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New shrimp species discovered in False Bay

A tiny shrimp with banded, stalked eyes, and gaudy red ‘warning’ colouring, is the latest of several new marine species to be found by UCT researchers in the extensively sampled waters of False Bay.

Two eras in the Quirimbas

Keri Harvey is transported to two vastly different worlds as she visitings Ibo Island and Medjumbe private island in Mozambique’s Quirimbas archipelago.

Further into paradise

Scott Ramsay adventures take him to iSimangaliso Wetland Park on the east coast of South Africa, where he indulges in the underwater treasures of the ocean at Rocktail bay.

Into Mozambique

Jeff and Kerryn travel to Mozambique to explore island beaches and soak up local culture on a budget.

A fish eye perspective

Underwater photographer and journalist Aaron Gekoski finds beauty in the most unusual of places; fish eyes.

South Africa’s favourite beaches

Recently the international Blue Flag jury announced the list of 2013/2014 Blue Flag beaches and 41 of South Africa’s sandy havens were awarded with the sought after status.

Photo Gallery: Island life in Zanzibar

Safari blog reader Francois van der Elst, recently returned from a trip to Zanzibar. Read what he has to say about his trip below and have a look through some of his breathtaking photographs to see what’s on offer on this beautiful island.  “This is a very interesting island, if you go here you have […]

Photo Gallery: Bazaruto and Vilianculos, Mozambique

Now, if anything’s going to get you itching for a beach holiday – it will be the following photographs, sent in by Francois van der Elst whilst holidaying in Bazaruto and Vilanculos, Mozambique. “This trip was amazing, the weather was good and it was a quiet time of year, which you couldn’t ask for more as a photographer… […]

Mozambique, Island Style

Date: December 2012, 5th-14th Location: Mozambique, Medjumbe Island After leaving Lake Malawi I headed towards Mozambique. Normally when crossing a border, the two countries’ border posts are next door to each other. In this case the Mozambique border post is a few kilometres away from Malawi. I began to panic and thought I’d missed the […]

10 Reasons to Learn to Dive in Cape Town

[quote]SCUBA diving is sensual. To breathe underwater is one of the most fascinating and peculiar sensations imaginable.[/quote] TEC CLARK, forward, Karen Berger’s Scuba Diving On a bit of a whim, I recently signed up for a Padi dive course with Pisces Divers based out of Simon’s Town. It was one of the best investments I’ve […]

Fifty Shades of Blue…

The granitic islands of the Seychelles were once part of the supercontinent of Gondwana but have been separated from the mainland for over 75 million years. The crystal clear water and white sandy beaches around North Island create an endless variety of the ocean’s tones and hue. North Island, Seychelles. Nikon D2x Nikon 12-24mm ISO […]

Explore île de Gorée, Senegal’s postcard-perfect island

île de Gorée is just a short boat trip away from downtown Dakar, but it feels worlds away.   Far from the noise of cars, the stench of pollution and the overall chaos of Dakar, Goree is calm, peaceful and at night you might even feel like you have the whole place to yourself.  On my […]

Mozambique island holiday of a lifetime!

A Mozambiquan dream awaits you at the romantic and exclusive getaway of Medjumbe Private Island. Set like a jewel in the magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago, Medjumbe is a small private island only one kilometre long and 300 metres wide. Medjumbe is the ultimate tropical island, with just 13 beach chalets blending into the natural environment and […]

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior in Africa

The third, brand-spanking-new Rainbow Warrior is currently sailing in the Indian Ocean on a two-month-long fisheries campaign. Greenpeace has a long and tumultuous history with campaigning at sea. The first Rainbow Warrior was bombed by French intelligence in 1985, and after 22 years of tireless ocean front-lining (helping to end nuclear testing in the Pacific, […]

Weekly Wanderlust: Kenya’s Lamu Island

Every Friday, as the working week draws to a close, my mind starts to wander off to far away lands and I sit here and salivate over exotic, come-get-me-now locations. Instead of dribbling and drooling all to myself, I’ve decided to share my travel lusts with you in a weekly blog post. This is my […]

Diving with Cow Sharks in Cape Town

When you live in Cape Town you fall in love with two things – the mountain and the ocean. I grew up surfing off Muizenberg Corner (wondering how many sharks had just swum under me), crayfishing at Pringle Bay, sailing off the coast of Simon’s Town and  getting horribly seasick while pulling up snoek from […]

Magical moments in Malawi

Malawi, often described as the warm heart of Africa, is a tiny country tucked between safari giants Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. But despite its small size we found that Malawi has a lot more to offer than just its famously friendly people. After the long, dusty drive down from Tanzania it was marvellous to cross […]

Barefoot bliss in Mozambique

Catching the Ilala ferry across the lake of stars was not as romantic as it sounds but landing on the white sandy shores of Manda Wilderness on the Mozambican side of Lake Malawi was like discovering a lost piece of paradise. We caught the ferry from Nkhotakota at 3 o’clock in the morning, perched precariously […]

My Journey to an Island with One Resident

The man was relaxing under a tree on the beach when I walked up to him to say hello. After a short chat I learned that he was the one-and-only resident on this tiny little island in the middle of the Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique. It all felt quite surreal. Only 24 hours before I had […]

Stranded off Swahili Shores

My colleague and Editor of Safari, Paul Steyn, is currently stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on the tiny island of Medjumbe.  I could think of worse places to be stranded…in fact, I’m pretty much seething with a putrid-green envy as I write this blog post from a cold, wintery Cape Town. Paul is […]

World Oceans Day 2012

On World Oceans Day people around the planet celebrate and honour the body of water which links us all, for what it provides humans and what it represents.  Every year  on June 8th communities around the globe celebrate World Oceans Day as an opportunity to learn more about our ocean and take action to help conserve it. World […]

Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay 2012

World class surfers head to Jeffreys Bay in South Africa to ride-out the legendary ‘supertubes’ this July. Rated seventh in the world, Jordy Smith will be returning to his favourite wave in the world, ‘supertubes’ in Jeffreys Bay. [quote]I love surfing at Jeffreys Bay…I spent so much time surfing there when I was younger, and it always feels […]

I do Africa: Luchi the Kenyan beach boy

We met Hassan Luchi two years ago during our first visit to Kenya on a beach in Tiwi, just outside of Mombasa. Back then we helped him out a bit but weren’t really able to do much and sadly we lost contact after we left – constantly wondering how he is doing. The beaches here […]

Sardine Run Set to Stir-Up South African Seas

The sardine run has been likened to the great wildebeest migration across the Maasai Mara and Serengeti. A geographic wonder and a spectacular marine event dubbed ‘the greatest shoal on earth’. Sardines are winter’s gift to Durban; every year at some point between May and July, locals anticipate the glittering deep-sea wave as it rolls […]

Hanli Prinsloo: the freediving mermaid

What if you could hold your breath for a whole six minutes? For freediving ocean warrior Hanli Prinsloo, diving 65m into the deep blue ocean is like coming home. But what if, as Hanli believes, we all have the untapped ability to do this? Sound crazy? It may not be as crazy as you think. […]

Beach bum ellie

A lone elephant has been spotted surfing the beach breaks in Nuarro bay, just off the coast of northern Mozambique. We received news of this incredibly rare sighting from Nuarro eco-lodge manager Trienke Lodewijk. The bay of Nuarro is situated on the Baixo do Pinda Peninsula in the Memba District of Nampula Province. According to […]

MSC Sinfonia: Post-Cruise Blues

Early this morning we docked in Durban. The heavens opened up and big angry clouds spat down torrents of rain. It reminded me of last night’s unforgiving swells, and sliding around the outdoor disco deck cradling just one last Pina Colada. Mozambique had long disappeared in our wake and the frothy azure seas were replaced […]

How on earth did I end up in Egypt?

I love having chats with customers at Sunrise Lodge, but there’s one question that I get asked so routinely, the answer now must sound scripted.  I’m asked virtually daily how on earth I’ve come to live and work here, and how I find it.

Day 4 MSC Sinfonia: Tropical Fever & the Last Supper.

Wednesday night’s ‘Tropical Fever’ party turned out to be quite the stonker. I woke with a horrible hangover and fuzzy flash backs of marauding around the pool deck to DJ Black Sparrow (the ship’s token resident DJ). I remember lots of pina coladas, someone winning $120 on blackjack, doing the loco-motion, being proposed to by […]

Welcome aboard: Day 1 & 2 MSC Sinfonia

It has been two days and I’m so overwhelmed I can hardly write. In fact, right now, I’m staring out to sea with a really dumb expression on my face. Surreal is a word used far too liberally, but really, there is no other word to better describe this experience. I’m about 40 nautical miles […]

All aboard

Gaudy cabaret shows, stale midnight buffets, inebriated singles hankering after an on-board romance. These are all the things I expect from a cruise. One big floating gin palace. Lost at sea with nowhere to go. The very thought gives me cabin fever and makes me cringe. MSC Sinfonia – the largest and most modern liner […]

Safari feature: A great white shark quest

When I was living and guiding in the bush, the chances of seeing a lion, leopard or wild dog kill in action was fairly low. However, by trusting my knowledge of the particular predator, their hunting times, body language and feeding patterns, I could certainly increase the chances of being there in the moment.


Lapping turquoise water, clean white beaches, little white houses with touches of blue and green. We could be anywhere in the Mediterranean – except for the faint whiff of bokkoms and the occasional ‘Hoesit Bra!’ from the parking lot.