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Elusive animals caught on camera trap

WWF releases camera trap images by Will Burrard-Lucas of some of Namibia’s elusive animals – some of which have never been photographed in high definition before.

Zimbabwe to send more elephants to China

Citing a “better and safer environment,” a high-ranking official in Zimbabwe states that more of the country’s wildlife will be captured and sent to China in 2016.

25 rhinos relocated with Rhinos Without Borders

A quarter of the way to reaching their target, Rhinos Without Borders updates everyone on their latest relocation and wishes to thank everyone for making sure that rhino conservation isn’t just a conversation.

Anti-hunting lobbyists cost Namibia dearly

Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism says that anti-hunting lobbyists cost the Namibian government US$650,000 last year after pressurising the United States government on the legal auction of a black rhino hunt.

African farmers think honey fences are the bee’s knees

In today’s high-tech world, it’s often the simplest solutions that turn out to be best – and an innovative project using bees to reduce conflict with elephants and rural African farmers is proving particularly elegant in its simplicity.