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The latest news on Cecil’s cubs…


In January this year, we at African Bush Camps updated our audience on the pride of Cecil the Lion– a beloved “king” and spectacular specimen who roamed Hwange National Park.


When he was killed, Cecil left behind not only his pride but also a new litter of 7 cubs. It was evident, earlier this year, that the cubs had already grown a great amount in size and in strength…


Fast Forward a few months…

Cecil’s cubs are happy and healthy as ever, having been brought up by three incredibly strong, resilient and resourceful mothers. The cubs and the pride have lived through what must have been a formidable struggle after the loss of a dominant male, who’s job it is to lead and protect his family.

However the absence of their father hasn’t hindered the male cubs who have had the opportunity to grow into strong and independent individuals, thanks to their mothers who did their utmost to protect them from being ousted by Cecil’s coalition partner, Jericho who recently passed away from natural causes.

Bhubesi was another dominant male, roaming in and out of the Somalisa concession in Hwange National Park, who was trying his luck at any given opportunity to take over Cecil’s position as the figurehead of the pride.

Bhubhesi fighting with a sub-adult male from Cecil’s Pride

However, Nic Polenakis, Head Guide for African Bush Camps, has recently given us some more delightful feedback regarding the pride. Whilst everyone, including Nic, anticipated the killing of the cubs by another dominant male in the area, his latest update informs us nothing of the sort! The 18-month-old “cubs”, if we can even call them that anymore, are enjoying roaring and roaming the lands with the rest of the pride rather positively as Bhubesi’s current relationship with the pride is proving to be much more relaxed.

Cecil’s Pride retreating to the shade after feasting on a buffalo



To read more about the fascinating dynamics of this family, which has survived against all odds, and learn about the latest interloper, Xanda a magnificent beast and an older cub fathered by Cecil, and how his presence is shaking up the balance in the area, see this story from the African Bush Camps Head Guide, Nic Polenakis


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