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A cat fight

A lone lioness is attacked by a pride’s dominant male.

Hyenas gone fishing

A spotted hyena fishes out the rotting meat of a carcass in one of Etosha’s dams.

Swim, lion baby, swim!

Two lionesses with 6 cubs face a daunting deep river crossing. Two of the cubs refuse the swim and get separated with potentially devastating consequences. You won’t believe the dedication of the mothers.

A desert elephant siesta

During our recent Africa Geographic visit to Namibia, we shared a rather special moment with a family of desert elephants, as they settled down for a mid-morning siesta.

Spectacular Samara

Africa Geographic Travel recently ran its first photographic workshop at Samara Private Game Reserve with Mark Drysdale and what a success it was!

Lions at play

Wonderful photographs of golden backlit lions playing in the dust.

Why did the genet hitchhike?

Dr. Simon Morgan, from Wildlife ACT, answers some questions asked about the strange behaviour of the genet who was caught hitchhiking.