antelope as their prey and use short bursts of speed to be successful hunters.

cheetahs, big cat, wildlife, Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger, South Africa

This animal is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN due to habitat loss, the wildlife trade, poaching and conflict with humans. The estimated global population is around 6500, mostly in southern and east Africa, with a few hundred in Iran.

It was fortunate that our guests were able to witness such a great sighting of these regal and elegant creatures, and hopefully future visitors to the camp will also be able to enjoy such extraordinary sightings.

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