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Elephant trunk-strokes my pregnant tummy

Image and text courtesy of Caitlin Carter
Jabu the elephant

I was at Baine’s Camp in Botswana with Sanctuary Retreats and had the pleasure of meeting Jabu, the patriarch of the Elephant Experience there. I stood chatting to ‘elephant expert’ Doug Groves, while Jabu meandered about his business of browsing and soaking up the warm morning sun. Before we knew it, Jabu raised his trunk, very politely and delicately toward me. Doug Groves stepped back and captured this moment with Jabu “investigating” my baby -[quote] none of us are sure if it was a sense he had, but it certainly must have been. Jabu then kept his trunk on my tummy for some time. It was quite special, to say the least. Animal intuition.[/quote]

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