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Elephant rolls car in Kruger


An elephant overturned a vehicle driven by local tourists at Sable Dam near Phalaborwa Gate in the Kruger National Park around 07:15 on the 21st of August 2014. A local doctor rushed to the scene of the accident to attend to tourists immediately and they are all well with minor injuries.


The tourists came to the park as day visitors and are back at their home in Tzaneen already. They were on their way to Letaba Rest Camp and passed-by the Sable Dam, which overlooks a sleep-over hide and has an abundance of animals that gather to drink. The elephant was busy drinking water from the dam on the opposite side of where the vehicle was, when it suddenly walked through the water towards one of the tourists’ car; which was on the other side.

“Although according to the tourists who were there, the elephant did not show any signs of agitation; we would like to appeal to the public to be on the look-out for them when driving in that area. Please ensure that you are not blocked by another vehicle when these huge animals approach, so that you can get away quickly when the need arises”, said the Kruger National Park’s GM: Communications and Marketing, William Mabasa.


More than 1, 5 million people visit the KNP each year and incidents of this sort are rare but not unheard of as elephants can toss and uproot trees with ease.

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  • Wendy0210

    Please God don’t tell me that another elephant has been shot?

    • Carla Porter

      I already removed Kruger from my places to visit because of that recent killing of another elephant who interacted with a car.

      • Ingrid Britz

        Oh what a pity Carla; it’s one of the most beautiful places I South Africa. Sometimes these Elephants go rouge, especially when in musk (on heat).

        • Carla Porter

          The livelihood of wild animals surpasses my individual desire to view wild animals in person. Elephants should be able to “go rouge” without the threat of getting killed because of humankind’s perceived “threat.”

        • Alan Kennedy


          • Ingrid Britz

            Ok Alan, you win, forgive a ignorant German…hahaha

          • Alan Kennedy

            🙂 Not competing, just saying 😉

          • Ingrid Britz

            I wasn’t offended. Take care

          • Alan Kennedy

            Enjoy 🙂

        • Nikki De Villiers Gray

          The incidence Carla is referring to, the elephant was NOT aggressive or rogue. The driver of the car harassed the elephant and lied to the rangers about the elephant’s behavior. The rangers shot the elephant without looking at the footage filmed by the driver as well as footage from a witness! Very sad!! However, I agree……The Kruger is a magical place!

        • elleebee

          rogue and musth

          • Raymond Muller

            the red faced ellies are the one’s using the rouge

      • Johann Steyn

        Carla you stand a better chance of crashing outside your house than this happening to you

        • Carla Porter

          I don’t understand your point. You think I’m avoiding Kruger out of fear of having my car attacked by an elephant????????????

  • Johann Steyn

    I was there and saw the elephant, time of my pictures are 7.12 and the three occupants were taken to the Palabora gate uninjured but shaken. The elephant chased another car and my car, then went into the bush. The other car took then and I managed to have signal and phoned ahead. The elephant must of had a sore tooth and saw red. Hope nothing was done to the elephant.


    Oh well, at least it was locals this time, and people are not up in arms about (stupid) ‘foreigners’.

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