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Thirty years ago, Peter Comley made an inspiring lifestyle choice. Rather than remain stuck in the day to day grind of being a city lawyer, he made a radical change and followed his passion for the wild. Choosing to spend a life leading safaris through the remotest regions of Africa, we find Peter three decades later and with hundreds of safaris safely under his belt. Now widely acknowledged as one of Africa’s leading guides, Peter is known for his pioneering spirit and flair for innovation.

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People like Peter are few and far between. Just some of his adventures include personally poling a mokoro from the top to the bottom of the Delta in the first ever trans-Okavango expedition in Botswana, walking down the length of the Okavango, initiating the first canoe safaris in the Delta, hunting with bushmen and regularly traversing the remotest parts of the Kalahari.

Beyond Botswana he has climbed Kilimanjaro, explored the untravelled remote reaches of western Zambia and the even more remote Kaokaveld of Namibia, been charged by forest elephants in Rwanda, trekked for mountain gorillas in all three countries where they occur, witnessed the great migration in the Serengeti, shared a drink of milk and blood with the Maasai in the Mara in Kenya and ambushed a group of mandrills in Gabon from a safe distance with his camera.

Peter designs and leads unique expeditions that sing to his heart. His latest journey will take travellers deep into the remote heart of some of Africa’s most pristine rainforests, the land of the western lowland gorilla, picathartes, bongo antelopes, forest elephants, Ba’aka Pygmies and who knows … maybe even dinosaurs. Yes, it is indeed that remote.



This once in a lifetime adventure into the Central African Republic, personally led by Peter, is not for everyone but is definitely the right fit for the adventurous, off the beaten track explorer who doesn’t mind roughing it a bit in order to experience sights others only dream of, or read about in a travel blog like this.

Travel in small fixed-wing planes, 4×4 vehicles, motorised pirogues, pirogues powered by tribesmen and on foot into the remotest parts of the jungle. Activities range from trekking one of only two habituated western lowland gorillas groups in the world, to patiently anticipating the appearance of an elusive bongo antelope or forest elephant while relaxing in a covered viewing platform (mirador) that overlooks an open clearing called a bai.

Here nomadic Pygmies share their utterly remote environment with 16 species of primates, including mangabeys, galagos, and pottos that call eerily from the towering tree canopy.


For the enthusiastic birder, there is the possibility of sighting the extremely rare picathartes. Close your day enjoying the sunset while cruising down the river and sipping chilled drinks or, alternatively, hit a forest trail for some bird watching. After dark, spotlighting can reveal unusual nocturnal species like genet, civet, golden cat, potto, hammer-bat and a range of owls.

Sangha Lodge overlooking the Sangha River in the Dzanga-Sangha special reserve, is a tranquil spot and delightfully rustic camp that is welcoming, comfortable and still establishing itself, so this is the ideal time to visit before it becomes commercially popular.


From your base at Sangha, this trip is not just a rugged adventure, but an opportunity to really unplug from daily life and lose yourself in the raw, wild beauty of creation.


Find out more about this once in a lifetime expedition with Wild Frontiers. The 10 day trip departs 9th October 2016.

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