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I am Dane, I am 8 and I have adopted an elephant. Her name is Murera. She lives in Kenya in the David Sheldrick orphanage for baby elephants and rhinos who don’t have mothers.

David-Sheldrick-Elephant David-Sheldrick-Ellies

Mostly their parents have been killed by greedy people who want their tusks. Murera was found with a many spikes in her foot and had no mom or dad. She was put to sleep and flown in an aeroplane to Nairobi where the place is for baby elephants. She nearly didn’t survive, but lucky she is fine now. She still doesn’t walk so well. You can watch a video of her here 


If you adopt an elephant too it will mean that more elephants get saved. Elephants are my mom’s favourite animal. She says that they love each other like humans do and are sad like them.

David-Sheldrick-Elephants David-Sheldrick-Orphaned-Elephant

My dads friend Swati gave this to me as a gift, but I think everyone should adopt an elephant or a rhino baby.


Images Copyright: © Swati Prasad Siddharth

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