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AG Yearbook 2017

Checkpoint 1: Project Rhino KZN on the Put Foot Rally

North of Windhoek the bush starts to look at little more familiar as it opens up into a scrub-like savanna. We were about to reach our first checkpoint since leaving Cape Town…. The checkpoints are a place where rally participants get together for a big social bender and for the officials to get a chance to take a tally of any casualties that might have occurred on route.

© Etienne Oosthuizen

There have been some remarkable stories of recovery and camaraderie so far. The atmosphere of the whole rally is extraordinary – you’re travelling with sixty other vehicles across Africa, you stop at a roadside Wimpy to grab some grub and you end up chatting to a complete stranger, but he’s also doing the rally and you’ve got something in common. I can already see that I am going to make some really close friends from this trip.

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Etienne Oosthuizen

I am a professional field guide with an irrepressible enthusiasm for wildlife photography – a born and bred Zimbabwean, I grew up on a tobacco farm where I was exposed to the great outdoors from a young age. Now with more than 10 years guiding experience across 5 countries, and many hours spent behind a camera, I have realised that photography has the potential to become our greatest conservation tool. I now live in Zululand where I work at Thanda Private Game Reserve and am an active member of Project Rhino KZN – dedicated to the protection of South Africa's rhinos.


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AG Yearbook 2017
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