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Newborn turtles journey to the sea

Nothing quite beats the sensation of watching newborn turtles climb and clamber towards the beginning of their ocean lives. It is a tough journey, however, and to make it to the shoreline there are many obstacles that need to be overcome.

Shark warriors bravely attempt 100km swim

At sunrise on 2nd December Madswimmer took the plunge to attempt the fastest 100km swim ever in one day. Twenty one swimmers and a 24 strong support team made their way to the mighty Agulhas Current about 20km offshore from Park Rynie in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa – to swim to Port Edward to raise awareness for sharks being on the verge of extinction

Marine flatworms: The butterflies of the sea

Labelled the butterflies of the sea, we often ask ourselves why are marine flatworms so vibrantly coloured? Is it simply that they can be, therefore they are? Or is there a deeper significance?

The wonderful world of nudibranchs

Nudibranchs (the naked gills) are molluscs, the flamboyant snails of the ocean. Their colours and shapes are stunning, and their multiple forms elegant and striking.

Killer whales in Cape waters: Skilled hunters

Dave Hurwtiz has been on the water in False Bay, South Africa, for most of his life. For the last 20 years he has operated professional tours of the bay. Despite this, Dave says that he can count his encounters with killer whales on just his fingers and toes.

Whale sharks: A brief study of abuse

An international code of conduct for whale shark tourism is voluntarily adhered to by a few. It should therefore be no surprise that most whale sharks that we see around Mafia Island, off the coast of Tanzania, bear the scars and wounds of human disregard and exploitation.

Mafia Island – a healthy dwelling place

From snorkelling with whale sharks and scuba diving in a marine world that is home to over 460 species of fish, to watching sea turtles hatch or spotting reclusive hippos in lagoons – Mafia Island offers the perfect recipe for a Tanzanian island break!

Diving with ragged-tooth sharks

Off the east coast of South Africa hundreds of scuba divers regularly see ragged-tooth sharks – here are some facts about these fascinating creatures.

Diving with potato bass

While scuba diving on reefs on the east coast of South Africa and Mozambique your are almost guaranteed a close encounter with a potato bass, one of the largest predatory fish on the reef.

Arriving in Morocco by tall ship

Bright blue fishing boats, red desert sunsets and bustling colourful markets make Essaouira in Morroco a sensory overload for Picton Castle crew.

The plight of Africa’s only penguin

The endangered African penguin is at risk of extinction as a result, in part, of a southern shift in anchovies and sardines away from the hub of colonies.