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In case you haven’t heard, we’re running a competition to find a cover for our January 2013 issue. 

Here are the sixth week’s finalists in our Cover Shot competition – the judges’ Top 5, plus your 5 ‘most liked’ photographs. Keep your entries coming, watch this space for the weekly finalists and remember to check out our Cover Star  blog post for t&cs, and the all-important Cheat Sheet.

The judges’ Top 5

© Zane Engelbrecht
© Seyms Brugger
Mario-Moreno, Africa Geographic magazine cover competition
© Mario Moreno
LIz-Hart, Africa Geographic magazine cover competition
© LIz Hart
Brendon-Cremer, Africa Geographic magazine cover competition
© Brendon Cremer

Facebook fan’s picks of the week

Marcus-Westberg, Africa Geographic cover competition
© Marcus-Westberg
Marcus Westberg, Africa Geographic cover competition
© Marcus Westberg,
Fred-von-Winckelmann, Africa Geographic cover competition
© Fred-von-Winckelmann
Wim Vorster, Africa Geographic cover competition
© Wim Vorster
Alice-Gundry, Africa Geographic cover competition
© Alice-Gundry
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