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Wildlife is an integral component to why we are all here; it’s within the fabric of all our make-up. So when local initiatives come to the fore, they are worthy of support and encouragement. Dance To Be Wild is no exception, as they gear up for their annual dance championships held over the weekend of 19th–21st March 2016.

Dance To Be Wild was started by leading South African and international ballroom and latin american dancers, and it aims to:

– Empower South African children to take ownership of their wildlife heritage through the beauty of dance!

– Enhance social skills development and cohesion at a grassroots level

– Provide an effective platform for South African and international dancers to contribute to the effective sustainability of our wildlife resources

– Make a significant and meaningful contribution towards anti-poaching initiatives in Africa

– Encourage dance development programmes for South African dancers


Dancers from around the world, including our home-grown stars here in South Africa, are encouraged to participate in this extraordinary weekend of dance, conservation and empowerment. The championships will be attended by Strictly Come Dancing stars and Dance To Be Wild ambassadors, Klaus Kongsdal and Katya Kongsdal-Jensen.


The championships include lectures and practice sessions at Dance To Be Wild’s studio in Johannesburg, dance classes pre-championships with Dance to be Wild’s ambassador Klaus Kongsdal, a choice of dance contests, the opportunity to play a part in wildlife conservation awareness and to give back by empowering children and fellow dancers, day tours and other optional excursions including safaris to the famous Kruger National Park and ethical wildlife sanctuaries with rescued animals.

Entry forms for the championships may be found on the Dance To Be Wild website, and Sheila Bath Upton at Dance To Be Wild can be contacted for further information.


Captured In Africa are big believers in passionately advocating for wildlife. With our philosophy of ‘Conservation Awareness through the Lens’ always at the forefront of the safaris and tours we offer, we realise that such home-grown initiatives are essential to wildlife conservation efforts. They allow greater opportunities to learn and to particularly get involved with direct action to conserving our rapidly declining species, such as our beautiful and magnificent rhino. Captured In Africa Exclusive Safaris are the official travel partner for Dance To Be Wild. Attending dancers to this year’s championships also have the opportunity to go on safari with an amazing special offer and discounted rates for dancers and their families.

To learn more about travel arrangements and safari options whilst attending the Dance To Be Wild Championships, please contact Paul Tully and Drew Abrahamson at Captured In Africa.


Captured in Africa

CAPTURED IN AFRICA EXCLUSIVE SAFARIS is a South African based responsible tour operator catering to people who have an interest in and love for Africa’s wild places, conservation, wildlife and photography. They endorse & support various conservation initiatives, projects and organisations, working with them to aid wildlife conservation efforts.