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Etosha: Project Rhino KZN on the Put Foot Rally

We left the check point campsite fairly late for a day in Etosha National Park, the sleep-in was much needed after a very memorable evening the night before…hic…hic.

© Etienne Oosthuizen

With so many teams from the rally going into the park and most of them on Twitter, soon the chirps on the social networks were all about who had spotted what wildlife. Etosha is a remarkable place, but for the two Project Rhino KZN teams bhejane (black rhino) and umkhombe (white rhino), our mission was to find a black rhino – the desert sub species Diceros bicornis bicornis. It was the highlight of our day when team bhejane managed to spot their namesake, but this rare sighting only served to underline the plight of the rhino. In South Africa alone it is estimated that only 1,900 black rhino remain  (2010 statistics) and more than 1,000 rhino have been killed by poachers in South Africa in the last five years.

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We did however rack up quite a tally on our wildlife check list – 3 lion sightings, all the plains game, elephant, black backed jackal, black faced Impala (the western sub species), leopard and an African wild cat. It’s the concentrations of animals at the water holes that make this area so unique – you can sit for hours in one single place and let every thing come to you.

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Etienne Oosthuizen

I am a professional field guide with an irrepressible enthusiasm for wildlife photography – a born and bred Zimbabwean, I grew up on a tobacco farm where I was exposed to the great outdoors from a young age. Now with more than 10 years guiding experience across 5 countries, and many hours spent behind a camera, I have realised that photography has the potential to become our greatest conservation tool. I now live in Zululand where I work at Thanda Private Game Reserve and am an active member of Project Rhino KZN – dedicated to the protection of South Africa's rhinos.

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