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A bird sanctuary within a shopping centre

Intaka Island is a wetland and bird sanctuary situated in the heart of Century City – what is more commonly known as a bustling shopping centre, residential area and office park.

African grey parrot bust in the DRC

Illegal shipments of African grey parrots intercepted in the DRC and local governors make efforts to crack down on the trade before it is too late.

12 tips on bird photography

Bird photography can be the most challenging of all wildlife photography. Here iCapture Photo Safaris gives 12 things to think about when photographing birds!

All about the martial eagle

A closer look at the habits and conservation status of Africa’s largest eagle after it is spotted by safari-goers in the Greater Kruger.

Book Review: Birds of Uganda

A fantastic memento for birders, ‘Birds of Uganda’ makes the perfect accompaniment to any safari in the ‘Pearl of Africa’.

Birding in Botswana

The abundance of birds in Botswana will have twitchers on the edge of their seat!

The beauty of birds

Birding: appreciating the little feathered things while on safari at Rhino River Lodge in KwaZulu Natal.

Where did all the penguins go?

A 1930’s video clip with Cherry Kearton gives an insight into the extent of the endangered African penguin population decline.

The hamerkop brings people together

A mission to take photos of the hamerkop leads guests and guides at Natural Track Safaris to discover more about Kenya’s rich heritage than they expected.

A birding paradise in East Africa

With the Guinness World Record for the highest number of bird sightings over a 24-hour period, Kenya is a twitcher’s dream come true!

7 ways to save African penguins

Head to the annual penguin festival at Boulders Beach on the 17th October to celebrate African Penguin Awareness Day, and read on to learn about 7 different ways that you can help to conserve this endangered species.