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Elephant overturns a car in Kruger National Park

It seems that sometimes nature does fight back!

The latest news from the Kruger National Park is that a a bull elephant has charged a car, flipping it over in the process. A couple was inside, but neither of them is badly hurt. The man suffered a minor knee injury, but was attended to by a Kruger Park doctor on the scene.

The event occurred between Berg-en-Dal and Crocodile Bridge camps on the S25 road. Communications officer for the park, Lerato Mathale, has said that this kind of conflict is an extremely rare occurrence, and could be due to a previous injury the bull may have sustained. The park staff are looking for him to check if he does indeed have an injury.

elephant charges and overturns car in the Kruger national park Elephant charges car in Kruger National Park

Elephant overturns car in Kruger park

elephant charges car in Kruger park

The hole left after a tusk went through the car.

Story sourced from News 24:  Photo’s © Vasti Fourie

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  • Mr. Will

    Elephant: “Hi! Remember me, jerk-face!?”

  • sita pingle reddy

    Wow!we came across an agitated elephant but we took off real quic k!!!

  • Simon Espley


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  • Taryn Morris

    It is unfortunate but many first time visitors to the parks are unaware of the need to be cauitious or of game park etiquette. You can see the ele in the road in pic 1, and then all of a sudden there is the little car right in front of it. I have been going to the parks for many years and dont think i Would have zoomed past a big male bull ele in that peanut car.

    I hope the passengers are not too shaken up and are recovering well. Im sure it was a big fright but you also got the story of a life time 🙂

    • Christian Boix Hinzen

      You do not know that the pics are in sequence?

      They were evidently not taken by the driver ?

      Only Vasti and the driver now what happened…

    • Toto

      Taryn No excuse ,on entering the park visitors are warned plus given paphlets regarding the rules of the park,but any idiot would know these are wild animals roaming in there own domain,you are a visitor,better still an intruder.So all these idiots who get hurt for disobeying rules deserve what they get.But the rangers see fit to but the offending animal down who was only protecting it’s territory.

  • Christian Boix Hinzen

    What a tale to tell…I hope they are OK.

  • Kim Rossi

    Just an elephant showing irritation – if the ele was serious in causing damage, he would not have stopped there – the car would be unrecognisable!

  • merleen noorland

    Even the ELEPHANTS ARE REBELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eva

    seriously, who is stupid enough to drive past an elephant in the road?? I am just amazed at the stupidity of some people, but am glad they are ok. Eliie’s Rule.

  • CKA

    Was the elephant in heat? That may have been a factor in the agression

    • Toto

      No excuse he should have slowly reversed his car.Was he blind the elephant was flapping it’s ears,it was aggressive

  • We had a close encounter with an elephant near that same area. He came out of nowhere through the bushes straight for us. luckly we got away.

  • Margrit Harris

    Been told that elephants who have experienced trauma, like people, can become aggressive. Glad nobody was seriously injured, however, we do take risks when we step into the world of wildlife, that is still, for the most part truly wild as in the Kruger.

  • Bonn Ndegwa

    The elephant was just slighly irritated……that car would have been in pieces…hope the occupants are well though.

  • Its very unfortunate that the ele overturns a car, people should take precautions while driving in the parks, mark you they have the right of the wilderness. Why not respect whenever they are crossing, does it cause any body.

  • andy

    This sort of behavior can occur when the animal is surprised. It looks like a petrol car which are very silent. So it is very likely that the animal was surprised at the sudden appearance of the car. Andy W or Agw Safaris

  • NIki

    you people hurt the elephant…..get a life!

  • Imagine Africa

    This post slightly annoyed me as rangers actually shot the elephant dead saying its behaviour was unusual. Its an elephant wat wud u exoect it to do?

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