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Diani: Paradise Lost?

My feet have taken me homeward. I’ve been away for a little while now, working on a biography in Naivasha and a ’48 hours in Nairobi’ piece for this fine publication. It always gives you a warm feeling to be returning home, but this is especially the case if home happens to be Diani Beach, […]

Ibo Island: Through the lens

In this next issue of Safari, I’m exploring the Islands nestling off the Swahili shoreline. Here are a few teaser photographs a week ahead of the release of Safari’s July issue. Ibo Island is a tropical Indian Ocean atoll tempting a trickling number of paradise-seekers to its shores. The island is one of 27 that […]

Who is following the sardine run?

This week’s blog post comes once again from the Wild Coast in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. The annual sardine migration that takes place here is happening as I write, so I thought I would describe some of the major predators that take part in this wildlife phenomenon. The sardines are only small fish, but they […]