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Elephants help to guide infrastructural planning

10 elephants in Tsavo will be fitted with satellite radio tracking collars so as to better understand their movements in order to ensure that space can be secured for them as the Kenyan population grows.

Who are the Black Mambas?

Girl power! Find out more about the all-female anti-poaching unit that is making waves in conservation.

Malawi’s president backs stop Wildlife Crime campaign

In honour of World Wildlife Day, the president of the Republic of Malawi pledged his support for the nation’s Stop Wildlife Crime campaign, highlighting the importance that is being placed on the crack down on the illegal ivory trade.

The first ivory crush in Italy

To celebrate World Wildlife Day on 3 March 2016, Elephant Action League is proud to announce the first Italian ivory crush to be held in Rome.

A hands-on rhino dart at Rhino River Lodge

Rhino darting is a crucial part of rhino conservation and an unforgettable experience. Two lucky visitors at Rhino River Lodge managed to experience a rhino dart hands on.

Namib beetle inspires science

Drawing inspiration from the bumpy geometry of the Namib beetle, scientists have developed a material that could improve water harvesting and electricity generation.

Managing the lion and the lamb

A new method of anonymous online participation gets farmers and conservationists to agree on how to reduce conflict between livestock and carnivores in Namibia.

WildAid calls for ban on synthetic rhino horn exports

U.S.-based entrepreneurs are developing synthetic rhino horn that can’t be differentiated from actual horn, but WildAid and the Center for Biological Diversity believe that this will only accelerate consumer demand in Asia for illegal wildlife products.